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O Futuro da Mente – Comprar livro do Michio Kaku

quinta-feira, outubro 11th, 2018


Most recently Michio Kaku bestselling –  The Future of the Mind (2014).

Informacao obtida no video que contem interessante entrevista:

Interessante Vídeo Sôbre os Rumos da Humanidade e Resposta da Matrix/DNA

domingo, junho 24th, 2012

Esta é uma boa oportunidade para brasileiros se afinarem mais com a pronuncia do Inglês: ouve-se o discurso num vídeo ao mesmo tempo que vai lendo-o. Além disso o tema da palestra é bem informativo e material para se repensar nossa existência.

Sob o título:

Will Mankind Destroy Itself?

( Irá a Espécie Humana se auto-destruir?)

… o Professor de Física Teórica, Michio Kaku, pinta um quadro interessante nunca pensado antes. Veja o vídeo e leia o texto em:

E leia a seção de comentários com o nosso post transcrito abaixo:


I think that our genetic stuff leads us to the Brave New World ruled by a kind of Big Mother or Queen, like the best insect working societies. The selfish genes are expressed through bankers and the 1% and they has the power and need this kind of society. Where come from the selfish gene? From the Newtonian astronomic watch, which is a closed system and our real creator ancestral. The Brave New World is merely a human version-reproduction of our creator.

I don’t know if the rulers will wish to conquer the space, but a lot of indications says no, like any ant or bee queen don’t want more than keep eternally its rein. As a closed system, humanity will perish due planetary transformation.

But we have a chance to avoid this destiny. There is a genetic mutation due the emergence of consciousness, a phenomena that our ancestral don’t had. And now we are discovering the true about the astronomic system, how it works, why it became a closed selfish system, how it models our biosphere and our genetic make up. Knowing the big mistake of our ancestrals, which leads to the big fall, we have a choice for not repeating the mistake again. For to avoid be slave of the new planetary civilization, we need to develop our mind quick. And how to do that? Acquiring knowledge of every possible phenomena in Nature, transforming Nature into images and informations registered into our brains, this is the way that grows the substance of minds. Keeping our minds as opened system above the automation that will be established at Earth.

How works the galaxy system as a half-mechanical/half-biological system; what was the big mistake of matter when built the galactic closed system and gave the power to our selfish tendency, how the mind is becoming a new natural system, how the natural light has the code for creating life,etc., are explanined at a new theory called “The Universal MatrixDNA of Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”.