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Natureza ou Criacao? Novos estudos indicam que a criacao pode mudar a genetica imediatamente. Porem, a Matrix/DNA suspeita da experiencia

segunda-feira, fevereiro 12th, 2018


(obs: aqui vai dois links para dois papers, cada um sugerindo o contrario do outro. Enquanto um paper encontrou que a criacao modela a configuracao cerebral e Portanto os comportamentos, o outro paper encontrou que as cinco principais doencas mentais, como esquizofrenia, autism, bipolar desordem apresentam um mesmo padrao de expressao de genes, sugerindo que estas doencas tem causas geneticas. Mas pode ser que os papers falam de coisas diferentes pois os comportamentos com disturbio psicologico ou anormais sao uma coisa e estas doencas sao outra coisa.

Nature, meet nurture

Single-cell analysis reveals diverse landscape of genetic changes in the brain after a sensory experience

Is it nature or nurture that ultimately shapes an organism? A new study reveals a dramatic landscape of gene expression changes across all cell types in the mouse visual cortex after a sensory experience, many linked to neural connectivity and the brain’s ability to rewire itself to learn and adapt.

E’ a natureza genetica ou a criacao que realmente modela um organismo? Um novo estudo revela que dramaticas experiencias modificam a expresso de genes no cerebro, fazendo o cerebro se reconfigurar para aprender o novo e adaptar-se.

Meu comentario postado no Facebook da ScienceDaily em fev +- 10/18

Louis Charles MorelliI think there is a big mistake in this study. The sensory experience can not evolve light or absence of it. The building blocks of biological genes came from a primordial building block made off just, only light. So, despite that we can’t see this light in the neurons, it must be there at its deep foundations. If I am right, it is obvious that outside light not configured like the internal light will force their changes. The sensory stimulus must be another thing, like a ferocious cat, etc.

Gene Expression Overlaps Among Psychiatric Disorders

Transcriptional profiling of post-mortem human brains reveals commonalities in the genes over- and under-expressed in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism, and major depression. 

Neste estudo encontrou-se padroes comuns na expressao de genes nas doencas mentais

Gravitação e a Discordancia da Matrix/DNA no Youtube

terça-feira, março 7th, 2017


Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – Mar-03/07/2017

My friend, since you says “the idea of how we think of mass and energy is flawed”, and you are a student, I can bet on you. I found a new and different world view applying different methods like comparative anatomy among non-living and living natural systems for understanding the formation of Amazon biosphere. The final results is a totally different history than this academic world view built by the methods of Physics and Math. So, my suggestion to you: do not permit to be indoctrinated, think and try out of the box. I am not saying that my world view is the most correct, only that it shows there are others rational alternatives. My models are suggesting that there is a link between cosmological and biological evolution. So, the first living cell is merely evolution from atoms and astronomic systems. There is a universal formula ( see it at my website) inside all natural systems, so, DNA – the universal formula of living things – is evolution of this formula that also built atoms and galaxies. I call it Matrix/DNA. I found the beginning of this formula at the Big Bang, in shape of light waves ( see the electromagnetic spectrum with the formula at my website). But my interpretation is that light has no energy, neither mass, but a force, like our thoughts, mind, has a force that moves our bodies. When the wave of light propagates into spacetime is same thing when your own body is born and propagates into space time, growing. Advancing into dark matter ( or other name for space’s substance) light produces or creates friction and this friction is energy. When a light wave is established it separates portions of dark-matter plus energy which will be parts of a working natural system – the first atom and from here, galaxies, cells systems, etc. Then, every natural system like our own bodies has this internal field of energy which produces the electromagnetic field. And this field is responsible by the effects that they are calling “gravity”. Never the big force produced by astronomic bodies could making any effect on small things like apples or papers. And if there is curved spacetime, it is not between a tree and the floor… think about it… Keep opened mind and you can correct the bad ways that are deriving our Science into fantasies, like multiverse, black holes, vacuum vibration,etc. Cheers…

Luz tem Interacoes com a Materia que sao discriminadas pelos instrumentos eletronicos, como previu a Matrix/DNA

segunda-feira, julho 18th, 2016


… from a theoretical standpoint, “Most light-matter interaction processes are ‘forbidden’ by electronic selection rules, which limits the number of transitions between energy levels we have access to,” Soljačić explains.

For example, spectrograms, which are used to analyze the elemental composition of materials, show a few bright lines against a mostly dark background. The bright lines represent the specific “allowed” energy level transitions in the atoms of that element that can be accompanied by the release of a photon (a particle of light). In the dark regions, which make up most of the spectrum, emission at those energy levels is “forbidden.”

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Study opens new realms of light-matter interaction

July 15, 2016 by David L. Chandler

Matrix/DNA: A Matrix/DNA sugere que os sistemas naturais ditos inanimados ou não-vivos executam funções mecânicas que se tornaram, com a evolução, as propriedades vitais. Então ela sugere um novo e diferente modelo teórico para sistemas atômicos e astronômicos, nos quais, as ocultas funções biológicas aparecem e podem serem identificadas. Esta sugestão e’ totalmente estranha ao mundo intelectual acadêmico moderno, cujos cérebros não conseguem processar o significado disso e seus efeitos no mundo real. Mas isto acontece porque as ciências tem focalizado e percebido apenas os aspectos mecânicos e eletromagnéticos destes sistemas, e esta percepção limitada cresce devido o feed-back proporcionado pelos instrumentos científicos que são meras extensões dos sensores cerebrais. Assim, os instrumentos científicos reforçam a crença em que o mundo real contem apenas o que se percebe, e as características biológicas – que não são mecânicas nem eletromagnéticas – não são admitidas por este mode de ver o mundo.

Mas o esforço das pesquisas vão aprimorando tanto os sensores cerebrais como suas extensões tecnológicas e com isso vão entrando nas faixas das dimensões indivisíveis e adivinhando ou descobrindo novos fenômenos. Estes novos fenômenos vão, por sua vez, confirmando os modelos teóricos da Matrix/DNA.

Trechos do artigo dignos de nota:

With this new study, Kaminer says, “we demonstrate theoretically that these constraints can be lifted” using confined waves within atomically thin, 2-D materials. “We show that some of the transitions which normally take the age of the universe to happen could be made to happen within nanoseconds. Because of this, many of the dark regions of a spectrogram become bright once an atom is placed near a 2-D material.”

Electrons in an atom have discrete energy levels, and when they hop from one level to another they give off a photon of light, a process called spontaneous emission. But the atom itself is much smaller than the wavelength of the light that gets emitted—about 1/1,000 to 1/10,000 as big—substantially impairing the interactions between the two.

The trick is, in effect, to “shrink” the light so it better matches the scale of the atom, as the researchers show in their study. The key to enabling a whole range of interactions, specifically transitions in atomic states that relate to absorbing or emitting light, is the use of a two-dimensional material called graphene, in which light can interact with matter in the form of plasmons, a type of electromagnetic oscillation in the material.



In physics, a plasmon is a quantum of plasma oscillation. As light consists of photons, the plasma oscillation consists of plasmons. The plasmon can be considered as a quasiparticle since it arises from the quantization of plasma oscillations, just like phonons are quantizations of mechanical vibrations. Thus, plasmons are collective (a discrete number) oscillations of the free electron gas density. For example, at optical frequencies, plasmons can couple with a photon to create another quasiparticle called a plasmon polariton.