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Sensacional Para o Entendimento da Vida: Cientistas Descobrem Duplo Significado, Dupla Personalidade, no Código Genético!

sexta-feira, fevereiro 7th, 2014

Scientists discover double meaning in genetic code

Sem tempo para ler o artigo, a minha primeira impressão é que este segundo código expressa a identidade de sistemas, enquanto o primeiro código, que apenas produz proteinas, expressa as atividades das partes do sistema.

Artigo copiado aqui para analise e pesquisa pela Matrix/DNA: 

Scientists have discovered a second code hiding within DNA. This second code contains information that changes how scientists read the instructions contained in DNA and interpret mutations to make sense of health and disease.

A research team led by Dr. John Stamatoyannopoulos, University of Washington associate professor of genome sciences and of medicine, made the discovery. The findings are reported in the Dec. 13 issue of Science.

Read the research paper.  Also see commentary in Science“The Hidden Codes that Shape Protein Evolution.

The work is part of the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements Project, also known as ENCODE. The National Human Genome Research Institute funded the multi-year, international effort. ENCODE aims to discover where and how the directions for biological functions are stored in the human genome.

Since the genetic code was deciphered in the 1960s, scientists have assumed that it was used exclusively to write information about proteins. UW scientists were stunned to discover that genomes use the genetic code to write two separate languages. One describes how proteins are made, and the other instructs the cell on how genes are controlled. One language is written on top of the other, which is why the second language remained hidden for so long.

“For over 40 years we have assumed that DNA changes affecting the genetic code solely impact how proteins are made,” said Stamatoyannopoulos. “Now we know that this basic assumption about reading the human genome missed half of the picture. These new findings highlight that DNA is an incredibly powerful information storage device, which nature has fully exploited in unexpected ways.”

The genetic code uses a 64-letter alphabet called codons. The UW team discovered that some codons, which they called duons, can have two meanings, one related to protein sequence, and one related to gene control. These two meanings seem to have evolved in concert with each other. The gene control instructions appear to help stabilize certain beneficial features of proteins and how they are made.

The discovery of duons has major implications for how scientists and physicians interpret a patient’s genome and will open new doors to the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

“The fact that the genetic code can simultaneously write two kinds of information means that many DNA changes that appear to alter protein sequences may actually cause disease by disrupting gene control programs or even both mechanisms simultaneously,” said Stamatoyannopoulos.

Grants from the National Institutes of Health U54HG004592, U54HG007010, and UO1E51156 and National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases FDK095678A funded the research.

In addition to Stamatoyannopoulos, the research team included Andrew B. Stergachis, Eric Haugen, Anthony Shafer, Wenqing Fu, Benjamin Vernot, Alex Reynolds, and Joshua M. Akey, all from the UW Department of Genome Sciences, Anthony Raubitschek of the UW Department of Immunology and Benaroya Research Institute, Steven Ziegler of Benaroya Research Institute, and Emily M. LeProust, formerly of Agilent Technologists and now with Twist Bioscience.

Stephanie H. Seiler heads the communications agency Gemini BioProjects LLC.

Morra, Gene Egoísta, Morra! Debate Sobre a Teoria do Gene Egoísta versus Teoria do Genoma Social versus Teoria da Matrix/DNA

sexta-feira, fevereiro 7th, 2014
Baseado no artigo: ” Die, Selfish Gene, Die “

Why it’s time to lay the selfish gene to rest – David Dobbs – Aeon. co

The selfish gene is one of the most successful science metaphors ever invented. Unfortunately it’s wrong

E a oposição materialista respondeu a David Dobbs com o artigo no Pharyngula: 

Higher order thinking


No artigo do Pharyngula está ocorrendo um debate com nossa participação, sendo meu ultimo comentario o seguinte:


9 February 2014 at 2:26 pm (UTC -6) Link to this comment

To: a_ray_in_dilbert_space

You said: Louis, I also take offense at your suggestion that science has failed humans on a moral scale.”

500 millions humans slaves at 400 years ago; 7 billions (90% of the world population?) humans slaves today. Against numbers, there are no minded produced arguments.

I will not remember the evidences that our planet is sick, changing climate, due we are not sure of it is man made illness.

But… accordingly to the results of my investigation, the worst thing that human science is doing is leading Humanity towards the Admirable New World, under the rules of a Big Brother. It will be the premature abortion of this new natural system being generated here, called “consciousness”, for to be eternal zombie.

There are three fundamentals problems with human science in the last 400 years:

1) The supreme, honest, altruistic, goal of the founding fathers at the Illuminism, was denied by the disciples and science sold its soul to the dominant class of human predators, feeding the selfish gene. All science’s production has been delivered gratefully to these predators, giving them power, feeding a monster, becoming anti-human;

2) While the founding fathers were fighting the mysticism and its prejudices to human kind, the disciples built another mystical world view, changing the magical God by the magical blind Universe and science lost the right way. But, like the ancient deist mysticism was based on memory registered at our genetics, this new mysticism is also based on it. It is a genetic process coming from our creator, which is described by Newtonian mechanics, then, science is driven to grasp the mechanical aspect of every natural phenomena, while every phenomena has lots of another kind of matter organization, others invisible natural systems acting here due the hierarchy of systems, etc. That’s why science is driving us, our youngers today, towards a mechanical state of human society;

3) Science must be a feed-back process between the reductionist method and the systemic method. Reductionism gets data about details and systemic approach try to connect these data into big pictures, building good theories that feeds the search for reductionism. But, systemic method does not provides profit in money, nobody is funding it. Systemic thinking was born with Margullis ( the symbiotic theory), Fritjof Capra (The Tao of Physics) and others, till Bertalanffy making what francis bacon did with reductionism, collecting every dispersive data into a General Systems Theory. Bertalanffy could not advance because no human being was discovered yet what is a real natural system, the unique tentative today is my suggestion called “The Universal Matrix/DNA for Natural Systems”. So, The general theory about natural systems was killed and Wiener, Rosenberg, who were mathematicians/physicians took the control and deviate it from natural to artificial systems, creating cybernetics and this whole scientific enterprise today dominated by the electro-mechanical brain of computers.

Nope, my friend. There are 7 billions human beings being tortured today at this absurd human condition of existence, the planet is dying… to the hell with this kind of science! Go back to the intentions of the founding fathers, do what I am doing, alone, paying it with my hard work, not being a traitor.



Meu primeiro comentario postado no Facebook:

Louis Charles Morelli partilhou uma ligação.

Metamorfose de Homem para Macaco é possível. Basta um comando do cérebro para o DNA mudar os genes dominantes. Eu fazia isso na selva para enganar os macacos e aprender a vida deles… E pela mesma técnica voltava a forma humana. Ate namorei uma orangotanga, a doce Marilyn. Mas de repente o despertador despertou e acordei do sonho…Acontece que fui dormir lendo um artigo  sobre a capacidade de alguns bichinhos se transformarem de repente em outros e voltarem a forma antiga. Gafanhotos se transformam em cigarras e se quiserem, as cigarras voltam a serem gafanhotos! Impressionante! Quem poderia imaginar uma coisa destas?! O que mais a Natureza tem escondido de nos, e vai assim, de choque em choque, revelando aos nossos pobres e combalidos corações?
E o autor do artigo pretende com isso derrubar o ateu guru da juventude moderna, Richard Dawkins. Veja “Die, selfish gene, die” em . Este artigo gerou um debate acirrado entre feras no primeiro mundo e estou ansioso para ler tudo e depois entrar no meio com a voz alienígena da Matrix/DNA. Ela sempre confirmou a existência do gene egoísta, ela buscou suas origens nas galaxias e tem uma versão muito racional. Mas minha versão é mil vezes mais complexa do que Dawkins pensa. Vamos ver no que isso vai dar…
Gosto ·  · Promover · Partilhar

O gafanhoto

Grasshopper (Acrididae), Barbilla National Park, Costa Rica. Photo by Piotr Naskrecki/Minden Pictures/Corbis    se transforma numa cigarra Shapeshifter; The Locust. Photo by Ocean/Corbis

Preciso aprender urgente esta técnica para transformar notas de 1 dólar  em notas de 100 dólares…

E a seguir meu comentario postado no artigo acima:

  • Avatar

    Social genome?! Good, you are arriving next to the world view of Matrix/DNA Theory. But, still far away. It is not a genomic society that drives evolution. It is the system that contains all genomes. Like human societies, its destiny is driven by the ideology that was created by the social system, an ideology executed by the government. This ideology is the system itself, it arises from the sum of informations of all parts plus the new informations generated by internal fuzzy logics that emerges from parts interactions, which generates new informations. So, there is no individual with same ideology as the system.
    Then, all genomes obeys a more deep and invisible commander, from who comes the instructions, rules, etc. This commander is a system, beyond the social genome. Its a phenotype and not genes the driver of biological evolution, this phenotype is the system, but, which system? The universal formula for natural systems and life’s cycles, which is shown at my website, is suggesting which system, and which “ideology” is driven biological evolution at Earth. It is the source of all forces and elements interacting at Earth’s surface, included cosmic radiation with their informations: it is the Milky Way. Its ideology is the tendency to be closed system, the dominance of selfishness. But, biological evolution is not the whole History. And the current theoretical model of galaxies is far away from reality. At our models, every natural system, from atoms to galaxies, have the properties of life and a kind of DNA, wich we call “Matrix”, as must have all ancestrals of biological systems.
    Biological evolution is merely a micro-cycle of a bigger evolution, the cosmological evolution of a unique system that is coming evolving since the Big Bang. Above this galaxy and its “ideology”, there is a powerful agent, at the level of the Universe, with its different ideology ( tendency to be opened system). Then, biological evolution is at the middle of a conflict between two powers, with two different goals. This powerful agent has inserted here its novelty, which we call “consciousness”. Evolutionary biologists need to know the Matrix/DNA formula and knows that there are seven variables acting over evolution here, not only the three variables discovered by Darwin. And we will not have a Theory of Everything if Biologists do not joins with Physics, because the Universe obeys also biological rules. But, we will not understand in full biological evolution if Biologists does not considers the Physics that rules this creator of life here, which is the Milky Way and its thermodynamics variables. At Matrix/DNA Theory we are doing just it.

    We are now discovering that the foundations of Matrix/DNA formula are lightwaves, they have the code for life when any light wave is composed by vibrations running with the same sequence as our bodies runs and change shapes under the process of life’s cycles. Things are far, far more complex than we were thinking…


    Meu comentario em:


    8 December 2013 at 11:19 am (UTC -6) Link to this comment


    Coming from Amazon jungle I can’t understand the mindset running at Western Sciences, principally, this debate about evolution and biogenesis. Who drives the evolution of my body ( from blastula to adult) is the body of my parents because they are my creator, they are the phenotype driven my genes. Then, logically, who drives the evolution of biological systems at Earth surface must be the creator of this planet, all its elements, included all biological systems. It is the phenotype that created and rules the genes. Its name? The Milky Way. But, then, Western Sciences does not have a model of galaxies that fits as the creator and ancestor and phenotype of the first cell system. That’s the problem. It is merely a job of connecting the seven kinds of astronomical bodies in a working system that you will understanding every step of evolution here. I did it and the face of LUCA (the Last Universal Common Ancestor e creator of life here) is shown in a theoretical model at my website, called “The Universal Matrix/DNA of natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”. Ok, I understand that a half-monkey from Amazon jungle can not teach evolutionary biology here, but, maybe I can tell something about natural logics.


    1. 74

      8 December 2013 at 11:31 am (UTC -6) Link to this comment


      I can’t understand the mindset running at Western Sciences

      I have a strong suspicion that it’s mutual.



    8 December 2013 at 11:05 pm (UTC -6) Link to this comment


    Coming from Amazon jungle I can’t understand the mindset running at Western Sciences, principally, this debate about evolution and biogenesis. Who drives the evolution of my body ( from blastula to adult) is the body of my parents because they are my creator, they are the phenotype driven my genes. Then, logically, who drives the evolution of biological systems at Earth surface must be the creator of this planet…

    Congradulations, you just graduated to the sort of thinking that people had 500 years ago in the “Western Mindset” as well. The problem is, some where in the process, people realized that it just didn’t make any damn sense as an explanation. You had to keep making excuses for all the stuff that didn’t work in any sort of way close to what any intelligent creator might have come up with. And, it doesn’t help, at all, to just wave vaguely and proclaim that we just don’t, somehow, understand his genius (which would be 100% completely Western too, as long as you are religious, and looking for excuses for why “god” made things that contradict each other, don’t work rationally, or make no sense as part of a “grand plan”.)

    This is a purely human conceit, the idea that there is some creator some place, that is like us, and therefor, because *we* make things, he “makes things”. I say human conceit because, evolution doesn’t have a plan, but humans can plan. We don’t change with the environment, we change the environment to fit us. Every other animal is subject to the whims of the nature, living or dying, without one bit of say, at all, in when, or how. If the world changes too much for them, they neither adapt, nor can they adapt the world to save themselves. We, mere humans, at least once we learn the “basics” of changing things to fit us, can. The more we know, the more we can change. But, even we have limitations. We get better and better at it. 2,000 years ago, we had no idea how to deal with earthquakes. It was pure luck if building still stood, and a whole island of people was lost, due to them not seeing the signs they needed to leave. Today, we know what it means, and how dangerous it is to stay, even if, in the end, we can’t prevent it from happening. 1,000 years ago, a simple disease could wipe out 90% of the population of a whole continent. Now.. maybe it could still happen, if it really was nasty enough, but it would to be *far* nastier than the ones from back then, for us to have **no** way to deal with it, or contain it, or figure out how it spreads, etc. Even 20 years ago, people would have died from things we can either treat, repair, or control, well enough to keep them alive today.

    We shape our world, and every bloody conceited, hubris filled, fool, since the first day someone made a mud hut, because there wasn’t a cave nearby to live in, has been claiming that there must be some “bigger, invisible, creator, who, like us, made a giant mud hunt, lit fires on it, and thus created the sky!”

    You “insight” isn’t one. Its making unfounded assumptions about what might have “made” the world, based on the totally absurd hubris that there must be something out there, at least a bit, like yourself, who “made” the world. An idea based on the equally silly concept that, without the knowledge, no matter how basic, passed from your parents, and others, to you, about how to do those things, you would have any higher survival rate than any other monkey, if the world suddenly changed too much for you to keep living in it.


    1. 76

      9 December 2013 at 2:29 am (UTC -6) Link to this comment

      Kagehi, I can bring real natural facts as evidence for debunking every assertion you made in yours post. First of all you have read only the first sentence of my post and fast went answering it, then, you made a big mistake with yours unfounded saying that I am a believer in supernatural creators and a mystical. You can not show to us a document at any library of the world that my world view is a “sort of thinking that people had 500 years ago in the “Western Mindset”. I am based in modern Astronomy, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, which were not known at yesterday. Yes my insight, called “The Universal matrix/DNA of natural Systems and Life’s Cycles” is one, never produced before. You said that because you have no idea what’s my world view. Peterson, i his post above said the right short thing: While I can’t understand the causes that produced yours world view, it is mutual”. We live at different habitats.

      Yours says about “there is some creator some place, that is like us”, or “any intelligent creator might have come up with” or ” why “god” made things”, makes no sense as answer to my post. You are saying that, not me. But when you say “some where in the process, people realized that it just didn’t make any damn sense as an explanation” I can tell you that earlier in my young times, I realized that the gene centric view ( a bunch of atoms organized as chemical molecules) just didn’t make any sense as an explanation. This is mystical, this is no different from the existent religions, wake up man!
      There is no creator since there is no life’s origins, merely a long chain of causes and effects since the Big Bang, which produces the transformation of a unique natural system increasing its complexity, from atoms to galaxies to cell’s systems, to brain systems. If there is some supernatural agent, it is existing before the Big Bang and beyond this Universe, it is not my issue. Let’s go back to real facts here and now.

      You said “evolution doesn’t have a plan, but humans can plan”. I am seeing no human planning of yours social system. I am seeing only that humans are mimicking the rules among animals that I am seeing here in the jungle, the division between few predators and a larger number of preys. Tomorrow in the morning I will wake up and going out I will see infinities directions that I can choose one accordingly to my freedom for choice; you will wake up and be driven to yours local work, you have no choice. What kind of plan is that? A plan against yourself ?!

      Evolution doesn’t have a plan?! What’s the real fact you can bring over the table for proving that? Different from yours gene centric view, I agree that anything material inside this material Universe is the carrier of the evolution process, so, there is no evolution with a plan. Dawkins is the one saying that genes has a plan, previewing the future, when trying to reproduce and spreading themselves. What absurdity! But, as a salvage man living among the salvage Nature, I learned to ask nature for answering my questions about existences. I don’t believe that nature plays dice with her creatures, so, I ask only to her. And about evolution or no evolution, Nature shows to me the evolution process that occurs at my face observing the 9 months of embryogenesis. Anything inside the womb has a plan, anything is able to preview what is coming next, bit there is evolution occurring there. because evolution is not the whole history, it is merely the several micro-steps of a real bigger process: reproduction. So, my Universe is merely a process of genetic reproduction, I don’t know what is being reproduced, it could be yours small atom that triggered the Big Bang, or a natural system too much complex. Reproduction is a plan in itself. And I can bring over the table my real fact as evidence: any pregnant woman. When you see evolution happening here, but believes that evolution have no plan, you are creating a mystical supernatural god called “Absolute Magical Chance”.

      In the jungle I can’t preview earthquakes because I have no scientific tools for pointing them to the right directions. You have the tools but you I can’t do it because you don’t know the right directions. Our difference is about the interpretations of the real known facts about this planet and the system surrounding it. We have a very different theoretical models. Of course, the two are no complete, but, since yours facts are the same of mine, it is an issue about interpretations.

      You said: “You would have any higher survival rate than any other monkey, if the world suddenly changed too much for you to keep living in it.” Do you believe that you and yours western stuff could have any higher survival rate than any other ancient native of Europe, if the world suddenly changed too much?! can you survive long time at the international space station? Have you built any bunker at Mars? Ok. My theoretical astronomical models are suggesting that this planet obeys a process of life cycle, the one that produced the life cycle that acts over yours own body. So, this planet is changing its shape, like yours body changed from blastula to baby. Bacterias existing inside babies can not exists inside blastula and vice-versa. I am waiting the day that you will prove that you are not a bacteria in relation to this planet and the evolving Cosmos. And I am surviving here more than any monkey did, due my knowledge. You can not coming here because you couldn’t survive more than a few weeks, because the the malaria gets you, not me.

      We should debating details about genes, but you went far away from the topic.


      8 February 2014 at 7:54 am (UTC -6) Link to this comment


      Louis, I also take offense at your suggestion that science has failed humans on a moral scale. Do you have any idea where we would be if not for antibiotics, if not for antimalarials–hell if not for cell phones. Science has done far more for the poor of the world in its 400 short years than all of the religion or philosophy of the previous 5000 years, and it continues to do more than all the mystics, shamans, politicians, priests and philanthropists combined.


      You said: Louis, I also take offense at your suggestion that science has failed humans on a moral scale.

      500 millions humans slaves at 400 years ago; 7 billions (90% of the world population?) humans slaves today. Against numbers, there are no minded produced arguments. I will not remember the evidences that our planet is sick, changing climate, due we are not sure of it is man made illness. But… accordingly to the results of my investigation, the worst thing that human science is doing is leading Humanity towards the Admirable New World, under the rules of a Big Brother. It will be the premature abortion of this new natural system being generated here, called “consciousness”, for to be eternal zombie.

      There are three fundamentals problems with human science in the last 400 years: 1) The supreme, honest, altruistic, goal of the founding fathers at the Illuminism, was denied by the disciples and science sold its soul to the dominant class of human predators, feeding the selfish gene. All science’s production has been delivered gratefully to these predators, giving them power, feeding a monster, becoming anti-human; 2) While the founding fathers were fighting the mysticism and its prejudices to human kind, the disciples built another mystical world view, changing the magical God by the magical blind Universe and science lost the right way. But, like the ancient deist mysticism was based on memory registered at our genetics, this new mysticism is also based on it. It is a genetic process coming from our creator, which is described by Newtonian mechanics, then, science is driven to grasp the mechanical aspect of every natural phenomena, while every phenomena has lots of another kind of matter organization, others invisible natural systems acting here due the hierarchy of systems, etc. That’s why science is driving us, our youngers today, towards a mechanical state of human society;  3) Science must be a feed-back process between the reductionist method and the systemic method. Reductionism gets data about details and systemic approach try to connect these data into big pictures, building good theories that feeds the search for reductionism. But, systemic method does not provides profit in money, nobody is funding it. Systemic thinking was born with Margullis ( the symbiotic theory), Fritjof Capra (The Tao of Physics) and others, till Bertalanffy making what francis bacon did with reductionism, collecting every dispersive data into a General Systems Theory. Bertalanffy could not advance because no human being was discovered yet what is a real natural system, the unique tentative today is my suggestion called “The Universal Matrix/DNA for Natural Systems”. So, The general theory about natural systems was killed and Wiener, Rosenberg, who were mathematicians/physicians took the control and deviate it from natural to artificial systems, creating cybernetics and this whole scientific enterprise today dominated by the electro-mechanical brain of computers.

      Nope,  my friend. There are 7 billions human beings being tortured today at this absurd human condition of existence, the planet is dying… to the hell with this kind of science! Go back to the intentions of the founding fathers, do what I am doing, alone, paying it with my hard work, not being a traitor.



    Outro artigo no debate: PHARYNGULA

    The reification of the gene

    Posted by PZ Myers on December 7, 2013
    Debate pelo Twitter –

    Talking about genes

    A conversation about David Dobb’s controversial article


    Mais contribuição de PZ Myers: 

    Higher order thinking


Decifrando a Evolução Sexual das Plantas pela Fórmula da Matrix/DNA – Veja Debate

domingo, janeiro 5th, 2014

amber fossil

Researchers have stumbled across a 100-million-year old piece of amber, perfectly preserving example of flowering plant life from the Cretaceous Period. It may be the oldest evidence of sexual reproduction in a flowering plant. (Photo : Oregon State University)

Researchers Find Ancient Flowers Amber-Fossilized ‘In The Middle Of Sexual Reproduction’

Jan 05, 2014 01:08 PM EST

Scientific Paper publicado em:

Journal of the Botanical Institute of Texas – (



Comentário postado no artigo pela Matrix/DNA ( The DesignTrend)

TheMatrixDNA  – • 2 days ago

It is wonderful how the creature keeps the face of its creator, no matter that the reproductive process takes million years and occurs in a strange new world. Every shape end elements of this plant remember the shape and elements of a galactic building block, with picture and descriptions at my website.  For beginning, the shape of the flower ( and every tree) is the shape of the galaxy, every element of the flowers mimics the shape and functionality of astronomical bodies like pulsars, black holes, quasars, stars, composing a functional half-mechanical/half biological system in the sky, yet unknown by most of human kind. For understanding it, for knowing that there was no origins of life here, no abiogenesis, but yes, astronomical embryogenesis, you need know the Matrix/DNA formula. If these hard working researches learn about the formula, they will get a big evolutionary jump for our knowledge.

11b  – • 2 days ago

“As dinosaurs where still very much the dominant form of life…” Can we all learn to proof read before posting articles online?


TheMatrixDNA  to 11b –  2 days ago

The problem is: “if dinosaurs where still very much dominant form of life, why natural selection did not selected them for continuing evolution, making dinosaurs the ancestors of mammals? There were mammals at that time, they came not from dinosaurs, but from smaller reptiles, like the cyanodont. Isn’t the stronger, the most adapted, choosed by natural selection? There are alternative theories, explaining well what the neo-Darwinian theory can not explain, like the Matrix/DNA models. There are hidden but real natural systems acting over biological evolution here, obeying the rules of the hierarchy of systems. This hidden system is the creator of biological systems, because biological systems are merely a continuing evolutionary step from it. This hidden system is the yet unknown building blocks of atomic, astronomical systems, and its anatomy is shown at my website. This astronomical building blocks are encrypted into lateral base-pair of nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA. And as our ancestor, the astronomical system already had the entire apparatus for both, putting eggs out – like reptiles – and keeping eggs in, like mammals. So, the dinosaurs where discarded by evolution just because they got to be to much “strong and smarter”, accommodating at a provisory way of life and stopping its own evolution, while the cynodont, struggling for survival, still was an opened system for evolution working, reproducing what was already existent billion years ago…. in the sky.

John H  to TheMatrixDNA – 9 hours ago

“Isn’t the stronger, the most adapted, choosed by natural selection?”..
Nope…it is the one that will best REPLICATE, that has nothing to do with size, ability, pretty/ugly, simply better at replicating…

Need to go back to class, dude, you missed a bunch of lessons.

TheMatrixDNA  John H –  38 minutes ago

So… the stronger, the most adapted is not the best at replicating, accordingly to you. And rats are the best replicators… I am not seeing natural selection choosing them…No, dude, the school does not have answer to questions that you should have in thinking a little bit… What about the Dawkins’ school? The supreme goal of genes is to get replicated… Genes, merely a bunch of atoms, has no goals… and no purpose in any action…

Postado em outro artigo:


You have a good point. But, there is the possibility that this is a real scientific fact, the timeline is correct, still was produced by previous design. A question for you: “Why and how the first initial cell was shared into plant cells and animal cells?” There is theoretical models explaining it and accordingly to all possibilities. The model shows the design of an astronomical building block of galaxies. Take out the star from this model and you will see the image of a working animal cell; put in the star again and you will see the image of a working plant cell. The functions of stars are mimicked by the chroplasts
John H to TheMatrixDNA 

The STRONGER may NOT be the best at adapting…when conditions change…dinosaurs are no more…there is no argument they were the biggest and strongest…but mammals won out..Evolution has no goals, it is not to be stronger, prettier whatever, it is simply which is better at replicating…Why would you think differently..?

TheMatrixDNA   to  John H 

If they were the biggest and the strongest, the dominants of the land, why not they were the best replicators? I don’t understand what do you think about best replicators. Are you thinking about quantity or quality? If quality, what kind of quality? The one adapted for the environment just here and now or the one better equipped for the next environment that is coming with planetary climate change?

If nature has no goals, why not it obey the natural long chain of causes and effects, where the stron
gest natural forces are dominant when producing new results? Because… the strongest forces are with the stronger and better adapted species.

At Matrix/DNA Theory we have a different theoretical model than that you know about the astronomical system that is the real creator of biological system at this planet. And we can see at that model, that the whole equipment for composing a mammal is merely reproduction of an equipment already existing at that astronomical system. So, the emergence of mammals here was long determined in the stars. So, evolution here was obeying a process of reproduction. It means that evolution here had a goal. But… maybe my astronomical model is wrong,… so, I am not sure about “best replicators” as you are.

ricky spankler 

so does that mean the organism reached a state of “evolutionary perfection” 100 million years ago and have thus remained unchanged all this time ? what determines this, ie; what factor or factors determine this ? does this imply some type of design or blueprint ?or perhaps that the timeline and story that the article puts forth is theory posing and posted as scientific fact?

TheMatrixDNA  to ricky spankler 

It could be a product of previous design, maybe it is. The real creator of biological systems at Earth surface is this planet, inside this stellar system, inside this galaxy. The phenomena present and described here at this plant is an exactly reproduction of a phenomena that composes galaxies. So, this plant has not invented all this machinery, since it was existent billions years ago, before life’s origins, and at its ancestor. Genetic previous design flowing naturally in cosmological evolution.But, as you said, everything here, besides the real fact, is theories. There are two theoretical models of astronomical systems. One, called “Matrix/DNA Theory” and the other, the currently academic theory, which does not shows this mechanism.


Pesquisa: ( a continuar)

98% da Humanidade é Lixo, Descartável, pelo Pensamento Elitista, Baseando-se no DNA. Veja Porque…

quarta-feira, janeiro 1st, 2014
DNA Lixo ou Junk DNA

DNA Lixo ou Junk DNA

Basta-se ler o memorandum da estratégia dos multinacionais maiores grupos financeiros da atualidade, e ler Os Protocolos dos Sábios de Sião de século atrás, para se ter a certeza que a mentalidade dos mentores destes documentos foi formada pela face negra da teoria da evolução darwinista e as  modernas interpretações acadêmicas dos ultimos fatos descobertos pela genética. Confunde-se a cosmovisão da religião ocidental onde os selecionados por Deus herdarão a Terra com a cosmovisão Darwinista da seleção natural dos mais fortes, espertos e capazes, assim se auto-justificam os meios aplicados pelos discípulos destes mentores, mesmo que sejam moralmente anti-humanos, e posiciona-se a alma confortavelmente do lado de Deus. Mas, assim como os dinossauros que reinaram nos continentes, as baleias que reinaram nos mares, as águias que reinaram nos ares, os leões que reinaram nas selvas, ou se extinguiram ou estão em vias de extinção, porque se enganaram e escolheram caminhos errados em relação aos desígnios da Natureza que os descartou, assim estão errados os que reinam sobre os humanos hoje, e da mesma forma serão descartados se não mudarem essa mentalidade a tempo. E vou mostrar porque.

Para quem não está informado, façamos um breve retrospecto sobre o que foi denominado “DNA-lixo”.

DNA não-codificante (Wikipedia – )

Em genéticaDNA não codificante descreve o DNA que não contém instruções para fazer proteínas (ou outros produtos celulares tais como o RNA não-codificante).  Algum do DNA não-codificante está envolvido na regulação da atividade das regiões codificantes. No entanto, muito deste DNA não tem função e por vezez é referido como “junk DNA“. (….) Mais de 98% do genoma humano não codifica proteínas, incluindo os introns e o material da região intergênica. ( Para quem quiser realmente se informar, veja a pagina em inglês que tem muito mais informações, ou então, pesquisa no Google).

Mas na mentalidade maioria dos “ricos”, o que acontece a nivel de um individuo e seu DNA, é imaginariamente projetado como acontecendo a nivel coletivo e no DNA desse coletivo, denominado “Humanidade”.  No memorandum destes grupos que compõem a “mão invisível que controla a macro-economia”,  entre os quais alguns  manipulam cerca de 600 bilhões de dólares, portanto mais que tôda a quantia produzida anualmente pelo Brasil inteiro, o que conta e tem valor na sua estratégia para 2014 é o dinheiro que circula entre a pequena porcentagem dos que podem comprar Lamborghines e mansões de milhões de dólares, pois isso é que dá os lucros que lhes interessam. O resto… é tão pouco que não vale a pena. Portanto eu pessoalmente estou incluído neste resto, sou lixo humano, não faço a menor diferença se existir ou não existir. Na cabeça deles, não na minha cabeça e nas minhas atitudes.

Minha quase analfabeta querida avó já dizia que “quem procura, acha”.  Isto explica a linhagem de fatos reais que foram descobertos pelas Ciências da Natureza (biologia, química, física, etc.) orientadas pela linguagem preferida por estas Ciências para produzir suas teorias, a Matemática, no ultimo século. Tudo começou com alguns traidores dos  pais fundadores do  “Iluminismo” – os quais  que sonharam com cientistas livres trabalhando na busca de conhecimentos para a melhoria das condições humanas – e mudaram tudo patenteando uma linha de pensamento “mecanista”, “positivista”, “pragmática”, e “niilista”, que orientou onde e o que as Ciências devia observar e procurar, e assim encontram em cada objeto observado apenas as características que procuram. Freud invadiu os porões do inconsciente humano para lá encontrar a besta fera e se cegar totalmente para o anjo cósmico ali adormecido; a genética invadiu a intimidade do DNA buscando a física estrutural, encontrou-a em apenas 2% do DNA, nada viu dos outros 98%,  e imediatamente declarou estes como “lixo”.

Mas quando um plano de busca é muito débil que se impõe limites a níveis minúsculos, logo esta pesquisa atinge estes limites, porem, a evolução natural não tem limites na Terra e para o DNA, e assim continuam a se encontrar  “por acidente”, o que não se previu e o que não se queria encontrar. Algumas recentes descobertas estão levando muitos cientistas a “verem” uma fantastica base de dados e atividades no meio do presumido lixo, a ponto mesmo de dizer que se não se iniciar por um sinal produzido no meio do lixo, não existe atividade e sobrevivência dos 2%. Acho que jé era óbvio que se a grande massa de humanos compondo os 98% não arregaçarem as mangas e porem a mão na massa, iniciando a produção de qualquer bem material, a cúpula que está nos 2% ficou tão afeminada e aveludada, que não sobreviveria em poucos dias. Mas não se enxerga o que não nos convêm, o que não nos interessa procurar. Como eu e meus dois amigos brancos vindos da civilização e entrando na selva pela primeira vez, estávamos tão aveludados que em 7 ou 8 dias caímos os 3 sob o fogo da malaria, enquanto o índio-guia se mantinha em pé, inatingível, e com a fôrça para nos arrastar fora da selva. Ou como quando tentei de toda maneira imitar os 60.000 homens em Serra Pelada, botando um saco com 50 quilos de pedra e lama nas costas para escalar subindo os 80 metros da encosta íngreme, mas escorregava caindo para o fundo da mina. A vida sedentária de escritório na capital, e mesmo a academia modeladora de corpos artificiais, me tornou mortalmente dependente da atividade da massa que continuou vivendo a sua Natureza.

Portanto devemos fazer uma busca no que esse grupo divergente está encontrando no DNA lixo. É óbvio que também estão encontrando apenas o que sua prévia preferida visão de mundo os limita a encontrar, uma visão evidente quando se observa que estão sendo publicados na mídia com tendencia mistica religiosa. Uma rápida busca no Google desfila milhares de títulos mencionando coisas como “O Mito do DNA-Lixo”, etc. Vejamos apenas um trecho:

Discover Magazine

ENCODE: the rough guide to the human genome

O projeto internacional gigante denominado ENCODE – a Enciclopédia dos Elementos do DNA – tem nos movido da pesquisa “Aqui está o mapa do genoma” para “Aqui está o que o genoma faz”. Nos ultimos 10 anos, uma equipe internacional de 442 cientistas tem descrito 147 tipos de células em 24 tipos de experiencias. Sua meta: catalogar cada letra ( nucleotideo) dentro do genoma que faz alguma coisa. Por anos nós temos sabido que apenas 1,5% do genoma realmente contem instruções para fazerem proteinas, os cavalos de fôrça moleculares das nossas células. . Mas o ENCODE tem revelado que o resto do genoma – a não-codificante maioria – está plena de elementos funcionais. Isto é, estão fazendo alguma coisa. Eles contem fundamentais campos onde proteinas podem expressar e ligar ou desligar genes. Ou eles são lidos e transcritos em moléculas de RNA. Ou eles controlam se genes vizinhos são transcritos( os promoters). Ou eles influenciam as atividades de outros genes, às vezes em grandes distancias ( os enhancers). Ou eles afetam como o DNA é modelado e empacotado. Enfim, de acordo com o que agora se está descobrindo ( acidentalmente, pois nunca antes se pensou que isso seria encontrado) com a analise do ENCODE, 80 por cento do DNA tem função bioquimica.

Na minha mente vem imediatamente um pensamento: ” Então, assim como aquela minoria dos répteis que se chamava dinossauro, reinava no continente e foi descartada, sendo a evolução continuada pelos pequenos lagartos; aquela minoria das aves que se chamava “águia” ou “gavião-real” que reinava nos ares foi descartada, mas os passarinhos continuam aí pululando nas arvores do meu quintal e atrevidos me sujando na cabeça; que aquela minoria de grandes felinos que reinavam nas selvas foram descartados enquanto os pequenos esquilos passam debaixo das pernas do velhinho sentado no banco do bosque em frente de casa; assim é possível que os 2% de genes superiores hoje no DNA sejam descartados mas os 98% continuem a sua eterna senda evolucionaria, assim é possivel que os 2% da minoria da espécie humana hoje que se julga não-lixo seja descartada, se não acordarem a tempo. Claro! Óbvio!  O Universo não se ajoelha aos gostos dos humanos, ele não está nem aí para o que pensamos, a Natureza não cede responsabilidades, ela continua no comando. Toda a nossa tecnologia somada foi copiada de apenas uma pequena porcentagem da tecnologia que a natureza ainda esconde sob as mangas, não se iludam com a capacidade de controlar o mundo. Mas seria ingenuidade acreditar que agora os tais grupos financeiros vão correndo a mudar seus memoranduns e estratégias para 2014. Vão espernear dizendo que o ENCODE está mentindo, assim como esperneiam aqueles que tem muito dinheiro investido em industrias poluidoras contra as evidencias das mudanças climáticas produzidas pela nação humana.

A 30 anos atrás, na selva, encontrei uma diferente visão de mundo que sugeriu que não existe DNA lixo. Os modelos e fórmulas sussurrados pela Natureza virgem e selvagem sugeriam que naqueles trezentos e tais genes surgidos no primeiro ser vivo aqui na terra estavam registrados os 13,7 bilhões de anos da História Natural Universal. Sugeriam que o EDNA nada mais é que a face biológica de uma fórmula universal a qual denominei Matrix/DNA que surgiu fragmentada em bilhões de bits-informação no Big Bang, estivera por trás da formação dos átomos, das galaxias e dos seres vivos. Sugeriam que assim como os usos e costumes de uma tribo primitiva do Amazonas pode evoluir a ponto de se tornar uma moderna Constituição de um pais, assim evoluiu a nivel universal aquela fórmula a ponto de se tornar essa magistral carta constitucional dos corpos vivos que é o DNA. E se aqueles genes atuaram na nebulosa de atomos, atuaram na nebulosa de galaxias, eles contem a infra-estrutura da arquitetura magistral que é o corpo humano. retire a estrutura, o alicerce, e a arquitetura inteira se colapsa ruindo a seus pés. Mas,… a 30 anos atrás isso era apenas uma idéia esquisita na cabeça de um semi-macaco da selva, nada que justificasse sua consideração na estratégia dos homens superiores da capital.

A cosmovisão da Matrix/DNA está sugerindo agora como e porque a dita “elite” economica dentre a Humanidade está indo contra os desígnios das fôrças naturais reinantes aqui na superficie do planeta Terra. Ninguem pode negar que a ultima mais complexa evoluída arquitetura que a natureza está investindo pesado é o cérebro humano. A Matrix/DNA está sugerindo que os 7 bilhões de cérebros humanos são, cada um, uma fração da totalidade de um pecado capital, original, que caiu desta galaxia para se auto-curar. A Natureza quer sistemas abertos à evolução e não sistemas fechados em si mesmos, conservadores, como foram as galaxias nossas ancestrais. A idéia aqui é colocar cada fração de um pecado a interagir com os outros 99% de si mesmo como pecado que está na cabeça de todo o resto dos outros, agitando, conflitando, sendo vitima, sentindo na pele os efeitos de si mesmo como pecado, para no fim, apenas pelo seu livre-arbítrio entender e ser divinamente contra o pecado que se foi um dia. Assim cada ser humano é como um gene, carregando um pequeníssimo detalhe que o diferencia dos outros 6 bilhões e novecentos e noventa e nove milhões de humanos, uma mensagem especifica, distinta, uma informação unica, pessoal, intransferível e indestrutível.

Mas não se vê apenas o cérebro como ultimo ápice da evolução aqui e agora. No cérebro e pelo cérebro está nascendo algo que se chama “auto-consciência” Um embrião ainda que surgiu apenas ha alguns minutos do tempo cósmico. Então se deduz que o sentido da existência de humanos auto-conscientes  como genes é gerar seu próprio corpo do futuro, um ser de pura auto-consciência, onde o resto, a matéria, é descartada como a placenta.

A evolução do cérebro se encaminha para dotar o cérebro de mais sensores do que os cinco aturais, inclusive para captar as outras 7 ou 8 dimensões previstas na ultima moderna teoria cosmológica, a String Theory. mas para que essa evolução de cérebros caminhe a contento, primeiro é preciso que a natureza revele sua carta-magna e seu especifico código moral como norte para humanos seguirem. Segundo e não menos importante requisito é que se deixe estes cérebros formatados por este código moral, livres para empregarem seu tempo na aprendizagem dos fenomenos naturais pelo método cientifico, sem prévios julgamentos e planos do que se deve procurar. E ao jogar 98 % dos humanos no trabalho escravo forçado está-se entorpecendo, imobilizando, estes cérebros que precisam evoluir. Ao se ignorar a automação que deveria substituir o humano no trabalho braçal rotineiro porque é mais lucrativo e menos perigoso para o regime manter essa grande massa como mão de obra barata, está se desafiando a natureza em seus objetivos. Ao se manter catequizando as mentes ingenuas e inocentes dos jovens nos bancos escolares com o código moral que emana de uma visão de mundo baseada numa teoria capenga e incompleta como  o neo-darwinismo, afasta-se os humanos de se introduzirem na aprendizagem da grande macro-evolução universal como fizemos com a Matrix/DNA, mas esta ampliação dos horizontes humanos é condição sine qua nom para o desenvolvimento de uma auto-consciência que começa no pequenino humano para se tornar a auto-consciência da existência do próprio Universo.

Estão no caminho errado. São 2% de genes transcendentais contendo valiosas informações, sem as quais o nosso ser futuro nasceria aleijado. Temos que recupera-los antes que mais um cineasta no futuro faça uma versão do Jurassic Park tendo os ricos de hoje no papel dos extintos dinossauros. Eu estou a mostrar que não sou não-codificante como lixo descartável. Estou em plena atividade. Por exemplo, antes de fazer qualquer negócio com um grupo qualquer, antes de aceitar um cheque de um banco privado, quero ver o seu memorandum, a sua estratégia para 2014. Não compro lamborghines nem mansões de milhões de dólares mas produzo alguns produtos e os destino a quem tenho aprovado estratégias. Sou como um interruptor que pode ligar ou desligar ricos, assim como os promoters e os enhancers que uma vez iludiram os pesquisadores desta “Ciência”.





A Formação Embrionária do Cérebro é Como Uma Sinfonia Em Três Movimentos… Que já Estava Escrita nas Estrêlas!

domingo, dezembro 29th, 2013

Imagine as origens de uma cidade como São Paulo. Ali chegam imigrantes de todas as partes, desde o Ceará, Bahia, Paraná, e também do Japão, da Itália, de Portugal, etc. No inicio todos estes povos fazem o mesmo modelo de casas já existentes no Brasil, a mesma cultura, a mesma alimentação, porque é pouca a variedade de materiais. Sómente depois, mais tarde, estas diferentes comunidades começam a trocar as casas por modelos de seus locais de origem, assim fazendo com alimentação, costumes, etc. Pois bem: é assim que se desenvolve o órgão mais importante do cérebro humano, o córtex central, centro do conhecimento, que define comportamentos, capacidades de percepção, assimilação, etc.  Pensávamos que – como acontece com o resto do corpo e mesmo com as outras áreas do cérebro – o neocortex estaria formado, finalizado, já no nascimento. Mas não! Cientistas descobriram que o neocortex tem uma segunda fase de formação que tem inicio na adolescência do individuo, quando entra em ação genes que praticamente separam o todo em regiões e ajudam a especialização de cada região para execução de diferentes tarefas, um processo que continua na fase adulta. 

É muito importante aos pais conhecerem esta informação para entenderem o que acontece na cabeça de seus filhos e assim saberem qual a época certa para ensinar isto ou aquilo. E muito curioso. Observe, por exemplo, como o desenvolvimento embrionário de um único cérebro humano imita fielmente a história da formação e desenvolvimento do cérebro biológico da espécie humana. No inicio desta História, e segundo a moderna teoria evolucionista, existia apenas um grupo de humanos primitivos na Africa. Começaram a emigrar para outros continentes, como Asia, Europa. Suspeito que quando chegavam nestes lugares, fossem quais fossem, procuravam fazer suas habitações no mesmo modêlo que faziam na Africa, considerando-se as diferenças e escassez de materiais, procuravam a mesma ou mais parecida alimentação, mantinham sua cultura, obviamente, já que não existia outra. Mas cada ambiente tem suas particulares especificas, a Europa é fria, a Asia tinha elefantes, etc. Estes detalhes dos ambientes foram modelando seus habitantes, transformando seus hábitos, até mesmo seus corpos, e por fim surgiu essa diversidade de povos que vemos hoje, diferenciados por suas regiões.

Pois é: Na Natureza, o que é verdade para a grande História Geral, é também verdade para cada pequena história individual. O processo da macro-evolução do cérebro da espécie humana é o mesmo processo do desenvolvimento a nível genético de um único cérebro individual. Aqui na teoria da Matrix/DNA tenho observado religiosamente este principio. Tenho repetido que não acredito que a Natureza jogue dados com suas criaturas, aprontando armadilhas para seus filhos caírem nelas; está fácil aprender qual o sentido da nossa existência, pois a maneira como a Natureza atua aqui, foi a maneira como ela formou este Universo e nós dentro dele. Ela não nos mostraria uma história falsa aqui, nos enganando. Tanto assim que vou projetando os pequenos conhecimentos que vou obtendo sôbre o aqui e agora para calcular como funciona o Cosmos e o que ocorreu no tempo passado para inferir como deve ter sido a História Natural Universal. E nesse trabalho descobri por exemplo que esta pequena história de um cérebro individual não apenas imita a Média História da Humanidade, mas vai mais fundo, imitando a História do desenvolvimento da Vida a nível universal. Pois se encontramos uma tribo original na Africa se espalhando e mantendo seus princípios nas novas terras, encontramos também uma arquitetura natural original no espaço celeste e formada pelos astros e estrêlas, se espalhando e mantendo seus princípios em cada planeta que alcançou.

Esta é nossa versão revelada no artigo contando a história de Luca, o “Last Universal Common Ancestor”. De certa forma, esta noticia sobre o cérebro humano é mais uma previsão acertada por minha teoria há 30 anos atras lá no meio da selva amazônica! Boa informativa leitura…   

Human brain development is a symphony in three movements

By Bill Hathaway – December 26, 2013
O cérebro humano se forma e desenvolve com uma impressionante coreografia calibrada e marcada por distintos padrões de atividade dos genes em diferentes estágios desde o útero até a idade adulta – informaram pesquisadores da University of  Yale, no jornal Neuron.

A equipe da Yale conduziu uma analise de larga escala da atividade dos genes no neocortex cerebral – uma área do cérebro que governa a percepção, comportamentos e conhecimento – em diferentes estágios do desenvolvimento. A analise mostra a arquitetura geral das regiões do cérebro, que é formada nos primeiros seis meses depois da concepção por uma aceleração da atividade genética diferente para cada região do neocortex. Este rush é seguido por uma variedade de intermissões começando no terceiro semestre da gravidez. Durante este período, a maioria dos genes que estão ativos em especificas regiões do cérebro são paralisados – exceto os genes que desenvolvem conexões entre todas as regiões do neocortex. Então, no inicio da adolescência, a orquestra genética começa novamente e ajuda sutilmente a organizar e formar as regiões do neocortex que progressivamente executam tarefas mais especializadas, um processo que continua na fase adulta.

Esta analise é a primeira a mostrar este esquema tipo “ampulheta do tempo” do desenvolvimento do cérebro humano, com intervalos de calmaria na atividade genética entre elevados padrões de complexidade na expressão genética. “Intrigante – dizem os cientistas – é que alguns destes padrões de atividade genética que definem o esquema de ampulheta do tempo não foram observados no desenvolvimento de macacos, indicando que estes padrões executam uma regra na modelação das características especificas do desenvolvimento dos cérebros humanos. A descoberta enfatiza a importância da interação entre genes e meio-ambiente na fase infantil logo após o nascimento, quando a formação das conexões de sinapses entre as células do cérebro se tornam sincronizadas, e esta interação determina como as estruturas do cérebro serão usadas mais tarde na vida, disse Nenad Sestan, professor de neurobiologia do Instituto de Neurociências Yale’s Kavli  e autor supervisor da pesquisa. Por exemplo, disrupções de sincronização das conexões sinápticas durante os primeiros anos da infância tem sido implicadas no autismo.

Sestan disse que o cérebro humano é mais como uma vizinhança, a qual é melhor definida pela comunidade vivendo nela do que seus edificios. “O zoneamento do local pode ser construído rapidamente mas então tudo passa a ser mais lento,  o neocortex focaliza sómente no desenvolvimento de conexões, quase como uma rede elétrica”, disse Sestan. mais tarde quando estas regiões estão sincronizadas, as vizinhanças começam a definir distintas identidades funcionais, como o bairro dos italianos e o bairro dos chineses.”

( Mihovil Pletikos, Andre ́ M.M. Sousa, and Goran Sedmak of Yale are co-lead authors of the study. Other Yale authors are Kyle A. Meyer, Ying Zhu, Feng Cheng, Mingfeng Li and Yuka Imamura Kawasawa. The work was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, the James S. McDonnell Foundation, and the Kavli Foundation.)

Eliminar todas as doenças que torturam humanos: Método Acadêmico e Método da Matrix/DNA

quinta-feira, novembro 28th, 2013

Tema baseado no seguinte artigo:

BBC. Com Future

Preventative genetics: The ultimate way to halt disease – (clique na figura do artigo e veja interessante video)

Se você entendesse o que estou querendo dizer aqui, certamente se juntaria comigo nesta luta. O mundo cientifico acadêmico, vem, desde Hipócrates a 2,000 anos atras, gastando o tempo de milhões de cientistas e profissionais e bilhões de dólares na tentativa de eliminar doenças mortais, como câncer, diabetes, Alzheimer, etc., mas ainda não conseguiram, as doenças continuam ai e podem pegar qualquer um de nos desprevenido… A pergunta que faço é: porque não conseguem? Doenças não são algo sobrenatural, elas são produtos dos movimentos na Natureza, portanto, isto significa que não entendemos ainda o que é e como funciona a Natureza. Ninguem esta autorizado a afirmar que estas doenças mortíferas tradicionais são produtos de disfunções dentro dos corpos humanos ou afirmar que doenças são produzidas por forcas e elementos naturais externos aos corpos, vindos do meio-ambiente. Se tivessem certeza… porque ainda não as eliminaram?

No presente artigo com link acima, um cientista que sabemos estar honestamente empenhado nessa luta, sugere que se invista mais no método aplicado pelas ciências acadêmicas, a qual, nas ultimas desadas passou a acreditar que todas as causas estão nos genes. Assim ele resume sua sugestão: “A grande ideia é genética preventiva: observando nosso genoma desde a infância de maneira que possamos evitar que a doença se instale, ao vez de atuar sobre a doença depois que ela se instalou no corpo”.

Mas as doenças continuam aparecendo, isto significa que ainda não aplicaram o método correto, e se não o aplicaram, não se pode saber de antemão se este realmente é o método correto. E se não for? Entes queridos nossos, familiares ou não, e talvez nos mesmos, continuaremos a ser torturados e morrer porque o método correto não foi aplicado…

Então faço outra pergunta: “Se tiver algum ser humano sugerindo que se experimente outro diferente método, que ele esta convencido que vai funcionar, que não vai custar tao caro, que pode ser feito,… porque não tentar?” Existe outro tema mais importante hoje para os seres humanos? Va ao hospital e pergunte para os que la estão.

O pensamento acadêmico sobre as doenças esta cegamente centrado nos genes. De repente passaram a acreditar que aqueles amontoados de átomos formando diferentes moléculas atuam por conta própria, parecem ter personalidade própria, força autônoma própria. Gastaram bilhões de dol ares na busca de mapear o genoma porque acreditavam piamente no celebre axioma que emergiu deste tipo de crença: “Cada gene, cada doença!” Ao fim do projeto, tendo o mapa total em mãos, o Craig Venter e seus correlegionários caíram sentados em suas cadeiras desanimados: não era assim, são muitos e vários genes envolvidos em cada doença. Praticamente voltamos a estaca zero. Mas a obsessão em cima da genética não foi curada tambem. Prova disso é a própria sugestão do cientista neste artigo.

O método diferente que estou sugerindo resulta da minha pessoal leitura e interpretação dos modelos, formulas e mapas da Matrix/DNA Theory. Pois ali se deduz que tudo o que existe no corpo humano pertence a sistemas, os quais, as centenas ou milhares, se juntam formando um ultimo sistema final: o corpo humano. Acontece que temos a formula para um sistema natural perfeito, funcionando perfeitamente, sem qualquer disfunção, como são os casos das doenças. E esta formula é aplicada pela Natureza para organizar a matéria em sistemas, funcionais. Ora… então basta identificar-mos todos os sub-sistemas do corpo humano e compara-los com a formula para detectar onde esta o ponto diferente no sistema doente. Assim como fiz com o caso do ciclo do colesterol cuja figura esta na primeira pagina deste website.

A formula da Matrix/DNA esta sugerindo que doenças não tem como causa fundamental os genes. Não! Estes são apenas marionetes manipulados ao sabor de uma força muito maior que eles. Esta força é gerada nos atritos entre dois poderosos elementos: o sistema planetário dentro do solar em que tudo funciona como um relógio, um sistema perfeito, fechado em si mesmo, e suas crias, sistemas biológicos que funcionam diferente, são sistemas abertos e,  se movimentam por direções contrarias entrando em choque com os eflúvios do sistema estrutural. É este atrito que atua no genoma causando erros nas operações do DNA e defeitos nos genes que eram “saudáveis”. Vou tentar explicar isso pois pé muito fácil de entender. Não tem nada de astrologia, superstição, metafisica, aqui, tudo é muito simples resultado do trabalho de um filosofo naturalista cuja missão é buscar conhecimento das informações obtidas pelas Ciências Oficiais com seu método reducionista e ficar tentando conectar todas estas informações para tentar obter um grande quadro, e assim entender o significado, o motivo, da existência dos fenômenos que compõem a totalidade da Natureza, o Universo.

Porque é que de repente um sistema natural atrela a si mesmo, bombas, vai a uma praça publica e se explode?! Ora, a principio, a meta suprema de todo sistema natural, de átomos a galaxias a lagartixas a células, é conseguir o estado confortável e eterno do equilíbrio termodinâmico. O sistema corpo humano, assim como formigas e abelhas, dedica a vida a luta para conseguir um palácio, depois o mais vasto território em volta deste palácio, onde tudo funcione como num paraíso e ele é o senhor ou a rainha absoluta.  Bilhões de anos de evolução desde a primordial nebulosa de átomos não mudaram essa meta suprema, ela continua no ultimo sistema ápice desta evolução aqui nestas regiões do Universo, que é o ser humano. Então porque de repente um sistema sai totalmente fora desta longa cadeia de causas e efeitos que vem desde o Big Bang e faz algo totalmente sem sentido? A resposta esta na existência de um sistema, invisível, denominado sistema religioso cultural. Ele manipula seus sub-sistemas como marionetes. Assim como os genes são manipulados. O terrorista não atua mais por si mesmo, independente, ele é conduzido, pois caso contrario todas suas atividades visariam sobreviver e enriquecer.

Ate os 30 anos eu tive varias perigosas doenças. Aos sete anos peguei uma que não sei o nome ouvido na infância (tufo, tifo?), que fecha a garganta e se não correr ao hospital morre em 24 horas. Depois tive ulcera gástrica com cirurgia aos 28 anos. Depois duas malarias na selva aos 30 anos. Mas na selva elaborei as formulas da Matrix/DNA, resultou uma visão diferente de um quadro geral diferente, conclui que a vida surgiu aqui pela aca o de fótons-genes formando um software emitido pela galaxia, estas loucuras todas, que sugeriam que com meu cérebro apenas eu poderia captar certas parti culas de fótons-energia voando no espaço a minha volta, e que podia conduzir mentalmente estes fótons por canais de um complicado desenho do corpo humano… e passei a experimentar isso, sessões de 15 ou 60 minutos diários. Nunca mais, nos outros 30 anos precisei tomar nenhum comprimido para nada. Uma saúde e energia de ferro! Voltei a selva temendo pegar a terceira malaria que poderia ser fatal, mas que nada, gozei na cara dos mosquitos transmissores. Mera coincidência? Tambem as vezes penso que sim, mas… por via das duvidas, continuo de vez em quando praticando o método, pois em time que esta ganhando, não se mexe, por mais estupido e desmiolado que pareça ser o técnico do time. Eu estou com a mente cegamente centrada em “SISTEMAS”, uma grande diferença do meio acadêmico centrado cegamente em genes, nos estamos abordando este assunto das doenças vindos por caminhos diferentes.

O corpo humano é um sistema natural, produto de uma evolução que começou com o primeiro sistema celular, a qual foi produzida num longo processo de embriogênese e não abiogeneses, pelo sistema astronômico que nos envolve. Ou se encaixa nele… e tenha uma vida saudável,… ou não se encaixe nele, que sistemas equivocados pairando no ar te agarram, te inocula suas errôneas tendencias, e te leva a se explodir em praça publica, ou melhor, levam seus genes a aniquilar seu corpo inteiro.

O grande intelectual que foi uma antena da nossa especie, o ex-presidente da Checoslováquia, Vaclav Havel, uma vez disse: “Hoje entendemos os fundamentos da matéria em nosso corpo, nos mais microscópicos níveis. Sabemos tudo sobre nossos a tomos, nossas moléculas, nossas células. O método reducionista realizou um heroico e brilhante trabalho. Mas no entanto alguma coisa esta nos escapando. prova disso são as doenças milenares, cujas causas primeiras e suas curas continuam desconhecidas. Penso que esta coisa desconhecida esta numa outra dimensão, mais difícil de enxergar: a dimensão dos sistemas, mais exatamente, do corpo humano como sistema”. Na selva eu acho que entendi melhor o que ele quis dizer. Mas o problema é que o meio cientifico acadêmico, nossa cultura geral, esta se esquecendo, ignorando, a existência dos sistemas naturais. Tivemos a décadas atras algumas iniciativas tímidas, com Fritjof Capra tateando os sistemas na escuridão sem conseguir vê-los direito, no seu “O Tao da Física”. Tivemos a Margullis sondando as origens da célula sob uma tentativa de perspectiva sistêmica, em sua teoria simbiôntica. Depois um longo período de recesso ate que Bertalanffy surgiu com uma gigante obra, “A Teoria Geral dos Sistemas”. Uma grande quantidade de argumentos e evidencias, porem sem ainda explicar ou mostrar o que realmente é um sistema natural. Então alguns físicos e matemáticos como Rosemberg, Wiener, descobriram a cibernética, e desviaram a teoria dos sistemas naturais para a teoria dos sistemas artificiais. E neste ponto estão parados ate hoje. Se as doenças forem realmente produzidas pelo contexto das operações de sistemas, não esperem ajuda nos hospitais para doenças mortais por muito tempo ainda. A unica tímida tentativa que conheço estar militando no momento com uma proposta nova mostrando o que realmente é e como funcionam os sistemas naturais, esta vindo com um semi-macaco do meio da selva amazônica, num calhamaço de papeis sujos para embrulhar pão…  O macaco esta sozinho gritando nas ruas de New York e tentando mostrar os papeis para os transeuntes, mas ninguém para e ouve. Mas… é pegar ou largar… e aceitar a convivência com estes terroristas malignos dentre nos, porque o método da academia oficial não vai funcionar. Raios! Genes são punhados de átomos! O Richard Dawkins e sua turma ficaram malucos, perderam o controle de suas faculdades mentais, acreditando em coisas como “o objetivo supremo dos genes é se reproduzirem”. Átomos, moléculas, não podem possuir objetivos a serem alcançados no futuro por acoes deles aplicadas aqui e agora. Estão loucos?!!! E nos vamos ficar passivos, pagando caríssimo o preço desta loucura?! Por favor, de uma oportunidade ao macaco, ele não quer e não precisa de palácios, o que ele sonha é ver que as futuras gerações cantarão o nosso sucesso ao invés de chorarem o nosso fracasso! mexam-se comigo! Agora! Ja! Cada voz ecoando um pequeno murmurio inicial faz o murmurio se tornar conhecido! tens duvidas? Claro, eu tenho mais ainda! não acredito na Matrix/DNA, sou um filosofo, como Sao Tome, quero ver, apalpar, para acreditar. mas a coisa faz sentido. basta tentar conhece-la e entende-la.

Temos muito trabalho a fazer em equipe, mas a base de tudo é colocar os mapas da Matrix/DNA sobre a mesa e do lado os mapas de todos os sub-sistemas do corpo humano. Dentre os mapas da Matrix esta a formula da infra-estrutura de tudo isso que aqui esta, que é esta galaxia, por inteiro. A qual é a formula de um sistema perfeito fechado em si mesmo. E podemos consertar qualquer defeito em qualquer sub-sistema defeituosos tendo ao lado o desenho para um sistema funcionar perfeitamente. vamos assim identificar os pontos das disfunções, vamos rastrear os elementos externos que chegam aqueles pontos, vamos chegar a causa primeira, a raiz de tudo, e mandar para o inferno de uma vez por todas estes inimigos terroristas que tanto tem flagelado nossos irmãos de especie, aos quais damos os nomes de câncer, Alzheimer, diabetes, etc. Porque não participar desta causa, lutar por ela, convencer os que estão no controle dos instrumentos científicos, a apontarem-nos nesta outra direção? Se o método der certo, prometo que pago cerveja pra todo mundo!

( Obs: Devo continuar isto comentando cada item do artigo da BBC)



Evolução: A Teoria de que O Proposito da Vida é Apenas Evolução dos Genes

sábado, outubro 26th, 2013

O texto abaixo foi obtido em:

PhysForum Science, Physics and Technology Discussion Forums -> General Sci-Tech Discussions -> Creation / Evolution

Topico: Life’s Drive And Purpose, Choice Of Our Life’s Purpose Is OURS

A. If one accepts, intuitively and logically, Pasteur’s observation that all life must come from previously existing life, then the answer to “what makes a mono- and poly-cell life-form a Life” is the answer to “what makes some molecular associations in cells LIVES”, and vice versa. It is the “lifelihood” of genes that makes us and all other forms of life on Earth living organisms, and evolution has been the route of Life’s ever more complexing progress since the first replication of the first gene.
Early independent peptides, primordial genes, have entered into symbiotic associations in which eventually each of the ever increasing host of functions/tasks vital for the evolving associations is taken up by the member most efficient at it, leading to gene speciation and to gene specialization.

The history of life begins with independent genes, cascading fractally from single independent genes to agregate of genes, then to agregate of agregate of genes. Cooperative association is an inherent feature of life throughout all its evolution and at all its levels, in pre-cell and in mono-cell life and in mono-cell communities and in poly-cell life-forms and in communities of poly-cell life forms.
B. The totality of life in Earth’s biosphere (the outermost part of the planet’s shell — including air, land, surface rocks and water — within which life occurs, and which biotic processes in turn alter or transform. Wikipedia.) is a temporary grand store of energy, and all living organisms are elaborate temporary energy storage containers and all base genetic materials are “Life quanta”, carriers of “Life photons”. Humans are just one of the many types of Earth’s living organisms, regardless of the reasons and purpose of their self-inflated high-self-esteem.

C. Life’s evolution has been and still is and will continue to be the evolution of genes. The total number of genes, each with its own unique identity/functional-capability is, of course, the number of different organisms multiplied by their number of genes, which are now dependent-symbiotic members in chromosomes, cooperative-communes of genes. It is the GENES that evolve, and the evolution of the chromosomes and organisms is simply a consequence of their genes’ evolution. The drive and purpose of evolution of the organisms is to enhance the functionality and survivability of the genes, in order to maintain and enhance Earth’s biosphere energy storage.

D. This is the plain bare story of the drive and purpose of life. We do not yet comprehend what ENERGY is generically. We are just beginning to comprehend the nature of the raw material called Life and that the purpose of OUR life is ours to choose and develop and follow.


Minha primeira questão:

” A. If one accepts, intuitively and logically, Pasteur’s observation that all life must come from previously existing life, then the answer to “what makes a mono- and poly-cell life-form a Life” is the answer to “what makes some molecular associations in cells LIVES”, and vice versa. It is the “lifelihood” of genes…

Penso que esta conclusão “It is the “lifelihood” of genes” não pode ser obtida logicamente das premissas expostas. Teria-se que provar que os genes tem vitalidade própria, mesmo quando isolados de células e organismos. Se toda forma de vida vem de outra forma de vida, e mono ou poli células são formas de vida, e se elas vieram dos genes, então os genes é a forma de vida da qual vieram as células. Então é preciso mostrar genes isolados sem mono ou poli células agindo como seres vivos, ou seja, a forma de vida da qual veio a vida observada nas células. E não conheço nenhum experimento demonstrando genes isolados funcionando como uma forma viva. Da mesma forma, ou seja, o outro lado da moeda: se extrair-mos os genes das células, elas não apresentam-se como formas de vida. Acho que a conclusão logica para tais premissas é a de que existe ou existiu uma forma de vida precursora das células mono ou poli, e esta forma de vida transmitiu as associações moleculares que faz estas células serem vivas, e por enquanto esta forma de vida precursora nos é desconhecida ( Talvez é conhecida se a sugestão de forma de vida precursora da Matrix/DNA Theory esteja correta).

Segunda Questão:

“… and evolution has been the route of Life’s ever more complexing progress since the first replication of the first gene.”

Isto seria verdade apenas se for comprovado que “evolução” é um processo natural materializado que tem a capacidade de auto-corrigir seus erros. Em todas as especies que existiram ou ainda existem, seus genes foram ou estão sendo extintos, o que indica que todos os genes erram o caminho da sobrevivência e continuidade da evolução. Onde estão os genes das especies dos repteis cuja evolução máxima chegou aos dinossauros? Extintos. E das especies que evoluíram para o status de grandes felinos, como leões, tigres, etc? Em vias de extinção, ao menos, sem qualquer esperança de transformação e evolução. Onde estão os genes das especies dos pássaros cujo ápice foram as águias, o falcão real, etc? Extintos ou em vias de extinção. E os genes dos macacos cujo mais forte e saudável organismo produzido foi o dos gorilas? A palavra “evolução” ainda é apenas um conceito abstrato para o qual não foi demonstrado como sendo algo real, seja uma forca, um processo, um elemento, etc. A presença do ser humano na Terra é que tem servido de base para este conceito, devido ele provar que houve um processo iniciado pelo simples e que chegou a algo complexo. Portanto, o que se tem de realmente palpável é a existência de um movimento que vai do simples ao complexo, porem, a historia da biosfera também, pela enorme quantidade de repetências, provado que este movimento desenha uma arvore cujos galhos tem um limite e cujo tronco também nos é invisível e cujas raízes estão escondidas nas penumbras de um planeta formado de rochas, atmosfera e e água, pertencente a um sistema estelar. Ao invés de evolução de genes, a historia natural esta mais para a conclusão de que existe uma evolução de um sistema natural, que veio de uma forma astronômica para uma forma biológica, sendo este sistema que esta ainda sob evolução aqui. neste caso sim, parece haver um movimento na direção da complexidade que nunca foi interrompido.

Terceira Questao:

” Early independent peptides, primordial genes, have entered into symbiotic associations in which eventually each of the ever increasing host of functions/tasks vital for the evolving associations is taken up by the member most efficient at it, leading to gene speciation and to gene specialization. ”

Desconheço qualquer experimento laboratorial demonstrando que genes isolados entram em associações com outros genes isolados quando se aproximam. Por outro lado creio estar sobejamente comprovado que sistemas biológicos isolados, quando aproximados de certos outros sistemas biológicos isolados, disparam o mecanismo da simbiose. Exemplo clássico é o corpo humano como ecossistema de diferentes especies de bactérias, as quais são “sistemas”, não apenas genes. Estou aberto a informações aqui.

Quarta Questao:

The history of life begins with independent genes, cascading fractally from single independent genes to agregate of genes, then to agregate of agregate of genes.

A Historia do Universo inicia com independente galaxias, repetidas numa cascata de fractais, desde simples independente galaxias para agregado de galaxias e agregados de agregados de galaxias. Se a sua historia dos genes é a sua historia da Vida, e desde que ela igual a Historia das galaxias, porque não a historia das galaxias representam também a historia da Vida?! Sim ela representa,, mas então a Vida não começou na Terra com os genes e sim no Universo com as galaxias.

Quinta Questão:

“Cooperative association is an inherent feature of life throughout all its evolution and at all its levels…”

Teria que ser provado que não existe cooperativa associação entre as partes de sistemas astronômicos e sistemas atômicos para se comprovar que associação cooperativa é uma característica inerente a Vida. Ou, em outras palavras: se a associação cooperativa é uma propriedade de entidades vivas, somos obrigados a dizer que figados e estômagos são entidades vivas “de per se”, já que estão associados cooperativamente dentro do sistema corpo humano.

Sexta Questão:

B. The totality of life in Earth’s biosphere (the outermost part of the planet’s shell — including air, land, surface rocks and water — within which life occurs, and which biotic processes in turn alter or transform. Wikipedia.) is a temporary grand store of energy, and all living organisms are elaborate temporary energy storage containers…”

Isto esta muito mal colocado. Se disser-mos que “a totalidade da biosfera” pe um deposito de energia, isto significa que entendemos que a totalidade da biosfera pe constituida de massa, a qual estoca energia. Mas nao vejo entao porque dizer o contrario seria errado, ou seja, que a totalidade da biosfera pe um deposito de massa, sendo que a biosfera pe constituida de energia… nao seria mais sensato dizer que a totalidade da biosfera pe um composto de massa e energia?

Sétima Questão:

“… and all base genetic materials are “Life quanta”, carriers of “Life photons”…”

Dizer que genes foram a primeira forma de vida e depois que todo material genético é transportador de “fótons da vida” é totalmente contraditório. Os fótons existiam antes dos genes. Portanto os fótons trouxeram em si a vida. Esta certo dizer que automóveis são vivos e que começaram a vida porque transportam o motorista?

Oitava Questão:

 C. Life’s evolution has been and still is and will continue to be the evolution of genes.

E porque não a evolução de aglomerados de fotos, se acreditas que os genes são os transportadores de fótons vivos?  Porque um organismo não sera uma especie de computador vivo, onde os fótons com poem o software e o resto, inclusive genes, compõem o hardware? Mas na historia dos computadores, os hardwares são por inteiro descartados na presença de uma nova geração deles, enquanto os novos softwares mantem o corpo do antigo e apenas acrescenta mais informações para estar atual.

Nona Questão:

The drive and purpose of evolution of the organisms is to enhance the functionality and survivability of the genes, in order to maintain and enhance Earth’s biosphere energy storage.”

Isto não significaria que o proposito ultimo e final da Evolução seria o de  manter e ampliar o estoque de energia na biosfera, para cujo proposito, a funcionalidade e sobrevivência dos genes seria apenas um meio para se atingir um fim?! E qual a prova de que a energia do Sol, de onde vem os fótons, não esteja sendo estocada também atomos dos outros nove planetas sem vida do sistema solar?

Decima Questao:

D. This is the plain bare story of the drive and purpose of life. We do not yet comprehend what ENERGY is generically. We are just beginning to comprehend the nature of the raw material called Life and that the purpose of OUR life is ours to choose and develop and follow.

Não. O final produto mais bem evolutivamente elaborado nesta historia da vida é a auto-consciência humana. Não existe provas de que a maioria dos genes que estão em todos os organismos e especies, são auto-conscientes. Nem sequer de que exista um gene auto-consciente. A auto-consciência não esta ligada diretamente a genes como sendo sua produção. Corpos humanos estão. Podemos defender que a auto-consciência esta ligada  e pé um produto de neurônios os quais são transportadores dos genes, o que indicaria que os genes são auto-conscientes e não o corpo do humano. Mas a neurologia ainda não provou que auto-consciência pé um produto direto da evolução biológica e nem explicou como os neurônios estão relacionados com ela. Assim como a energia, que é a metade dessa historia da evolução, ainda não esta compreendida, a auto-consciências ainda é uma desconhecida.Tens uma teoria, cheia de erros, porem, merecedora de ser submetida a testes experimentais. Uma certeza e afirmativa conclusão, cientificamente não tens.



Novas Descobertas Sobre o Envelhecimento e a Visão da Matrix/DNA

segunda-feira, outubro 21st, 2013

A newly discovered biological clock measures aging throughout the body. (Credit: UCLA/Horvath lab)

O corpo humano é uma nova forma evolucionaria do sistema natural universal que começou a existir desde o Big Bang, na forma de vórtice quântico, o qual projetou uma onda de luz, a qual carrega em si a dinâmica do ciclo vital, portanto, imprimindo dinâmica, movimento, vida, ma substancia que preenche o espaço abrangido hoje pelo Universo.

Como todas as formas deste sistema universal apresentam o processo da degeneração, envelhecimento, e morte, o corpo humano, paras nosso pesar, também o faz. Eu suspeito que a morte é um mal necessário se a evolução for um proposito da existência, pois sem a morte formas inacabadas e inadequadas do sistema universal, as quais são formas provisorias, se estabeleceriam como definitivas, interrompendo a evolução. Por exemplo, se os macacos tivessem descoberto o elixir da eternidade, não morreriam e não transcenderiam sua forma fisica, e não haveria hoje a especie humana. Também considero como possibilidade logica a sugestão que a formula da Matrix/DNA esta fazendo de que todas as formas do sistema universal são compostas de software e hardware, e de que enquanto o hardware morre, pode ser substituído e transformado, o software apenas cresce em quantidade de informação e se expande em qualidade, sempre sobrevivendo a morte dos corpos. Mas minhas suspeitas a parte, ficamos com o puro e real fato de que os nossos corpos envelhecem e morrem.

A morte pode ser um mal necessário, mas quando acontece o envelhecimento, ele nos trás indesejáveis efeitos colaterais, denominados ” doenças “, como o Alzheimer, os canceres, etc. Portanto, é de nosso extremo interesse estudar este processo de envelhecimento com a intenção de eliminar estes efeitos colaterais. As Ciências Oficiais muito tem se esforçado na busca de entender este processo, mas pouco tem avançado na eliminação dos maus efeitos. Enquanto isso vejo que destacar o corpo humano como um sistema natural e compara-lo com a formula de sistema perfeito da Matrix/DNA é uma diferente e nova abordagem do fenômeno que mostra novos aspectos do fenômeno ( por isso incluo abaixo dois aspectos dessa formula para serem observados). Na forma de sistema perfeito, ele nasce e tem sua energia em crescimento ate alcançar a Função sistêmica universal F4, quando ela atinge seu pico mais elevado, e neste momento começa a sua queda, uma degeneração que é medida pela entropia. No corpo humano isto indica que o corpo esta em elevação enquanto os genes primordiais ainda estão construindo-o,  e quando o ultimo gene executa sua ultima função, o corpo imediatamente começa a decair. Isto acontece talvez aos 16 ou 18 anos, quando se forma a barba, ou tem inicio a inteira atividade sexual. Se o corpo humano não decai imediatamente é porque o sistema é aberto e com isso continua a receber alimentação de energia exterior. O que não evita a degeneração, mas prolonga-a.

Outro fato interessante que se observa na formula de sistema perfeito é que a degeneração tem inicio na periferia do sistema,  e os detritos causados por ela, ao invés de serem imediatamente expulsos do sistema, são internalizados, e dirigem ao seu centro, levando o sistema ao auto-colapso. Lembre-se que na termodinâmica entropia não significa diminuição de energia mas sim diminuição da qualidade da energia no sistema. Isto porque os fragmentos internalizados vão se misturando com as partes e circuitos internos prejudicando seus funcionamentos, e o sistema tende a se tornar uma massa amorfa.  Por exemplo, no caso do cérebro considerado como nova forma do sistema, os detritos se acumulam formando as placas, muitas delas circundando neurônios, isolando-os, o que leva ao mal de Alzheimer, ou seja, perda da memoria.

Agora com esta noticia deste artigo parece que a Matrix/DNA mais uma vez confirma suas previsões. Estão descobrindo que na mulher o envelhecimento é mais rápido a partir dos seios, os quais são um acessório da periferia, e ainda mais interessante, a formula da Matrix/DNA já havia sugerido antes que os seios são na mulher os representantes da função 4, que é o aparato masculino da formula de sistema perfeito, o qual é hermafrodita. Justamente podemos ver na formula que a energia começa a decair na F4.

Ainda estou longe de começar a estudar o corpo humano baseado na formula da Matrix/DNA para tentar entender o processo do seu envelhecimento. Me faltam totalmente as condições materiais para tal, como a falta de tempo.  Por isto a Humanidade esta urgentemente necessitando de ajuda, da sua participação, todo mundo poderia ajudar aqui, tendo a formula da Matrix/DNA, inclusive divulgando estes artigos escritos aqui, ou fazendo a tradução para outros idiomas, já que eu não posso faze-los.  Não desejo para ninguém as torturas do envelhecimento e suas doenças, mas quem aqui não atuar agora, pode se arrepender depois.  Mas esta divisão do corpo em relógios marcando os ritmos de envelhecimento de cada parte, como mostra a figura acima, já nos ajuda valiosamente quando o for-mos fazer.  Por isto registro aqui com carinho e muitas esperanças este valioso artigo para voltar a ele se Deus ( ou seja la o nome de quem for que esteja por trás disso tudo) o permitir.

Scientist Uncovers Internal Clock Able to Measure Age of Most Human Tissues; Women’s Breast Tissue Ages Faster Than Rest of Body–+Top+Science%29&utm_content=FaceBook

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E o desenho do circuito do fluxo interno de informação da fórmula da Matrix/DNA na sua versão de sistema perfeito fechado, na forma de diagrama de software

E o desenho do circuito do fluxo interno de informação da fórmula da Matrix/DNA na sua versão de sistema perfeito fechado, na forma de diagrama de software

Matrix/DNA: O template para todos os sistemas naturais, de átomos a nucleotideos a galáxias e células. O circuíto energético padrão.

Matrix/DNA: O template para todos os sistemas naturais, de átomos a nucleotideos a galáxias e células. O circuíto energético padrão.



Experimento Sugere Interação entre Cometas e Planetas Gerando Aminoácidos e Confirmando Previsão da Matrix/DNA Theory

terça-feira, setembro 17th, 2013
Ice-blasting test proves that comet impacts can spark life’s ingredients

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  • comment author avatar Louis Charles Morelli

30 years ago was copyrighted a theory just saying: ” half of informations for new systems comes from F5 (comets) and the another half comes from the host (Earth). Nobody else published something connecting comets and origins of life at that time. The Theory, called “The Universal Matrix/DNA for Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles” shows the formula at its website. You can see at my avatar here how the formula works: look the internal circuit where, from the nude man is emited the spermatozoon towards the woman by the same process that from pulsars’s volcanoes at the right side emits comets towards the yellow colord vortex at the left side. And every day each new scientific discovery is proving the models of that theory. But its suggestions are totally different. For instance, there was no origins of life since that the ancestor and creator (building blocks of astronomical systems) of biological systems shows all biological properties. There are no division among natural systems as living systems and non-living systems. Pulsars and comets were ancestors of Y chromossome. And so on…

raymond-392453 commented 

Life is ubiquitously universal ! This proves it.

Louis Morelli replied 

IN REPLY TO: raymond-392453 #1  — If you understand life as biological system it is not universal. Universal is a natural system that began at the Big Bang in shape of quantum vortexes and evolved to atoms systems, stellar systems, galactic systems and here, into biological systems. Any atom heavier than carbon has hidden in it the seven properties of life, in shape of electromagnetic layers. When there are electrons occupying a layer, the atom expresses one property, while the other six are hidden. So, these atoms could be called “life”? Astronomical systems are described by Newtonian mechanics, we think they are mechanical systems, but, the resulted processes from internal interactions are equal the biological processes of life. (Ok, I am based in Matrix/DNA Theory models), and I could be wrong.

Danny McNeal commented 

Chemical mechanisms for the fusing of simple amino acids into long-chain nucleotides have classically been hard to hypothesize.

Louis Morelli replied 

IN REPLY TO: Danny McNeal #2 You said: fusing of simple amino acids into long-chain nucleotides have classically been hard to hypothesize.)

Amino acids into nucleotides?! I need some help here about chemistry. Amino acids are not fused into chain of proteins? And nucleotides fused into chain of RNA/DNA? I think they are two different things. By the way, the Matrix/DNA formula is suggesting that proteins are the biological representative of flows of energy/information running inside the systemic circuit, while nucleotides are biological representatives of bodies composing the system. The formula for natural system is composed of energy/information in shape of waves (which are related to time and processes) = proteins. And particles (the bodies), which are related to space/inertia. That’s the explanation for proteins and RNA having different formations.

Danny McNeal – replied 

El Profe:

So. spontaneous evolution could form the 3 billion units of specifically ordered biological information on the human DNA molocule? Get real… not even in the time span of a million universes.

Well that’s a hefty claim, which is fine provided you can actually back it up, and the burden of proof for your statement is on you. On what do you base this? (Most of us know better than to claim a negative, which cannot be proven. You can no more prove that human DNA could not possibly have evolved in 4.65 billion years of earth’s history than you could prove that pink polka-dotted unicorns don’t exist.) Meanwhile, scientists are making no claims of certainty, as you have just done, only honestly reporting that they see absolutely no evidence thus far that rules out the possibility of life spontaneously evolving, while hypothesizing and testing possibilities for how parts of that process may have occurred.

In terms of what is realistic, the vast majority of all evolutionary biologists, geophysicists, and other scientists whose areas of expertise touch upon these concepts identify absolutely nothing in the known laws of physics or statistics that lead them to believe that billions of years is an insufficient time period for human DNA to have evolved. And indeed, with each salient scientific discovery on these subjects, it seems ever less unlikely. It would be foolish and unscientific to categorically ignore that statistical trend.

Louis Morellireplied 

comment author avatar

  • YOU

IN REPLY TO: Danny McNeal #2.3

You are almost right. Human DNA can be a result of 4 billion years of biological evolution which can be a result of variation, adaptation, natural selection and reproduction. But… if is there a hidden agent driven this evolution? And maybe it exists, as suggested in Matrix/DNA Theory. Who is the invisible agent? Merely the creator and host of organic matter and biological systems, inclusive the DNA. This hidden agent is this astronomical system and its Cosmological Evolution. Nucleotides are merely biological copies of building blocks of galaxies, which are half-mechanical/half biological. At my website you can see the pictures, side by side of a nucleotide and the astronomical building block. This invisible agent is driven this whole biosphere, created by him, for to be its copy, like at any process of reproduction. Human beings are going to be merely a piece of this mechanical/biological system, that’s is the explanation for we are going towards the Brave New World under the Big Queen, as already went the social systems of ants and bees. And the scientists are not seeing this visible agent that is surrounding us from all sides due Astronomy and Physics making the wrong cosmological model.

Flame77_7 commented 

comment author avatar

There is a lot of “Ifs” and “possible” with there experiments….. but hey will see where the experiment lead… The problem is the same  “debris” also “should” have struck Mars, Moon and other planets (as they mentioned in the article) but the crux is the “conditions” for life not the chemistry.   You can find the “essence” of base nucleatides “everywhere” but to “coax life” even impacts with the right ingredients would not be enough.

Louis Morellireplied 

comment author avatar

  • YOU

IN REPLY TO: Flame77_7 #5

but the crux is the “conditions” for life not the chemistry.   You can find the “essence” of base nucleatides “everywhere” but to “coax life” even impacts with the right ingredients would not be enough.

There are bits-information for formation of natural systems that resembles the galaxy everywhere inside this galaxy. This galaxy is a system attacked by entropy, so, any star (which has bits-information of the entire system) is radiating fragments of this system in shape of photons, which are bits-information and can work like genes if they meet at the surface of bodies that has conditions for them to join and trying to reproduce the galaxy. But these conditions are dependable of lots of circumstances. Matrix/DNA Theory models are suggesting that the ideal planet must be located in a solar region corresponding to a specific frequency of solar magnetosphere. The weird thing here is that there are possibilities for formation of systems that does not resemble ” life” as we know it, but this system could become intelligent also. Then, we must take the picture of the building block of astronomical systems (the picture is in Matrix/DNA website) and calculate all possibles shapes that they can evolve into. Maybe there are “living beings” made off iron, rubber, plastic, etc.

Moe Szyslak commented 

comment author avatar

One question :  Did the Ice cristals Have some form of Life from the Begining or was it totally without life of any kind , including adam , proton , neutron movement , which is a life in it self ?

Louis Morellireplied 

comment author avatar

  • YOU

IN REPLY TO:Moe Szyslak#6

” Did the Ice cristals Have some form of Life from the Begining?”

Yes Moe, they did. Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide (chemical formula CO2), comprising two oxygen atoms bonded to a single carbon atom. It happens that carbon atom is the unique atom that mimics the building block of astronomical systems, which are the ancestors of the building blocks of RNA/DNA and aminoacids. The problem is that we understand as “life” the biological shape of that astronomical system. Biology is result of increasing a new state of matter – the liquid state (water) and then, emerging the organic chemistry. The ancestor in the sky was made with only two states of matter – solid and gaseous. Then, biological shape is a big mutation due different environment ( at Earth surface we have gravitational force) and different materials. There is no problem for Nature reducing a system of astronomical dimensions into a system of microscopic dimension, since Nature applies nanotechnology, like when it resumes an adult human being inside a microscopic genome. Carbon atom reproduces at atomic dimension the astronomical building block because both, have six elements that works as systemic functions. That’s why carbon was selected for being the foundation of organisms. But… everything I said is based in the models of Matrix/DNA Theory and it could be wrong… take care.

Here we are again commented 

comment author avatar

The problem is not going to be finding life. I think life is abundant, Every fifth star system will have a Goldilocks planets. The problem is Distance. Time. Space is too cast, the distance will stop us unless some great breakthrough comes along showing us how to warp space-time. We are doomed to be a one planet species until such time comes along. Oh how I wish it could be in my lifetime. Sigh. Is the next Einstein here currently?

Louis Morellireplied 

comment author avatar

  • YOU

IN REPLY TO:Here we are again#7

The problem is Distance

Maybe we will solve the problem of distance while you still being alive. The key is a better understanding about natural light. Our ship must be rocketed by something that mimics the sources of natural light. Any light wave expands forming at least seven different frequencies. But… it expands into space, there is no time in light wave expansion,, or at least, it is dispresible . At Matrix/DNA Theory I have discovered that any light wave  has the code that imprints life into inertial mass as the one that fits the space. Because the sequence of different vibrations, or frequencies, is the same sequence of a life cycle that transform our body into at least seven different shapes (blastula, fetus, baby, kid, teenager, etc.). So, if a star is at 200 light years from here, we need to calibrate the source/rocket that reduces a light year into one day and multiply it by 200… and our ship will be there inside 24 hours. How will be the source/rocket? We need to reproduce mechanically any natural source of light, like, for instance, stars. It will not be that difficult since that we are almost creating black holes inside those synchrotrons…and Matrix/DNA has the formula for doing it. (but, maybe the theory is wrong… take care.

a—rand commented 

comment author avatar

Amazing to what extent some people will go, to disapprove the existence of a higher power or intelligence.  No, I don’t think the earth was created in 6 days, but something somewhere was created from nothing.  NOTHING!  When something is made from nothing, it is called Creation.  Meditate on that concept for a while.

Louis Morellireplied 

comment author avatar

  • YOU

When something is made from nothing, it is called Creation

Something from nothing, accordingly L. Krauss, does not violates any laws of Physics, but Nature is not limited into matter organized by Physics laws. There are matter organized by biological laws also, which is one level more complex. At Matrix/DNA Theory the models are suggesting that this galaxy is covered by a layer of primitive biological organization that Physics can not grasp it. And must have the laws related to consciousness, also. I think that “something from nothing” violates the laws of rationality, which is related to coinsciousness.

You need to define what you understand by “creation”. Yours own body was made throughout an initial Big Bang ( if the observer was inside the egg when exploded the spermatozoon’s membrane). Nature does not play dice with us, so, the method it uses for creation here it must use everywhere. That’s why Nature makes you by triggering an initial “explosion/expansion” – Nature was made by the same process. So, if you understand the formation of your body as “creation”, no problem with that.

We know that before and beyond the egg that gave birth to you there were the parents ( the observer inside the system can not see them, because nobody inside a system can knows the truth about the system – a Godel’s theorem) like we can not know what was before this cosmological egg called Universe. But… the conclusion is clear: some kind of parents.

Yours parents did not used intelligence for doing you. It is all about natural, genetic process. At Matrix/DNA Theory we re-wrote the History of Universe and the final conclusion is that inside this Universe is occurring a process of genetic reproduction… of… the unknown natural system that was before the Big Bang. No problem if you want call it “God”. But…everything I said is based in a theory, which can be wrong…


comment author avatar

IN REPLY TO: danangel #9

Doesn’t say that this proves comets DID create the ingredients for life.  Only proves that they could have.  A common argument is that random physical events could not have created complex organic molecules.

Louis Morellireplied 

comment author avatar

  • YOU

IN REPLY TO: Brisaber #9.3

It is a random physic event that Marie meet John, but it is not a random physic event that they created a new life. It is enough that the “program” for creating life was, half inside John and half inside Marie. At Matrix/DNA Theory you can see the suggestion about how the program for doing amino acids was half inside the comet and half inside Earth’s matter.

Chuck-3538322 commented 

comment author avatar

The problems of primodial soups are big, but bigger yet is the infeasability of generating without supernatural input an enormous increase in complexity. A wide gulf separtes an aqueous solution containing a few amino acids from the simlest living cell.

Years ago, molecular biophysist Harold Morowitz calculated the size of this gulf. If one were to take the simplest living cell and break every chemical bond within it, the odds that the cell would reassemble under ideal natural coditions ( the best possible chemical environment) would be one chance in 10 to the 100 billionth power. Most of us cannot even begin to picture a speck of chance so remote. With ods so remote as 1 in 10 to the 100billionth power, the time scale issue becomes irrelevant. What does it matter if Earth has been around for ten seconds, ten thousand years or ten billion years?  If all the matter in the universe were converted into the building blocks of life, and if assembly of these building blocks were attempted once a microsecond for the entire age of the universe, then instead of the odds being one in 10 to the billionth power, they would be one in 10 to the 99,999,999,916 power… Some people will believe in anything as long as it is not the hand of God in creating all that surrounds you. Sad.

Louis Morelli replied 

comment author avatar

  • YOU

 The problems of primodial soups are big, but bigger yet is the infeasability of generating without supernatural input an enormous increase in complexity. A wide gulf separtes an aqueous solution containing a few amino acids from the simlest living cell

Chuck, there is the possibility that God is more intelligent, as such that He does not need going to each planet touching its matter with supernatural input for starting life. Cell system is the exactly copy of this astronomical system surrounding us. The primordial soup was being bombarded by sun’s light. But… before the formation of any astronomical system, the inertial mass of this space was bombarded by waves of light emitted by the Big Bang. Should be enough if God created light waves containing something like computational program under evolution. Then, the program was inserted into the whole space, creating atoms, systems, galactic systems, and emitted by stars like our Sun, creating biological systems, till, conscious systems. But… such God even did not need using intelligence for doing that, if such program was inside Him, like the genetic program that made you was inside your father. Nothing supernatural, everything natural. It is enough that such God is made off a substance: light. If you want to know how a cell system is the exactly copy of an astronomical system – like son and father – see both pictures at Matrix/DNA website. It is a theory, but it solves this problem, rationally.

JoeAllen commented 

comment author avatar

SCIENCE is, by definition, a body of knowledge that has been established by the SCIENTIFIC METHOD.

The following TWO BASIC HYPOTHESES of Darwinian Evolution have NOT yet been established by precise, repeatable experiments as demanded by the SCIENTIFIC METHOD:

HYPOTHESIS #1: Life-less matter with NO Genome, was somehow TRANSFORMED into a living single-cell organism with a Genome.*

HYPOTHESIS #2: Single-cell organisms somehow EVOLVED into a multi-celled organism.**

When these two Basic Hypotheses are established by means of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD, I will 100% accept Darwinian Evolution as SCIENCE.



* Nobel Laureate FRANCIS CRICK, the co-discoverer of DNA, after spending more than 40 years trying to prove this Hypothesis, eventually rejected it as … UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE … !!!


** Nobel Laureate WERNER ARBER, a Swiss micro-biologist, has spent more than 50 years of his life, documenting the cumulative effects of MUTATIONS on thousands upon thousands of generations of single-cell organisms. Thus far, Werner Arber reports that he has found … NO MECHANISM … that would enable a single-cell organism to evolve into a multi-cell organism.

Louis Morelli replied 

comment author avatar

  • YOU

The following TWO BASIC HYPOTHESES of Darwinian Evolution have NOT yet been established by precise, repeatable experiments as demanded by the SCIENTIFIC METHOD:

It happens that Darwinian Evolution is not about universal evolution (it is biological evolution, a micro-cycle of universal evolution), and interactions between comets and planets is about cosmological evolution. Darwinian evolution has found only three variables (VSI = Variation,selection, inheritance), but, universal evolution has these three variables and more four variables – which has influenced biological evolution also.

” Life-less matter with NO Genome, was somehow TRANSFORMED into a living single-cell organism with a Genome.”

If you say that a single cell is life, you must say that the building block of this galaxy is life also, because all properties here are there also. And about genome, it is merely a pile of derived shapes of a unique system – encrypted into a base-pair of nucleotides. It happens that this same system exists at astronomical scales. So, portions of matter does not have “genome” but, astronomical system have it.

The evolution from a single-cell organism into a multi-celled organism happens by the mechanism of quorum sensing. A large population of single-cells attached as the marine corals has the tendency to self-organize by the same template that was organized one individual. It happened when the primordial nebulae composed solely by atoms became stellar systems. See Matrix/DNA models and you have more information.

comment author avatar

Michael (Astronomy.FM) replied 

And the scientists are not seeing this visible agent that is surrounding us from all sides due Astronomy and Physics making the wrong cosmological model.

Translation:  “Hey, lookee here!  With this magic wand I can see things that are invisible to science!”

Reaction:  “Poppycock and balderdash.”

Louis Morellireplied 

comment author avatar

  • YOU

Michael, magical wand is being applied by you, as astronomer, through mechanical sensors connected to a electromechanical brain, elaborating cosmological theories from computer simulations. The final conclusion of yours is that randomness is magical, able to create things like the genetic code, and the Nothing is magical, able to create something. What is the difference from the magical gods of creationists?

I have no magical wand, I have a real human scientific method, which is keeping a biological brain when analysing the data got by mechanical sensors, putting them under the scrutiny of human reasoning. My method is simple: comparative anatomy between living and non-living systems, the ancient method that began this enterprise called Human Science. But… human consciousness still is a baby (it can not open its own eyes for to see its own body, yet) and every baby translates the real phenomena that they are seeing into fantasies, maybe because they does not have a rational method. So, I am aware that my theoretical astronomical models must have some kind of fantasy, although I am trying to clean them when applying a rational method. Yours model has as the best representative a man that lost his natural sensors, they does not works anymore, he is connected to a computer, which sensors are mechanics, the data are analysed by computational simulations, so, the electromechanical brain is modelling the biological brain for to be a mechanical brain also, when interpreting the invisible dimensions at micro and macro scales. The final result is that yours theoretical Universal History is the same history of man made machines, beginning with the motor explosion in a big, big bang! Wake up man, while you have time. We need a universal history, the meaning of life and our existence, from a humanistic view point, narrated by our Reason.  Astronomers today are getting the Stephen Hawking disease. By the way, it is theory against theory, and since one can not debunks the other, only time wil be the final judge.


“Attacked by entropy”  What does that mean?”

Louis Morellireplied 

comment author avatar

  • YOU

IN REPLY TO: Ferrosynthesis-3490482 #5.4

What means “attacked by entropy”? First of all, you need remember that all of us here are talking about theories, each one trying to reach the final correct interpretation from the results of this experiment. But… thermodynamics is a theory also, since that it relates to natural systems, and nobody knows a real closed and complete natural system. My method has suggested a theoretical model of natural closed system, I am based upon it, because it has made right predictions and is rational, accordingly to my still infant and non-complete reasoning. I got this model of closed system when trying comparative anatomy between the data we have about this galactic system and the data we have about the nowadays results of its evolution, which is the cell system. This method draw a picture of an intermediary system between Milk Way and cells, which should be the missing evolutionary link. It happens that the picture reveals a complete working closed system, at astronomical level. My conclusion is that it in fact exists and is a kind of building block of astronomical systems. Then, calculating how this astronomical system was transformed into a cell system, the explanation is entropy. But… entropy of closed system is not like the third thermodynamic law, which is based into opened systems. Entropy of closed systems is internalized, something like when yours own body reach the final energy grow at 16 years old and begins to decrease. Informations from the periphery of yours body are driven into a small, microscope, copy of yours, called spermatozoon. The configuration of a astronomical building block is the same configuration of a DNA building block. Then, biological systems that emerged here are results from entropy acting over this galactic system. Also, pieces of comets falling over Earth surface means events of chaos, not order, which means the presence of entropy. The risen of amino acids means that from chaos is emerging a flow of order. But… still it is a theory, 30 years under testing against every new scientific discovery, and it could be wrong.


comment author avatar

My post was more directed at danangel, who was not satisifed with the title of the article.  I merely pointed out that the title was appropriate.  In my mind there is no doubt that comets were involved in biogensis of life on earth, both as a means of delivering materials and delivering energy.

As for some metaphysical matrix mumbo-jumbo, it’s not needed.  There is plenty of opportunity within the normal physical universe for things to happen randomly with astonishing results.  There is no need to rely on “hidden agents” or “unknown natural systems” that predate the big bang.  You can look all you want for some deeper meaning, but science is the study of the observable physical universe, not the metaphysical.

Louis Morellireplied 

comment author avatar

  • YOU

IN REPLY TO: Brisaber #9.6  –  You made a good point remembering to danangel that the title refers to proving the existence of a natural mechanism, does not prove that this mechanism was applied with comets. And I merely pointed out that yours saying “a  common argument is that random physical events could not have created complex organic molecules” suggests that this experiment proves that this argument is wrong. Nope. From these amino acids to the very complexes molecules of life there is an astronomical distance. If you want to fulfill this astronomical distance with your mumbo-jumbo magical randomness producing events that reaches the complex molecules as DNA, feel free for doing it. We will talk when you finally will prove it in the next 3,5 billion years. The program inside John and Marie are not metaphysical mumbo jumbo and they are not unknown natural system, so, it is rational that one use them trying to explain the origins of life. But, yours  sequence of random events as the creator of DNA, this is purely metaphysical, since that it is.not falsiable and never will be. But… I don’t worry about, it is theory against theory, nothing else…

Danny McNealreplied 

comment author avatar

Atom Balm:

In reply to: Danny McNeal #1.5also, isn’t there a difference between evolution and abiogenesis?

Well, it depends on how you define your scope. The comment left by jock59801 immediately below yours is correct in that “BIOLOGICAL evolution and abiogenesis are two completely different things”—that the evolution of living organisms, which are already arbitrarily defined by us to be “living,” is distinct from the question of how PRE-biotic building blocks actually assembled into self-replicating living systems. Abiogenesis is just one hypothesis for how this may have taken place. The term “evolution” can, however, and often is in the scientific literature and professional journals defined with a wider scope, which encompasses not only biological evolution but the evolution of pre-biotic building blocks across the arbitrary threshold of inanimate/animate, as well as the evolution of the physical conditions in which the laws of chemistry and physics play out among these building blocks. When evolution is defined this expansively, it is better thought of as the study of the principles of self-organization on all levels of matter and energy.

To define the term “evolution” expansively is necessary when scientists probe questions such as, “What is the range of conditions which a planet, a planet’s host solar system, and even a solar system’s host galaxy must evolve to in order to allow for pre-biotic building blocks to cross the arbitrary threshold into what we call life, not to mention the range of conditions which must be evolved for BIOLOGICAL evolution to take place.” Doing so takes account of the fact that, in the strictist terms, the earth gave birth to us, but only with the help of key characteristics of the solar system, such as the stabilizing influence of the moon on the precession of Earth’s axis of rotation and the gravitational influence of Jupiter that reduced the rate of cometary/asteroidal bombardment of the earth dramatically, as well as the help of key characteristics of our host galaxy, such as the organization of regions of low radiation flux, stable solar system orbit around the galactic core, etc.

Ultimately, my comment to BannedForLife above was in response to his/her use of the term “evolution” to encompass the process of pre-biotic precursors self-organizing through the laws of chemistry and physics over time. Since I had no way of knowing how expansively s/he was defining the term “evolution,” I just ran with it…

Louis Morellireplied 

comment author avatar

  • YOU

IN REPLY TO: Danny McNeal #1.20

Very well said. You have the ability to put the right words at right place. Sometimes I think that the relation between this galaxy and us is equal the relation between us and the 80 or 90% of cells that inhabit our body but does not belong to us. These tiny bacterias are totally dependable of the internal conditions and structure of human bodies, so, we are dependable of the right equilibrium of this galaxy and its structure. Do you think a billion year ahead these bacterias inside our body will evolve to insects, reptiles, mammalians, monkeys and microscope humans? Certainly no, because our body is different from galaxies and should drive their evolution to another shapes. What matter here is that we have a situation where it is clear that an invisible agent (to bacterias as observer in their little world) also drives evolution. Then, evolution is not a blind force, neither natural selection is merely a logistic that results from random events. It suggests that there is an agent behind natural selection. For our intern bacterias the agent is the human body, for us in this planet (as observer at our little planet) it is the galaxy… It is the Matrix/DNA and when I talk about it some people says that the Matrix is metaphysical… Only food for thought… Am I wrong? Where?!


comment author avatar

IN REPLY TO: Brisaber #2.5  Guys like that like to twist words and facts and concepts to their own side of an argument, even when they KNOW they’re being disingenuous. Even if they truly believe their position, they’ll lie to promote it. It’s the same in politics, conservative and liberal.

Louis Morellireplied 

comment author avatar

  • YOU

IN REPLY TO: dbarak #2.11  You are right. Steeling balls into blocks of ice with a glorified BB gun is news to be explored at exhaustion by believers in the theory that from nothing comes something and believers that the existence of life is a marvellous trick of Nature, since that if not collisions between comets and planets never would be life. These guys are not able to rationalize anymore that something from nothing is a metaphysical idea, and are not able to ask themselves why, hells, just happened that comets have ammonium hydroxide and methanol and planets have pristine water and carbon dioxide ice for such perfect marriage generating building blocks of life. I thought about, I made this question to myself 35 years ago when my hobby was calculating cosmological models that could produce life as it is here and the best model is designed here at my avatar. See there which are the mechanisms that give origins to comets,the mechanisms that drives comets towards planets and the composition of comets containing half information for creating biological systems. If you want understanding it, you need go to the Matrix/DNA website, which was copyrighted long time ago. There are several holes in the theory and yours contribution or yours prove against it will be welcome.


Post For Los Angeles Times:,0,4729019.story

At my avatar here you can see this mechanisms discovered now, how and why it works (comets emitted by pulsars towards the nucleus in analogy  of a spermatosoon emitted by a human male towards the pregnant woman. This mechanism is part of Matrix/DNA Theory copyrighted about 30 years ago, when nobody was thinking about such possibility. This news is more evidence and right prevision of this theory.

It is not  a random event that ammonium hydroxide and methanol from comets are complementary with pristine water and carbon dioxide ice from planets for producing building blocks of life. Like it is not merely coincidense that planets have the shape of eggs and comets the shape of spermatozoons: the offspring repeat the shapes of their creator. Then, the mechanisms that produces life at planets are ancestors of the mechanisms that produces human babies. Biological systems (aka “life”) are merely effects of reproduction of astronomical systems.  So, it is not a weird idea that comets hitting planets could produce amino acids, it is result of an unique universal evolutionary lineage of a unique natural system that began at the Big Bang.


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De onde a Natureza ou este inseto obteve recursos para construir esta engenharia se ambos são considerados não inteligentes?! No meu avatar ao lado está a explicação. Foi pela observação de milhares de fenômenos assim curiosos na selva amazônica que me levou a elaborar a Teoria da Matrix/DNA a qual sugere sempre explicações jamais pensadas antes. Todas as partes desta engrenagem e os mecanismos de impulso já existiam na Natureza antes das origens da vida, em qualquer dos antigos sistemas naturais, como átomos e galaxias. Por exemplo, a engrenagem com rodas dentadas. No núcleo galático existe um turbilhão espiralado na forma de cone e sua existência vem dos primórdios do Universo quando vórtices quânticos com sentidos contrários se ligavam formando partículas cônicas. Separando-se o cone verticalmente obtém-se duas metades cada qual contendo a meia parte de cada linha magnética, assim como duas partes de um zipper. Esta operação foi imitada ao surgir o DNA, formado por duas partes “dentadas”,porque tendo sido esta galaxia que produziu os sistemas biológicos aqui, suas características foram transmitidas aos nossos corpos. Tal criatura, tal criador. Depois repetiu-se no flagelo bacteriano. E os insetos nada mais fizeram que expressar os seus genes que tinham informação em potencial para essa maquinaria, devido alguma necessidade de sobrevivência. Também o impulso espontâneo já existia, basta lembrar dos vulcões emitindo magma, ou prótons emitindo píon. Esse inteiro fenômeno é visível na formula da Matrix/DNA e, a formula que a Natureza tem usado quando produz uma nova forma do sistema universal que vem desde o Big Bang, a qual está no meu website. Toda essa engrenagem foi descrita a 30 anos atras quando entrei com o registro para copyright. Mais uma vez nossas previsões se confirmam. Veja mais explicações no debate que se segue ao artigo na NBC NEWS, “Ice-blasting test proves that comet impacts can spark life’s ingredients”

Sérgio Pereira · Auxiliar Administrativo na empresa Prefeitura de São Vicente

A ciência cada vez mais mostrando evidências de projeto (Design Inteligente) nas plantas e animais. Isso não surgiu do acaso ou de um processo não-direcionado (seleção natural) de milhões e milhões de anos. Porém, alguma mentes obtusas não querem ver. O pior cego é aquele que não quer ver.

Louis Charles Morelli ·  Quem mais comentou · Queens

Mas também manter a mente no estado infantil quando se avança para a idade adulta não é aconselhável. Crianças fantasiam a realidade, falam com amigos invisíveis. Da mesma forma essa auto-consciência que surgiu na Terra ainda ontem em termos de tempo cosmológico ainda esta na sua infância por isto é natural que elabore construções fantasiosas como as religiões misticas e veja fantasmas inteligentes em fenômenos naturais facilmente explicados pela Natureza depois que o conhecimento racional observa e estuda o fenômeno. Veja a explicação de onde vem as origens desta maquinaria no meu post acima ou no meu website. No próprio avatar ao lado feito a 30 anos atras podes ver o mecanismo funcionando. A visão de mundo da Matrix/DNA não descarta a possibilidade de que antes e alem do Universo exista um sistema natural consciente e inteligente criador de universos e tudo que neles estão, porem como tudo aqui dentro foi explicado numa simples linha logica de causas e efeitos sem a necessidade de interferência de nenhuma inteligencia. A mamãe girafa produz uma girafinha, uma obra de extraordinária engenharia, sem usar nenhuma inteligencia. Assim tem sido tudo o que a Natureza tem feito. A auto-consciência de quem quer estudar pode agora dar o salto evolutivo e sair do estagio infantil. Concordo também que a ação de ateus no meio intelectual e cientifico revela imaturidade mental, ao criar acasos mágicos e absolutos que não estão presentes na linhagem evolucionaria descoberta pela Matrix/DNA. Temos nosso cérebro ainda muito pequenino, a imensidão e idade deste mundo é inimaginável,e isso aconselha a manter-mos a mente aberta a todas as possibilidades e continuar buscando respostas, amadurecendo. Não existem certezas para eliminar nossos deuses, porem devemos observar imensidão deste mundo para deixar de reduzir os deuses a nossas ínfimas dimensões, devemos restaurar os deuses a grandeza que eles merecem.
No Los Angeles Times
rRuhling at 7:56 PM September 16, 2013

Baloney! I have three degrees in science, including one in chemistry. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics says the energy systems of the universe  run down unless acted upon by an outside force. To think that life “could” come as they hypothesize, is utter nonsense, “like a jumbo jet from an explosion in a junk yard, as one scientist put it in TIME magazine some years ago. For a really good website on the facts of life vs evolution, I recommend this website–

Louis Morelli at 6:17 PM September 20, 2013   Change your avatarThe 2nd law of thermodynamics is theory and is not complete since nobody never saw a closed system and does not know how it works. But, life couldn’t come as they hypothesize also, since that there is no knowledge about this galactic system that produced “life”. And the word “life” makes no sense if we don’t call the ancestors natural systems (atoms, galaxies) as life also. We have discovered that impacts into dry ice by bodies with carbon dioxide and methnol can creates some aminoacids, that’s it. Everything else is speculation and interpretations driven by privates world views. The Matrix/DNA Theory’s models suggested 30 years ago that comets are agents acting for biological systems formation and suggested other kind of mechanism, but, it is theoretical also. We have no other alternative than search more and more.


Tiras da noticia:

–  “This process demonstrates a very simple mechanism whereby we can go from a mix of simple molecules, such as water and carbon dioxide ice, to a more complicated molecule, such as an amino acid,” the University of Kent’s Mark Price, one of the leaders of the experiment, said in a news release. “This is the first step toward life. The next step is to work out how to go from an amino acid to even more complex molecules such as proteins.”

–  ammonium hydroxide and methanol, two key compounds found in comets.

 the team found several amino acids in the goop, including glycine, norvaline, alanine and isovaline. No amino acids were found in the control ice. That suggested that the cometary chemicals were key to the reaction

– Goldman and their colleagues mixed up a batch of pristine water and carbon dioxide ice 

Ok. Entao os materiais que foram misturados (do cometa mais da Terra) foram: pristine water, carbon dioxide ice, ammonium hydroxide, methanol.

– That suggested that the cometary chemicals were key to the reaction

 “the catch is that these building blocks need the right conditions in order for life to flourish.”

– “This increases the chances of life originating and being widespread throughout our solar system,”

 “As this new work shows, amino acids, once formed, are relatively stable to further degradation,” Benner told NBC News in an email. “This is unlike ribose, for example, which is part of a genetic molecule. Unfortunately, it is not clear that proteins built from amino acids can ‘do’ genetics.”





1) Pristine water: definition, having its original purity; uncorrupted or unsullied. = h2o

2) Carbon dioxide ice or Dry ice, (gelo seco) sometimes referred to as “cardice” or as “card ice” (chiefly British English), is the solid form of carbon dioxide. Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide (chemical formula CO2), comprising two oxygen atoms bonded to a single carbon atom. It is colorless, with a sour zesty odor, non-flammable, and slightly acidic.

Carbon dioxide (chemical formula CO2) is a naturally occurring chemical compound composed of two oxygen atoms each covalently double bondedto a single carbon atom. It is a gas at standard temperature and pressure and exists in Earth’s atmosphere in this state,

As part of the carbon cycleplantsalgae, and cyanobacteria use light energy to photosynthesize carbohydrate from carbon dioxide and water, withoxygen produced as a waste product

carbohydrate is an organic compound comprising only carbonhydrogen, and oxygen, usually with a hydrogen:oxygen atom ratio of 2:1 (as in water); in other words, with the empirical formula Cm(H2O)n (where m could be different from n).[1] Some exceptions exist; for example, deoxyribose, a sugar component of DNA,[2] has the empirical formula C5H10O4.[3] Carbohydrates are technically hydrates of carbon;


3) Ammonia solution, also known as ammonium hydroxideammonia waterammonical liquorammonia liquoraqua ammoniaaqueous ammonia, or simply ammonia, is a solution of ammonia in water. It can be denoted by the symbols NH3(aq).

Like other gases, ammonia exhibits decreasing solubility in solvent liquids as the temperature of the solvent increases.

4) Methanol, also known as methyl alcohol, wood alcoholwood naphtha or wood spirits, is a chemical with the formula CH3OH (often abbreviated MeOH).  From synthesis gas:  Carbon monoxide and hydrogen react over a catalyst to produce methanol.

(Nao confundir methane CH4 com methanol CH3OH)  – O methane volta a ser noticia porque a Curiosity nao acha metahne em Marte (antes satelites e telescopios imformavam captarem metano la) e isso confrona a teoria de que o planeta tenha tido ou ainda tem vida, pois metano pe fundamental para iniciar a vida. Estou deduzindo pela formula do metano que ele ja tras sua morte rapida em si mesmo, pelo atomo de oxigenio. Entao seria um gaz que constantemente estaria trocando seus building blocks como na sopa primordial do Big Bang. Mas entao teria que ter uma fonte produzindo metano constantemente, ou algo qie recebe o gaz desfeito e o refaz. Mas esta curta vida do metano lataria a possibilidade das moleculas iniciais da vida, como aminoacido, se firmarem. No entanto, tem a informacao que na Terra, 95% do metano pe produzido por organismos vivos.. Isto levanta a hipotese de que nao apenas as moleculas de gaz metano desapareciam, mas sim a totalidade do gaz tambem, porem, logo apos se firmarem, os organismos contornaram o problema do desaparcimento do gaz aprendendo eles mesmos a produzi-lo. Se aprenderam a produzi-lo pe porque a fonte do metano esta no corpo deles. Isto quer dizer que a fonte misteriosa que supria metano para a atmosfera de Marte, e da Terra, foi transferida ou transmitida sua copia para o corpo do organismo. Agora pe preciso saber como o organismo produz o metano, para saber onde esta a fonte inorganica que sumiu da Terra e talvez de Marte.

Surge a hipotese que o metano respira, ou seja…, A formula do metano pe CH3OH. Suponha que exista uma molecula CH4. E nela entra um Oxigenio. Torna-se metano. O oxigenio desfaz a molecula. Mas imediatamente outro CH4, ou o mesmo que resultou da morte de um metano absorve novo O. O metano surge novo ou ressuscita, se veio de outro metano desfeito. Isto pode ter sido o principio da respiracao no mundo organico.


Intuicoes, conclusoes:

Anino acido formam proteinas e nao nucleotides, nao estao no RNA e DNA. Parece-me que aminoacidos representam a corrente de energia que curcula no circuit, o que chamo de ondas do tempo, enquanto nucleotideos representam os corpos no circuito, ou seja, as mesmas ondas tornadas particulas. Isto porque ja tenho descoberto que proteinas representam os trechos do circuito entre os corpos.

Amino acids (/əˈmn//əˈmn/, or /ˈæmɪn/) are biologically important organic compounds made from amine (-NH2) and carboxylic acid (-COOH)functional groups, along with a side-chain specific to each amino acid. The key elements of an amino acid are carbonhydrogenoxygen, and nitrogen, though other elements are found in the side-chains of certain amino acids. About 500 amino acids are known[1] and can be classified in many ways. Structurally they can be classified according to the functional groups’ locations as alpha- (α-), beta- (β-), gamma- (γ-) or delta- (δ-) amino acids; other categories relate to polaritypH level, and side chain group type (aliphatic, acyclic, aromatic, containing hydroxyl or sulfur, etc.) In the form of proteins, amino acids comprise the second largest component (after water) of human musclescells and other tissues.[2] Outside proteins, amino acids perform critical roles in processes such as neurotransmitter transport and biosynthesis.(Ver mais)

Comparison of the structures of alanine and beta alanine. In alanine, the side-chain is a methyl group; in beta alanine, the side-chain contains a methylene group connected to an amino group, and the alpha carbon lacks an amino group. The two amino acids, therefore, have the same formulae but different structures.

Ok. Entao aminoacidos sao formados de amine (-Nh2) mais Carboxylic acid (-COOH). Vejamos o que pe isto:

Amines are organic compounds and functional groups that contain a basic nitrogen atom with a lone pair. Amines are derivatives ofammonia, wherein one or more hydrogen atoms have been replaced by a substituent such as an alkyl or aryl group.[1] Important amines include amino acidsbiogenic aminestrimethylamine, and aniline; see Category:Amines for a list of amines. Inorganicderivatives of ammonia are also called amines, such as chloramine (NClH2); see Category:Inorganic amines.Compounds with the nitrogen atom attached to a carbonyl of the structure R–CO–NR′R″ are called amides and have different chemical properties from amines (Ver mais)

secondary amine

Ammonia or azane is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen with the formula NH3. It is a colourless gas with a characteristic pungent smell. Ammonia contributes significantly to the nutritional needs of terrestrial organisms by serving as a precursor to food and fertilizers. Ammonia, either directly or indirectly, is also a building-block for the synthesis of many pharmaceuticals and is used in many commercial cleaning products. Although in wide use, ammonia is both caustic and hazardous. The global industrial production of ammonia for 2012 is anticipated to be 198 million tonnes,[7] a 35% increase over the estimated 2006 global output of 146.5 million tonnes (Ver mais)

carboxylic acid /ˌkɑrbɒkˈsɪlɪk/ is an organic acid characterized by the presence of at least one carboxyl group.[1] The general formula of a carboxylic acid is R-COOH, where R is some monovalent functional group. A carboxyl group (or carboxy) is a functional group consisting of a carbonyl (RR’C=O) and a hydroxyl (R-O-H), which has the formula -C(=O)OH, usually written as -COOH or -CO2H.[2]

Carboxylic acids are Brønsted-Lowry acids because they are proton (H+) donors. They are the most common type of organic acid. Among the simplest examples are formic acid H-COOH, which occurs in ants, and acetic acid CH3-COOH, which gives vinegar its sour taste. Acids with two or more carboxyl groups are calleddicarboxylictricarboxylic, etc. The simplest dicarboxylic example is oxalic acid (COOH)2, which is just two connected carboxyls. Mellitic acid is an example of a hexacarboxylic acid. Other important natural examples are citric acid (in lemons) and tartaric acid (in tamarinds).


Nucleotides are organic molecules that form the basic building blocks of nucleic acids, such as DNA and RNA. A nucleotide is composed of a nucleobase, a five-carbon sugar (ribose or deoxyribose) and at least one phosphate group.

Nucleotides serve to carry packets of energy within the cell (ATP). In the form of thenucleoside triphosphates (ATPGTPCTP and UTP), nucleotides play central roles inmetabolism.[1] In addition, nucleotides participate in cell signaling (cGMP and cAMP), and are incorporated into important cofactors of enzymatic reactions (e.g. coenzyme AFADFMNNAD, and NADP+).

Synthesis[edit source | editbeta]

Nucleotides can be synthesized by a variety of means both in vitro and in vivo.

In vivo, nucleotides can be synthesized de novo or recycled through salvage pathways.[3] The components used in de novo nucleotide synthesis are derived from biosynthetic precursors of carbohydrate and amino acid metabolism, and from ammonia and carbon dioxide. The liver is the major organ of de novo synthesis of all four nucleotides. De novo synthesis of pyrimidines and purines follows two different pathways. Pyrimidines are synthesized first from aspartate and carbamoyl-phosphate in the cytoplasm to the common precursor ring structure orotic acid, onto which a phosphorylated ribosyl unit is covalently linked. Purines, however, are first synthesized from the sugar template onto which the ring synthesis occurs. For reference, the syntheses of the purine and pyrimidine nucleotides are carried out by several enzymes in the cytoplasm of the cell, not within a specificorganelle. Nucleotides undergo breakdown such that useful parts can be reused in synthesis reactions to create new nucleotides.

In vitro, protecting groups may be used during laboratory production of nucleotides. A purified nucleoside is protected to create a phosphoramidite, which can then be used to obtain analogues not found in nature and/or to synthesize an oligonucleotide.


Novas Descobertas sobre sociedade de formigas, mais evidencias para Matrix/DNA e Debate na Wired

terça-feira, julho 9th, 2013

What Do Ants Know That We Don’t?

  • 07.06.13
  • 8:30 AM


TheMatrixDNA • 9 hours ago

Ants are driven automatically by forces coming from LUCA, the Last Universal Common Ancestor. Everything that ants do, the body of LUCA do it since 10 billions years ago. See the picture of LUCA and see the social organization of ants, bees: every mechanism, process, group functions, etc. are the same at the two pictures. Ants are guided by the sum of the forces of their atoms and the environment, both created and ruled by this process of biological reproduction of LUCA at Earth surface. The worst thing is that we see the same social configuration at the utopia Brave New World, ruled by a Big Mother, as happens at LUCA’s body. We are going to be such ants` zombies because LUCA is the most perfect machine, described by Newtonian mechanics. Ants does not know anything else than we know, they are guided like us by an agent that was our ancestor, he surround us, but humanity still did not learn to see it. ( the LUCA~s picture is at my website, only, sorry.)

YOYO • 15 hours ago

Ants are retarded.

I once watched several ants charge about all day on a table a not once did they stumble over the sugar. Their random search pattern was deeply lacking.

TheMatrixDNA  DaYOYO • 10 hours ago

The explanation is that sugar over table is not supposed to exists by the natural forces guiding the bodies of ants. They are guided to find food at the places that it naturally occurs. Remember that ants’ genetics and the natural environment are created by a unique creator – Nature – which created the lines of connections between them. So, ants are retarded, they are merely automaton guided by natural blind forces that composes extraordinary engineered systems.

DaYOYO  to   TheMatrixDNA • 18 hours ago

What would you recommend?

TheMatrixDNA  DaYOYO

DaYoYo: Do you get light without wires between the wall-plug-in and the lamp? A table is an artificial environment, not natural, so, Nature can not applies its forces as usually she (it) does. Same thing will happening with AI (Artificial Intelligence at computers made off non biological substances). I think that the expression “random patterns” is nonsense. If there are patterns, there is no randomness, at least, this is a premise that I obeyed when observing natural dynamics of biological elements. Patterns means  ” under control of some evolutionary lineage”, then, we must looking for the source of control. I recommend the observation of ants at their natural habitat where the invisible cables for connections among atoms, molecules, cells and the surrounding environment are naturally created. But, then, a new world full of unsuspected phenomena will appears for you. As example, think bout this question: Where and how is the connection-link between yours shape as a kid and yours shape as an adult? Which kind of informations has flowing inside this link? Of course, must have a link, it is not really existent but it is known: the process of life’s cycles. It happens that these kind of natural links are about dimension time, which is not visible and not manifested at space dimension. Then, the control driving ants from one step to the next is the system identity that is encrypted inside their DNA and inside the whole biosphere. But you only will easy understand this complex issue seeing the natural Matrix formula. Before that, be advised that this whole thing is merely a theory yet, under testing.

stedge • a day ago 

They would do really well in some professions, I’m thinking cops, stockbrokers, product managers…

TheMatrixDNA  stedge • 20 hours ago

Human professions are systemic functions of a social system that mimics the functionality of natural systems, like atoms, cells, galaxies. Ants do well some professions, inventing them before humans existence, because our ancestor galactic system is composed by parts doing those functions. See the picture of a building block of original galaxies, and see how each non-living element already does those functions. Ants and bees were a successful phenomena of this long process of genetic reproduction of our non-biological ancestors, like galaxies.

Krutawn • 10 hours ago

Someone has spent too much time watching ants.


Krutawn:  “Someone has spent too much time watching ants.”

Krutawn, at ants and bees societies lays the most profound secret of Nature, which can be the solution for to save human mind from falling as slave into the horrible destiny that the dark side of Nature is leading us. You are not seeing how ants and bees societies works as perfect machines, like biological living motors. These social systems are reproduction of the system that created biological systems, aka life, here. This creator system is described by Newtonian mechanics because that’s it, a machine. The whole biosphere is going to be the reproduction of this machine, human beings will be merely a central, nuclear, piece of this machine. Somebody already grasped it, like Huxley in The Brave New World, and Orwell with his Big Brother. Look to the kids how they love video games and this kind of mechanical technology. Look at computers. It was not this planet alone that created us because there is no life without sun’s energy, so, it was the solar system and every creature is reproduction of its creator, does not matter if the environment or the substances are different and causes great mutations. Nature has applied a unique formula for organizing inertial mass/matter into systems, but this formula has two faces, two sides. One is about perfect closed system, which is a closed door to evolution, because it becomes an eternal machine, and this side was chosen by astronomical systems, by plants’ cell system, it driven ants and bees into systems, it is the dark side; the other side is towards opened systems, a open door to evolution, chosen by animal cells, it is a rebellion against our natural creator. But we have the dark side encrypted at our DNA, expressed as selfish genes, pulling us towards to build the closed social system. I think that it is not evitable that our body is going to the Brave New World, but if we know who is the Matrix – ant ants societies are good source for this knowledge – we can elude it, keeping our mind free, and our mind free will leads us to outside the body of this creator, by getting the knowledge for spatial travel. I think that Deborah’s job, like of thousands of scientists observing Nature and reavealing its secrets is the most heroic job for human kind. Ants and bees failed eternally under the control of this creator, because they have no intellect, so, it is easy for the forces flowing inside their atoms driven the whole body into the mechanic connections. But we have mind, we can be great than the forces inside us and modelling this biosphere escaping out of this horrible destiny, if more scientists do these jobs.


– – – – – – – –


Ever notice how ant colonies so successfully explore and exploit resources in the world … to find food at 4th of July picnics, for example? You may find it annoying. But as an ecologist who studies ants and collective behavior, I think it’s intriguing — especially the fact that it’s all done without any central control.
Minha resposta postada no artigo:
TheMatrixDNA • 17 minutes ago
Deborah, you could making your life easiest if you spent a few minutes listen to me. I did what you can’t do: living about seven years isolated at Amazon jungle studying the whole picture, this biosphere and the surrounding astronomic system. As an ecologist studying collective behavior of biological systems like ants we need trying to understand the ancestor system that created biological life, and it was this whole galaxy, the Milk Way. Natural systems are made of by a natural universal formula (see the formula at my website, called “The Matrix/DNA”)  and collective behavior is result of actions from this formula organizing elements into a new shape of system. This formula is seen at the fundamental unit of information in DNA, a horizontal base-pair of nucleotides, and it is seen as the building blocks of galaxies, but we go further seeing it building the atoms systems, and furthest, we see it as any natural light wave. We see the forces, the mechanisms and process that ants applies as brute natural forces flowing inside the formula. You belief that “ants do it without any central control”, because you are not seeing the source of this control, it is inside the ants genetics and it is modelling the biosphere surrounding the ants. Ants has no brain or intelligence for inventing something new, neither complex mechanisms for social organization, they are automatons driven by the forces inside their bodies which becomes their instincts. If this theoretical formula is wrong ( I am testing it just now), at least you will discover news about natural systems never seen before, you will not losing your time and I am sure, you will boost yours understanding about collective behavior, helping my own research as feed-back.
– – – – – – –
WIRED/Deborah: What’s especially remarkable: the close parallels between ant colonies’ networks and human-engineered ones. One example is “Anternet”, where we, a group of researchers at Stanford, found that the algorithm desert ants use to regulate foraging is like the Traffic Control Protocol (TCP) [updated with correct spelling] used to regulate data traffic on the internet. Both ant and human networks use positive feedback: either from acknowledgements that trigger the transmission of the next data packet, or from food-laden returning foragers that trigger the exit of another outgoing forager. 
Deborah: Both ant and human networks use positive feedback
But… yours own body uses the same positive feedback, same algorithm, as do it the organelles inside cells systems, particles inside atoms – and astronomical bodies inside galaxies… This network, be it applied by ants or by human-engineered ones is used by Nature since the Big Bang and the force behind it is called ” the process of life’s cycles”. When a human body is a kid at 07’s,  his/her DNA has informations that triggers the transmission of the next data packet, which is the same body as a teenager shape, at 14’s.  But… the teenage shape is brought by returning adults shapes of a precursor cycle, the parents life cycle. It is clear when you see the natural formula for systems. I have a question for you: how dispersed molecules/organelles, like mitochondria, ribosomes, lysosomes, etc, were joined into the cell’s system? The best theory today is Margullis symbiotic theory. But… which are the informations flowing inside the channel that works like a link among ribossomes to mitchondrias to lysossomes? Answer: the force or process called “life cycle”. All these organelles are different shapes of a unique system under a unique life’s cycle. Ribossomes makes the same function that matured sexual young do in relation to a human life cycle, and after that, the function that they do in relation to the human family system (you can ask me this). At Matrix/DNA formula you see the same differentiation of shapes of a unique body creating the seven kind of astronomical bodies, from pulsars to stars to planets, etc. These networks were not invented by ants neither human beings, Nature did it 13, 7 billions years ago when joining ghosts vortexes into quarks, leptons, and after that when joining quarks into protons, neutrons, etc…. and maybe before the Big Bang… Now we are discovering that there is another deep force behind the process of life`s cycles: teh different shapes of frequencies that composes a natural light wave. Resuming: the first phenomena, or first cause, behind these networks… is natural light. Ok, we can debate each issue I wrote here if you keeps yourself talking only about facts, known natural phenomena, not other theories.
– – – – – – – – 
Deborah: ” Restraint therefore emerges as the best strategy at the colony level. Long-lived colonies in the desert regulate their behavior not to maximize or optimize food intake, but instead to keep going without wasting resources.
Deborah: ” Restraint therefore emerges as the best strategy at the colony level.
Ants colonies does not regulate their behavior by themselves. There is no ants strategy, ants have no brain, no intelligence for calculating the stock of resources and which quantities can be wasted, because ants and their colonies does not know about future. It is all about the ability of natural systems balancing automatically the input and output like keeping a thermodynamic equilibrium.  The self-control can be seeing at Matrix/DNA formula for natural systems, it is very difficult to explain with words, but we can grasp the systemic dynamics with our intelligence. It is the identity of the whole ant social system plus the identity of the external systemic environment that works automatically to fit the future, because the circuit of informations of these systems is the same circuit of any life cycle, where past, present and future are encrypted into a unique code, like DNA. The circuit keeps the balance between the input and output of resources like the force of life cycle leads a kid’s body (the input) with the right quantity of resources towards the needs of a teenager’s body (the output) automatically. There is nothing seeing the future, there is nothing doing strategies about the future, because the past and the future are always encrypted with the present into a unique internal circuit of informations.  For a better understanding we need know the process by which matter is organized into functional working systems. First there is a unique shape of several bodies containing the same kind of matter( adult ants in the desert or stars in the sky). Then Nature inserts the force of life cycle, making several different dispersed shapes of a unique species.  Then, Nature take each one of these shapes and connects then in the same sequence of life cycle. Finally you have a working system. The flow of a life cycle becomes the systemic internal circuit connecting its parts. This was the method used for creating the first atoms from particles, the first galaxy from astronomical bodies, the first cell system from dispersed organelles, the ants social system, the human ideal family and now, the human social systems. But… neither Nature has strategies about the future, Nature does nothing, Nature does not insert an invisible force called life cycle. It is all about natural light, waves of light, which has the different frequencies of a life cycle course, invading inertial matter, as explained by Matrix/DNA Theory.
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