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Listas de argumentos cristaos e ateus envolvendo Ciencias.

sexta-feira, março 22nd, 2019


(Podem ser usados alguns argumentos daqui pela Matrix/DNA, quando ateus ou cristãos  vem a carga)

Argumentos cristãos:

Macroevolution proposes we were fish at one time, then an ape, and lastly a human. Is that demonstrable?

I’ve never seen a fish turn into a human nor do we have any record thats says that’s ever happened!

Is an infinitely dense point of singularity demonstrable? Why did the singularity expand perfectly to sustain a universe? Why did it defy innumerable odds by happening?

Why did life evolve to its current state?

Why is the human brain more complex than any computer known to man?

I thought we came from nothing?! How did that turn into all this? Why do i see order and design?

I thought it was by randomness we came? From random chance we began and from random chance we became an ordered universe?! That makes no sense at all and i wont believe it! Humans hate disorder by nature. Even animals despise it. We are creatures of habit, routine, and order.

The big bang is a huge leap of faith that order came from randomness. Besides, it doesn’t hold up because planets can spin in both directions which would break the law of angular momentum.

Anyways, Stop talking to me about demonstrable when atheistic theories fall flat on their face because practically nothing they teach is demonstrable, logical, or makes any real sense!!

Argumentos ateus:

It’s demonstrable by the fact that we have a common ancestor.

Trials and error and innumerable observation has been done ever since the theory of evolution an natural selection has been proposed.

Also, the origin of the universe is still a theory. Nobody knows, not even you people who believes.

As for how life evolving, it’s called natural selection. Each and every organism went through it just to survive to this day. It’s why the phrase “a successful organism is one that survives and reproduce.” Order and design came from countless millenia of trial and error. Again, natural selection.

It’s never confirmed or even mentioned that everything was made random. That’s quite a massive strawman there.

It’s the reason why science exists. It’s to know the matters that surrounds us. Science has no answer for everything because science is by definition, is an observation and study of the behavior and physical structure of the physical and natural world. It’s just that. Something that will try to uncover truths without any personal bias, emotions and false beliefs.

And are you sure that disorder is not a part of human nature? Then why do children who are blank slates, show psychopathic behavior? They only show order, empathy and kindness when they are thought to them. Even then, its not because of the right motivations as being their nature to be good. It’s because of consequences. Fear. Like what you try to use when you threatened me earlier. It only becomes authentic when children has passed grew out of their egocentric mindset. Order only came due to being nurtured. Animals also are quite the model for disorder. They kill and eat each other to survive. Again, Natural selection.

The big bang is a theory. A theory changes to better itself in explaining phenomenon without any semblance of bias. It evolves. It’s not a complete fact or law. But even so, it’s a different topic to the formation of a solar system. It can just be easily explained from strayed objects from space to change the behavior of a celestial object. There a so much thing going on like planets going astray or even stars dying or even born.

There is a reason why simulations have been carried out a lot. That’s one of the best things scientific technology has ever done. From obtaining oil deep into the earth’s surface to satellites being put into the exosphere to telescopes created to observe planets, stars and celestial wonders. They are all calculated through countless trials and errors an simulation. And what is a simulation? An observation of behaviors.

What has being an atheist have to do with scientific theory? Again, Science does not answer everything. But it tries to uncover the truth without any bias, be it from emotion or your personal belief.

You people however have yet to provide proof or evidence that god exists. So far, you’ve only shown nothing but sophistry and hubris. It’s all trash argument. So I will ask again. Can you give proof or evidence that god exist? If he does exist, can you provide an evidence that he did? Because if you can’t, then why would we waste our time believing in something that cannot stand on its own? You have the audacity to speak about sense when you cannot even prove god or him being the reason we exist. And even if you do, time an time again have you have been shown to leap logics because “god” an use circular arguments that completely answers nothing to prove your argument. You don’t even have demonstrable proof either so that’s quite the double standards there.

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