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sexta-feira, junho 22nd, 2018


Guest Post: How can messy and disordered processes produce complexity and life?

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Posted by Louis Morelli at 06/22/18: 

Interesting! Nature ( or God) took 10 billion years building the frame for supporting life. The construction of the frame began in chaotic state and arrived to the most ordered possible state: these astronomical systems. Then, upon this frame and over Earth surface was chaos again, from where emerged life. Who like me that has lived at a jungle like Amazon, knows that this biosphere still is chaotic. We can say that the inner chemistry of human bodies are at ordered state, but the set of human bodies at what we call “humanity” or “human species” is still chaotic. Why God do things in this tortuous way?!

The most rational explanation in my opinion is in a theory called “The universal formula Matrix/DNA for all natural systems”. It begins suggesting that from the Big Bang to nowadays there is a unique universal system, and the various shapes of systems – like atoms, galaxies, cells, human bodies, etc. – are evolutive variations of this universal system, like the human bodies shapes as morula, blastula, fetus, teenager, adult, etc. are merely variations of a unique system. So, it suggests that while there is a biological genetic code for all living systems, called DNA, the DNA itself is the biological variation of a universal matrix encoded at those non-living and ancestral systems. What do you think about? if you see the Matrix/DNA universal formula and knowing that proteins are the biological representations of the entire circular circuit of a system, you will see proteins by a new understanding and creative way.