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Argumentos para defender a ideia da natureza animal do corpo humano e os instintos para predador/presa

sexta-feira, março 22nd, 2019


Este texto foi escrito por alguém respondendo a uma afirmação:

  • “Humans hate disorder by nature. Even animals despise it. We are creatures of habit, routine, and order.”
  • ” Are you sure that disorder is not a part of human nature? Then why do children who are blank slates, show psychopathic behavior? They only show order, empathy and kindness when they are thought to them. Even then, its not because of the right motivations as being their nature to be good. It’s because of consequences. Fear. Like what you try to use when you threatened me earlier. It only becomes authentic when children has passed grew out of their egocentric mindset. Order only came due to being nurtured. Animals also are quite the model for disorder. They kill and eat each other to survive.”