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Transporte e Circulação de elétrons nas moléculas: Grupos de Pesquisas e Sugestao da Matrix/DNA

quarta-feira, setembro 27th, 2017


Imperial College London – Lista de pesquisas ( continuar a ver cada area)


Albrecht Group – Grupo de Pesquisa

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The group’s research interests focus on electrochemical processes on the nanoscale.

“We are interested in both fundamental and applied aspects of single-molecular electron transport. How does the immediate environment of a molecule influence its electron transport properties? Can one use such a configuration as device components in nanoscale electronic circuitry? Is it possible to use such a concept in innovative sensor applications?”


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Title: Suggestions for you making new researches at your field

How does the immediate environment of a molecule influence its electron transport properties?

Sorry if I am wrong but maybe I can contribute to your valuable research at least offering more food for thought.

Molecules are composed and evolves due its electrons containing information from a universal natural formula for to be a complete working natural system plus the action of the environment which is composed and driven by the same formula. So, the internal circuitry of any molecule is the slice of the whole formula’s circuitry which its components mimics the components at the formula. When a molecule provokes an  input of energy is the molecule looking for environments’ ingredients that could help her to compose the next missing slices of the formula. When the molecule produces the output is delivering its waste. Each identical molecules has its own properties due – in the formula – its circuitry obeys the same process of life’s cycle, which means that a specific point of the circuitry is the representation of a specific phase of this process.

Only seeing the single formula ( at my website, the Matrix/DNA formula for closed perfect systems) and understanding it, you will grasp what I am suggesting. About organic molecules, for instance, the carbon atom was selected to be the central biological systems atom because the carbon is – among all atoms 0 which is the most approximate copy of the formula ( the formula contains six universal systemic functions which built the atoms systems in diversified copies from itself, but the atom with atomic number six – each particles representing a specific systemic function – is the best working copy). So, the formula penetrated Earth matter represented by the Carbon, which became the nucleus for composing a larger system towards multimolecular structures as proteins. So, you can see the 20 amino acids for life being composed piece by piece following the formula’s pieces sequence. Knowing the formula and identifying these pieces/functions at the molecules, you can understanding the circuitry properties, which is the level of performance, which new ingredients could optimizing and growing the internal transport and quality of the output.

The last word: this formula was detected as a universal pattern as template of all natural systems, from atoms to galaxies to organisms. Later, searching the origins and precedence of this formula we detected the same pattern at the resulting light wave of the seven kinds of electromagnetic radiation. So, it strongly suggests that the first original formula is made of natural light, which indicates that its bits-information are its photons, which penetrates these electrons, assuming the atomic machinery, driving it to connections with another surrounding atoms which contains photons from the prior neighborhood systemic circuitry sequence. The tendency of these photons is to compose a network among the right photons that composes the formula and when they does it, they assembled the system with atoms. After that, they assembles molecules, proteins, cells, etc.

I know that this is a weird text and the poor English prejudices its understanding, plus the novelty of this issue. My intention here is merely that you read it as curiosity and food for thought, which you will thinking about when practicing at the Lab, which could leaving you to a new surprising discoveries. If you do that, it is what I need, testing the predictions of my theory to see if it has really solid foundations. I have written an article in my website about yours team and research with a copy of this e-mail, so, if you want more information, can use the comments section. Cheers,…


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