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A Equacao do Standard Model: Excelente video me desperta para a possibilidade de que a equação seja explicada pelo ciclo vital na luz. Aberta a pesquisa.

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Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe – with David Tong

There is not much stranger than physics and this is a good lecture if you have the time. If not, here are my notes:

What do we know about the fabric of the universe? You may have learned that all matter is made of atoms which differ in their numbers of sub-atomic particles.

These 118 different kinds of atoms are the chemical elements known to modern chemistry. Interestingly, there are only three particles that make up every kind of atom: electrons, up-quarks and down-quarks. The up and down quarks make protons and neutrons. This model is not the best we have, however.

Even more fundamental building blocks are fluid-like structures which spread across the entire universe and which ripple in interesting ways.

There are fields. For example, light is composed of electromagnetic field waves. But the fields aren’t smooth and continuous. The fields have little particles of light we call photons. They are spread everywhere, the electron field, a fluid that fills the entire universe. The ripples get tied into bundles of energy and these are called the electron particle. The electrons are all waves of the same underlying field.

Energy is not continuous, it is bundled up into packets or quanta. There are two quark fields, these fields give rise to the up-quarks and down-quarks, which are all connected as waves of the same fields.

What does it mean that we are made of fields instead of particles? If you take away all particles from a given space, you will still have fields constantly fluctuating in a very complicated way.

Nothing is a busy place. The simplest thing we can imagine in the universe is extremely complicated. It is filled with twelve (12) fields that give matter, and four (4) other fields that give forces. Space and time (space-time) itself is a field itself, the one responsible for gravity.  The world we live in is a combination of the 16 fields interacting in interesting ways.

This is the greatest theory in the history of human civilization, although it is referred to by the boring name “The Standard Model”.  There is one more field, the final building block, the Higgs field, which is responsible for all mass. From all of this, we have one equation that correctly predicts the results of every experiment we’ve ever done in science:

This amazing Standard Model equation does not cover everything, however. There are invisible particles in space like dark matter and there is the field of dark energy that causes everything in the universe to repel everything else, so we need to do better than the standard model which does not account for these two things.

The universe is 13.8 billion years old. In the first 380,000 years, the universe was a flickering fireball which we now see as cosmic background radiation. What caused the flickering was something that took place in the first few fractions of a second after the big bang. Tiny quantum vacuum fluctuations were caught and stretched 20 billion light years across the sky. These are the ripples in the fireball.

It may be that all of the forces and matter can be unified. This is the theory of super-symmetry. String Theory combines and contains all of the forces and types of matter.

According to our best theories of physics, the fundamental building blocks of matter are not particles, but continuous fluid-like substances known as ‘quantum fields’. David Tong explains what we know about these fields, and how they fit into our understanding of the Universe.

I’m grateful that we can pretend to understand this much of the universe, but I don’t really get what a field is. One current view is that a field is a physical quantity, represented by a number or tensor, that has a value for each point in space and time. A physical quantity. Hmmm.


Pesquisa sobre a equação:Quant

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Quantum Vacum: O Caminho para a Luz Original?

domingo, julho 29th, 2018



Scientists have discovered that when all classical sources of matter and energy are removed, creating what is referred to as a vacuum, there is still energy present, even at absolute zero. This discovery has redefined empty space with the definition of a quantum vacuum – a substantive quantized medium filled with harmonic zero-point energy oscillations.

Vacuo quântico (definicao): Um substantivo meio quantizado preenchido com oscilações harmonicas de energia no ponto zero 

This sea of continuous energetic oscillations has now been identified by some physicists as the elemental source of all mass, form and structure.

Este oceano de oscilações continuas energéticas foi agora identificado por alguns fisicos como senso a fonte elementar de toda massa, forma e estrutura.

The quantum vacuum must have coherent modes of oscillations in order to give rise to mass, form, and structure. Indeed, the geometry of these oscillation modes

geometria dos módulos oscilatórios?

are now being discovered by scientists to have very fundamental functions at the base of reality and that this constant flux

( constante fluxo? Se a luz original foi o gatilho do Big Bang, quer dizer que ela continua sendo constantemente fornecida ao Universo? Entao não houve um gatilho do Big Bang, e sim uma metralhadora? Isto significaria que o Big Bang continua acontecendo…)

of quantum energy is intrinsically and integrally entangled. This universal network of the vacuum harmonic oscillations of the zero-point field can be considered as information exchange in innumerable quantum computational units, or Planck spherical oscillators,

Osciladores esféricos de Plank? Pesquisar isso.

where each Planck sphere is one bit of information.

Epa! Tocou na Matrix/DNA novamente. Tenho que ver estes bits informacao.

It is this unified space-memory network that in-forms and connects all things to produce coherence, order, and systems intelligence

Bem,… A Matrix/DNA disse a 30 anos atras que a luz original que banha o fundo do Universo tras em si a formula para criar o sistema universal e dar-lhe todas as formas existentes.

Bem,… mas o que tem a ver cristais com tudo isso?

O mundo fantastico da luz no nivel quantico

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Observe na figura dois cones roxo/cinza, um na esquerda em baixo e outro na direita em cima. Estes cones sao as cargas de dois eletrons, ou os dois eletrons em si mesmos. A diferenca entre eles e’ que um gira para o lado oposto ao do outro ( spin right and and spin left). No meio dos dois ve-se um espiral giratoria azul. Isto e’ luz na forma de um simples foton microonda.

Esta experiencia visa obter o computador quantico, esta seria uma foma muito mais rapida de processor informacoes. Para nos fica esta maravilha de informacao, de como aparece aos cientistas com seus poderosos microscopios, a luz, o foton, os eletrons.

E para a Matrix/DNA cosmovisao, buscamos onde esta este mecanismos/processo na formula, e de imediato nota-se a semelhanca com a formula, onde o vortices F1 se localiza entre os fluxos direito e esquerdo, justamente recebendo informacoes de um, processando-as com os dados que ja tem registrados em seu interior e emitindo-as para o outro fluxo.

Stylized illustration of coupled electron spin and light – CREDIT: N. SAMKHARADZE ET AL.

Ver artigo em:

Quantum Eletronics

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Entrelacamento Quantico: Melhor video

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