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A busca por sinais de vida la’ fora continua, porem, mirando os alvos menos promissores.

domingo, janeiro 28th, 2018


Pela NASA:

Our experts are well on the way to toppling a barrier that has thwarted scientists from achieving a long-held ambition: building an ultra-stable telescope that locates and images dozens of Earth-like planets beyond our solar system and searches their atmospheres for signs of life. Details:

Louis Charles Morelli – 1/28/2018 

Great job, but, life? Do you means “biological organization of matter”? The law that produces diversity at Earth suggests there is no biological systems around Earth like there is no other human species at Earth. I would looking for signals of complex systems more complex than galaxies. The periodic table shows that there are lots of atoms repeating the properties of carbon, all they must be able to develop these systems, till reaching intelligence. And the Matrix/DNA formula for natural systems is what we need for detecting “living” non-biological systems. If we wish to find biological systems we need to look for planets too far away… At the ends of the others galaxy’s arms, this is the environment that produces organic chemistry and biology. The seeds for complex systems more than galactic system are everywhere, because the galaxy projects itself in shape of the building blocks of DNA, but since galaxies are mechanics, electro-magnetic, there are lots of other possibilities than organic matter for reaching intelligence… Ok, this is merely my humble different world view…and I am with you, this job is great

Louis Charles Morelli  – 1/28/18

We are going into this search with too much narrow human concepts, unable to think universally. At Earth there is life in the rocks, in the ocean, in the air… every place here. Same thing about the universe and the enormous possibilities for diversification of complex working systems. If we make an arrangement of connections between the seven kinds of known astronomic bodies, we get a system repeating the same life’s cycle of our human body. Since that astronomic systems are described by Newtonian mechanics, these astronomic systems has the appearance of mechanic machines but containing biological properties. Since we are getting Artificial Intelligence from mechanic like-brains-systems, it is great the possibility that from the ancestor astronomic system can develops mechanics systems with intelligence. or electromagnetic systems, or other thing. I think we will be very surprised when to know what alien means.