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Pesquisadores Descobrem de Onde Veio o Penis na Terra, Mas a Matrix/DNA de Onde Ele Veio do Céu

sexta-feira, dezembro 5th, 2014


Mystery solved: Where the penis comes from

Tiny buds where legs should be if snakes had legs are the beginning of this snake embryo's paired penises.

Tiny buds where legs should be if snakes had legs are the beginning of this snake embryo’s paired penises.


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While you ask: “Exactly how does the penis form?”, we, at Matrix/DNA Theory ask: “What have formed the penis? How and where Nature got the idea for making penis?! Which were the forces, mechanisms and elements, from the non-living word, used by Nature to make penisis?

The answer is in the Matrix/DNA universal formula for natural systems. Biological penis is evolution from giant volcanoes formed at old planets’ surfaces. These volcanoes expels magma from nuclear reactions to the space in shape of comets, which were the ancestors of spermatozoids. Comets carry on inside the bits-information from the astro, which were the ancestors of chromosome Y. Comets are driven by spiral magnetic lines towards the “white hole” at the center of the building block of astronomical systems, which performs the female function of vaginas. These “vaginas” are surrounded by a beautiful and luminous “quasar” ( which are the ancestors of women, flowers, everything that can attract the male chromosome). See at Matrix/DNA website the diagram picturing how X and Y are formed at astronomical dimensions.

Am I wrong? Yes… this extraordinary engineering of sexual reproduction was invented first time by the stupid matter of this lost planet… is it right?  Or you have seen a magical god creating it from nothing? I am telling you: biological evolution is merely a continuous process from cosmological evolution. Everything Nature did here – included pehisis and vaginas – has its simplest ancestor shapes in the sky. But… who or what did the sky… I have no idea…

“Tiny buds where legs should be if snakes had legs are the beginning of this snake embryo’s paired penises.”

This is wrong! The shape of Snakes are copies of the spherical circuit of the universal natural formula for any systems, and the tiny buds are just at the location where works the function that built the male counterpart of its reproduction. Legs are a thing developed later by biological systems from the original structure called flagella and cilia.

“Now that they understand the penis’s origin…”

Here is a big problem prejudicing the human reasoning and going far away of the beam. There are no “origins” of anything, no origins of life, no origins of universes. Everything is product of transformation from something less complex, a slow and gradual process coming since the Big Bang. We never should use this word “origin” because it is the cause producing mystic and magical thought. If there were origins of something, it should meaning that something emerged at the long flow of causes and effects coming outside this flow, by supernatural forces, even that this “supernatural” is believed to be absolute randomness. This word and the concepts behind this word is a science-stopper: these researches never will do what we are doing at matrix/DNA world view: searching the deep roots of “penis” evolution till finding its first manifestations at the Big Bang. There was a kind of program running inside snakes, lizards, that drove the development of penis and clitoris and this program is coming from cosmological evolution as our models shows it.

“They pinpointed the cells destined to become the penis, but those cells differed depending on the species studied…”

Big confusion here. Snakes, birds, lizards are “natural systems”. And natural systems are built by a universal template, a kind of formula. This formula have seven different systemic functions, which models matter building its material tool, used by the function to perform its systemic job. This formula is encrypted at any lateral-pair of nucleotides, the fundamental unit of information of the DNA. Natural closed systems have the bias to be spherical with planned surfaces, but opened systems needs to create extensions from the planned surface for interacting with the external world. Then, this is the job of Function number 4 ( see the formula at Matrix/DNA website) and it will build the right extension for the right needs of the new system. The needs can be tails, legs, hair, or penisis, which will determinate the specific specialization of the cells located at that region. But, the immediate ancestor of all biological systems did not need legs, tails or wings, it had only the ancestor for penisis, because the ancestor was self-replicating. So, the natural bias of these cells is to build penisis, clitoris. While legs, tails, came later modelled by the interactions at the new terrestrial environment.