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Vida ou Não-Vida Após a Morte: Incrivel Nova Tese Nasce Dentro da Matrix/DNA: Seríamos A Dualidade Onda/Particula Em Evolutivo Feed-Back: Guidance Wave Theory

quinta-feira, março | 19 | 2015


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Esta nova teoria denominada Guidance Wave Theory de Ian Miller bate surpreendentemente com os resultados sendo sugeridos pela Matrix/DNA Theory sobre o que acontece na morte de um corpo humano. Veja meu comentário explicando como, a seguir:

Life after death

ian miller blog

Meu Comentario ( a ser traduzido para português) ( Não Publicado, aguardando moderação):

A Vida Após a Morte Pode ser Explicada pela Dualidade Onda/Partícula. Cada corpo humano individual representa os aspectos “onda” e  “partícula”.  Partícula é seu aspecto corpo material visível, é sua posição em relação ao espaço, e onda em relação ao tempo é um aspecto invisível a nós, pois não vemos e não podemos tocar o tempo. Como partícula ela não se limita a um corpo individual ( o qual é apenas uma micro-cópia, um fractal da partícula) , ela se completa como o coletivo dos indivíduos, ou seja, a espécie. E espécies podem desaparecerem para sempre ou serem transformadas em novas formas, outras espécies. A espécie humana vem de uma linhagem evolutiva de um único sistema natural que se originou no Big Bang na sua mais simples forma e até o presente momento sempre foi transformado, ou seja, como partícula e no coletivo, ela nunca morreu.

No seu aspecto de onda do tempo, cada corpo humano no  seu tempo de existência é apenas um infinitesimal tempo do tempo total deste sistema sob evolução, ou seja, do tempo universal de 13,7 bilhões de anos. Isto quer dizer que na morte de um corpo a onda universal jamais morre ali. Em outras palavras, não existe vida após a morte porque simplesmente, na verdade, não existe “morte”.

We are arriving to same theoretical results coming from two different methods ( mine is comparative anatomy between living and nonliving natural systems). My theory called “Matrix/DNA, the universal formula for all natural systems and life’s cycles”, suggests that a unique body under the process of life’s cycle is at same time a wave and a particle. The particle is any momentum of that body and the wave is the lifelong time of that body. It happens that our DNA, which is the essence of every life’s species is merely the terrestrial biological shape of a universal essence, which I am calling “Matrix”. This result from my method is due when extracting the circuit flow connecting all parts of a system we get a formula in shape of computational diagram and it is equal from atoms to galaxies to plants cells to human brain’s configuration. Again, this universal formula coming within a system that emerged at the Big Bang and today is acquiring the shape of human brain and possibly also the shape of a new system called consciousness, is the universal Matrix/DNA.

So, it means that each momentum state of this unique universal system is a particle and this particle had appeared as several individuals which dies, but the particle’s shape continues to existing as the collective, called “species”. It is the particle as collective that is evolutionary transformed into new more complex systems. As sample we have an analogy with the individual human body, which could be called “particle” and we know that this particle under the process of life’s cycle is transformed into several shapes, from blastula to fetus to teenager, etc.  So, an individual body-particle dies, but the collective of this body particles does not: it is transformed. It means that this universal system-particle called human body is 13, 7 billion years old, like the Matrix/DNA.

But… the formula is showing that the body which is a system is seen by us as particle at a given moment of its lifelong, while we can not see its time running at that moment because the time or life’s cycle force is a wave. Since that there is a unique natural system evolving under the process of life’s cycle since the Big Bang to today consciousness, it means that there is a unique wave of time and it is 13,7 billion years old. It means that when a body-system-particle disappears as individual, the wave does not disappear because it is the collective of all individuals and it will continuing the evolution, certainly to the next transcendental or more complex shape of this universal system.

My method lead me to a new interpretation of the electromagnetic spectrum of light waves. From gamma ray to radio, all different states of frequencies/vibrations/colors are equal the sequence of transformations of the state of energy/vibration of a unique human body, from fetus to adult. It means that also a light wave is under the process of life’s cycle… in another words, a light wave is the most simplest “living thing”. So simplest that it goes back to the extreme singularity at the initial moments of the Universe… or, beyond it. It means that the Universal Matrix, which today and here is encrypted into the biological DNA, and is the formula organizing the brain and consciousness, was existing before this Universe in shape of light. If consciousness is the final end of this evolution, it must be returning to be the initial light. Again, as light, it is a wave.

Declarations like the famous neuroscientist that had a left hemisphere stroke and saw everything as light without separation between her body and the external world are good evidences that this theory about the consciousness being a kind of light waves the survives after death is in the right track. Congratulations Mr.Ian: you had an astonishing insight. (sorry by the English language errors and you can see the Matrix/DNA formula at its website).


( Artigo copiado aqui para ser traduzido)

The issue of whether there is life, or consciousness, after death is one of those questions that can only be answered by dying. If there is, you find out. My wife was convinced there is, and she was equally convinced that I, as a scientist, would quietly argue the concept was ridiculous. However, as she was dying of metastatic cancer we had a discussion of this issue, and I believe the following theory gave her considerable comfort. Accordingly, I announced this at her recent funeral, in case it helped anyone else, and I have received a number of requests to post the argument. I am doing two posts: one with the mathematics, and one where I merely assert the argument for those who want a simpler account. The more mathematical post is at ( ).

First, is there any evidence at all? There are numerous accounts of people who nearly die but do not, and they claim to see a tunnel of light, and relations at the other end. There are two possible explanations:
(1) What they see is true,
(2) When the brain shuts down, it produces these illusions.
The problem with (2) is, why does it do it the same way for all? There was also an account recently of someone who died on an operating table, but was resuscitated, and he then gave an account of what the surgeons were doing as viewed from above. The following study may be of interest ( ) One can take this however one likes, but it is certainly weird.

What I told Claire arises from my interpretation of quantum mechanics, which is significantly different from most others’. First, some background. (If you have no interest in physics, you can skip this and go to the last three paragraphs.) If you fire particles such as electrons one at a time through a screen with two slits, each electron will give a point reading on a detector screen, but if you do this for long enough, the points give the pattern of wave diffraction. This is known as wave-particle duality, and at the quantum level, an experiment either gives properties of a particle or those consistent with a wave, depending on how you do it. So, how is that explained? Either there is a wave guiding the particles or there is not. Most physicists argue there is not and the electrons just happen to give that distribution. You ask, why? They tend to say, “Shut up and compute!” Einstein did not agree, and said, “God does not play dice.” What we know is that computations based on a wave equation give remarkably good agreement with observation, but nobody can find evidence for the wave. All we detect are the particles, but of course that is what the detectors are set up to detect. It is generally agreed that the formalism that enables calculations is sufficient. For me, that is not sufficient, and I think there must be something causing this behaviour. Suppose you cannot see ducks but you here a lot of quacking, why do you assume the quacks are just the consequence of your listening, and there are no ducks? There is a minority who believe there is a wave, and the pilot wave concept was formed by de Broglie.

Modern physics states the wave function is complex. In general, this is true, but from Euler’s theory of complex numbers, once (or twice) a period (which is defined as the time from one crest, say, to the next) the wave becomes momentarily real. My first premise is
The physics of the system are determined only when the wave becomes real.
From this, the stability of atoms, the Uncertainty Principle and the Exclusion Principle follow. Not that that is of importance here, other than to note that this interpretation does manage to do what standard theory effectively has as premises. My next premise is
The wave causes the wave behaviour.
At first sight, this seems obvious, but recall that modern quantum theory does not assert this. Now, if so, it follows that the wave front must travel at the same velocity as the particle; if it did not, how could it affect the particle? But if it travels at the same velocity, the energy of the system must be twice the kinetic energy of the particle. This simply asserts that the wave transmits energy. Actually, every other wave in physics transmits energy, except for the textbook quantal matter wave, which transmits nothing, it does not exist, but it defines probabilities. (As an aside, since energy is proportional to mass, in general this interpretation does not conflict with standard quantum mechanics.) For this discussion, the most important consequence is that both particle and wave must maintain the same energy. The wave sets the particle energy because the wave is deterministic, which means that once the wave is defined, it is defined for every future with known conditions. The particle, however, suffers random motion and has to be guided by the wave in my theory.

Now, what is consciousness? Strictly speaking, we do not know exactly, but examination of brains that are conscious appear to show considerable ordered electrical activity. But if electrical activity is occurring, that is the expenditure of energy. (The brain uses a remarkably high fraction of the body’s energy.) But since the movement of electrons is quantum controlled, then the corresponding energy must be found in an associated set of waves. Moreover, it is the associated wave that is causal, and it alone can overcome the randomness that may arise through the uncertainty of position of any particle. The wave guides the particle! Another important feature of these Guidance Waves is they are linear, which means they are completely separable. This is a general property of waves, and is not an ad hoc addition. It therefore follows that when we are conscious and living “here”, there is a matrix of waves with corresponding energy “there”.

Accordingly, if this Guidance Wave interpretation of quantum mechanics is correct, then the condition for life after death is very simple: death occurs because the body cannot supply the energy required to match the Guidance Waves that are organizing consciousness, and the random motion of particles in the brain, due to heat, overpower the order that bodily consciousness requires. The body now is no longer conscious, and hence is dead, and useful brain activity ceases. But if at the point where the brain can no longer provide its energy contribution for consciousness, the energy within the Guidance Wave can dissociate itself from the body and maintain itself “there”, and recall that the principle of linearity is that other waves do not affect it, then that wave package can continue, and since it represents the consciousness of a person, that consciousness continues. What happens next depends on the conditions applicable “there”, and for that we have no observations.

Is the Guidance Wave interpretation correct? As far as I am aware, there is no observation that would falsify my alternative interpretation of quantum mechanics, while my Guidance Wave theory does make two experimental predictions that contradict standard quantum mechanics. It also greatly simplifies the calculation of some chemical bond properties. However, even if it is correct, that does not mean there is life after death, but at least in my interpretation of quantum mechanics it is permitted. That thought comforted Claire in her last days, and if it comforts anyone else, this post is worth it.


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A Morte Explicando Como a Origem da Vida não foi a versão da Ciência Acadêmica

sexta-feira, setembro | 23 | 2011

Artigo baseado em: (Vide abaixo o texto)

A Morte Tem a Resposta para como foi a Origem da Vida

Se não podemos voltar atrás, a 3,5 bilhões de anos, para ver como a Vida começou, podemos ver aqui e agora quando ela termina, ou seja, assistindo a morte de um ser vivo, e saber como ela não começou apenas pelas fôrças físicas do mundo pré-biótico e nem com a contribuição das propriedades químicas na abiogênese.

Nos ultimos momentos antes da morte todas as moléculas bioquimicas do corpo ainda estão intactas e funcionando. No justo momento da morte elas ainda estão lá, mas no momento que os mecanismos regulatórios do organismo cessam, as moléculas começam a se desintegrarem.

Em outras palavras, as leis naturais da Física, da Quimica e da Termo-Dinâmica continuam operando mas sem a diretriz reguladora que foi agora removida, e o resultado é degeneração, desintegração, rumo às suas menores partes constituintes.

Portanto, o curso natural que as leis naturais seguem, é o de destruir as moléculas bioquimicas. Mais exatamente, é o de eliminar os vínculos entre os átomos que os organizam bioquimicamente. Desde que êste é o caso comprovado, como podem aquelas mesmas leis naturais guiarem a construção de vida celular, e quanto mais, o organismo inteiro ?!

Elas tem que serem dirigidas e forçadas a seguirem um diferente caminho para serem bem suscedidas na geração da vida. E o agente desta nova direção tem que ser o mesmo que mantem o organismo regulado e vivo. Ou seja: as leis naturais da organização vital já existiam antes da origem da vida. Claro!

Conclusão: seja lá o que for a vida, ela certamente não é parte constituinte da Física ou da Quimica.
Esta é a razão porque a visão naturalista da origem da vida sem algo como a fórmula da Matrix/DNA, sem a visão sistêmica e diferentes modêlos atômicos e astronômicos, é cientificamente ininteligivel. E portanto, a Teoria do RNA-World, tal como está elaborada, é equivocada e/ou incompleta.

Os cientistas da NASA compreenderam isto muito bem, quando emitiram um reporte estabelecendo que ” não existe plausível hipótese de rotas para formação de moléculas bioquímicas complexas, nem quimicamente nem termodinamicamente.”

A NASA emitiu êste reporte a contra-gôsto, foi forçada a isso pela quantidade de evidências. Se existe uma organização necessitada de dar uma explicação natural para a origem da vida esta é justamente a NASA. Lutando contra a escassez de fundos, se êles provassem que as leis naturais conhecidas, apenas por si só, podem dar inicio ao processo e desenvolvimento da vida, que resolveram o mistério da abiogênesis, e como êles estão envolvidos nesta pesquisa principalmente em astrobiologia, receberiam todos os fundos que necessitam. Mas seus administradores e cientistas foram obrigados a se curvarem perante o óbvio.

Comentário postado por Matrix/DNA sob o artigo:

Jack, thanks by the existence of this blog, very helpful,

The RNA-World Theory became a scientific joke also. No? For instance, comments about this, please:

See the discussion between Craig Venter, Church and Shapiro, in this video

And haw do you refute this argument, for instance?

Theories – Origin of Life

At the moment just prior to death all the biochemical molecules in the dog are still functioning and intact.
At the very moment of death they are still there, however as you rightly point out the regulatory mechanisms cease and the molecules begin to disintegrate.

In other words, the natural laws of physics, chemistry and thermodynamics continue operating but without the guiding regulation that has now been removed, and the result is degeneration, down to their constituent parts.

Therefore the natural course that natural laws take, breakdown biochemical molecules.
Since that is the case how can those same laws naturally guide the building of cellular life let alone the whole organisms
They have to be guided down the different regulated pathways if they are to succeed.
So whatever life is, it is certainly not a constituent part of physics or chemistry.

That is why a naturalist view of the origin of life is scientifically untenable.

That is also why NASA has been forced to draw the conclusion it has.

If any organisation needed a natural explanation to life’s origin it is they. Just think of all the funding they would receive if they could. There is every incentive for them to prove that they have conquered the problem of Abiogenesis, and if they were able to then I will let you speculate on the news headlines!!


And you said: “… if you truly believe you’re onto something, make the most of it and stick to the proper method of conducting science.”

There is no climate for the proper method of conducting science as the supreme goals of the founding fathers, in the Illuminist Movement: science for the search of knowledge about the meaning of existence (against the meaning sold by the church). There is no funding for such enterprise.

First of all, we should go back to Oparin and Stanley/Urey experiment. Why those amino acids do not realize the next step in the lab, becoming proteins and RNA? What is missing in the Urey ingredients? What are determining, in this primordial soup, that life is only left-handed?

Second: We need to fall under the logic that the first complete biological system appeared in a given state of the world. If we bet that there are no supernatural causes, and we are not seeing links between the state of the world and biological systems, we need to understand that our theoretical models of the world are not right (mainly our cosmological models).

I am trying to return to the goals of the founding fathers. The result today is the Matrix/DNA Theory models. It is a suggestion of what is missing in the Urey ingredients. I am making the most of it and sticking to the proper method of conducting naturalism. I am sure nobody has proved facts for debunking the models. But, the deviation of scientific method is too big that the brains today are hard-wired for to escape from a different viewpoint and a return to the thru naturalism.

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