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The Oort Cloud: uma coroa esférica, na forma de bolha, envolvendo o Kuiper Belt e o disco plano do sistema solar

quinta-feira, julho 12th, 2018


( Obs: nao confundir the Oort Cloud com o Kuiper Belt)

” The US  agency said: “While the planets of our solar system orbit in a flat plane, the Oort Cloud is believed to be a giant spherical shell surrounding the Sun, planets, and Kuiper Belt Objects.

“It is like a big, thick bubble around our solar system.

“The Oort Cloud’s icy bodies can be as large as mountains — and sometimes larger.”

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The Kuiper belt is distinct from the theoretical Oort cloud, which is a thousand times more distant and is mostly spherical. The objects within the Kuiper belt, together with the members of the scattered disc and any potential Hills cloud or Oort cloud objects, are collectively referred to as trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs).[12] Pluto is the largest and most massive member of the Kuiper belt, and the largest and the second-most-massive known TNO, surpassed only by Eris in the scattered disc.[nb 1]