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Como e Porque um Pintinho e uma Gata na Terra imitam exatamente o Comportamento de um Planeta e uma Estrêla no Céu!

sexta-feira, dezembro 5th, 2014


Please, see this video, and then, the explanation from the Matrix/DNA about why and how these scenes are happening here facing our eyes:


Scenes like this one are more beautiful if you learn to see the world by Matrix/DNA perspective. Why any kind of animal babies are attracted to the harm of any living creature? Yet the creature could be a monster? Why and how Nature created here this kind of phenomena? Matrix’s explanation: these animals have yet strong genetics inheritance from our non-living astronomical systems. These genetics are the causes behind animals’ instincts. Lift up yours eyes to the sky and see yours ancestors. A star is like any mother, very busy on feeding its babies planets with its energetic nectar and worried to keep them protected and safe under her enormous gravitational wings. And planets, moons, floating in the free space, which is very cold, are searching a star for keeping surviving the germ of star they carries inside, so they search for falling into a star; gravitational orbit. Nature can not create anything new here that it have no information for. If it does, it should be magics and there are no magics. This little “bird” have no conscious knowledge about mothers and sons, but the whole bunch of atoms and cells that composes its body is searching an ideal warming environment and the bird feels it coming from the cat’s body. Matrix/DNA is the exercise of linking biological evolution to its ancestor cosmological evolution, finding causes and causes of causes till arriving to the Big Bang. The world becomes incredible and fantastic comprehensible and thousands times more beautiful.