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O Software para levar um homem ‘a Lua

quarta-feira, janeiro 16th, 2019


Essa é Margareth Hamilton, engenheira de software da NASA, responsável pelo Programa Apollo. Ao seu lado, escrito à mão pela própria, o código que levou a humanidade à Lua. Observe que todo o conteúdo dessa pilha de livros hoje cabe num micro processador.

O software para levar um homem a Lua

A palavra “código” deturpa, desvia o leigo do entendimento factual real levando-o para a mística. Esta pilha de livros contem uma pilha de copias diferenciadas de um único sistema inicial. Assim como o DNA não e’ um código da Vida mas sim apenas uma pilha de copias diferenciadas de um building block inicial constituído de moléculas (bases, açúcares, nucleotídeos) que em si mesmo funciona como um sistema. A Humanidade e composta de 8 bilhões de humanos, que são todos copias diferenciadas de uma única forma, uma única especie: seria correto dizer que a Humanidade e’ um código? Não. Em todo caso, grandes agradecimentos ao trabalho da Margareth, uma heroína da humanidade.

Toda essa informação cabe num microprocessador. A Natureza tem estes recursos fantasísticos, quase mágicos, basta procurar que podemos descobri-los e aplica-los como tecnologia. Pois a Natureza fez a compressão de 13,8 bilhões de anos de historia de um único sistema natural que começou como uma onda de luz, evoluiu ou tornou-se um sistema atômico, depois astronômico, depois celular e hoje e` o nosso DNA, um microprocessador natural!

O corpo e sistemas naturais com hardware biologico e software transcendente

segunda-feira, novembro 5th, 2018


Everything works in Waves . There are no ladders or Grids the marketplace of 20th century was built on. Like numbers , time , years these things are made from the Mind.. Do not exist . Working with the real forces of energy happening is how a company becomes a ” Disruptor” to lead their industry marketplace.

I am a pioneer in biophysics medicine.. How the human system really works. There is the biological functioning system ( hardware ) . Then there is the operating system ( software ) . When you die.. your functioning system the biology the hardware stays on Earth.

The Soft ware operating this biology referred to as YOU transcends some place else when you die while this biology of functions the body stays on Earth. These are 2 separate systems that are made to work brilliantly with each other.. if the connections , the impute is being done correctly.

The impute in 20th century was not correct at all as it was done via power and control with the objective attractor being the $$. This created a deceive is to believe society.. People being tricked into wanting something rather then they being attracted to it.. $$ is a thing. $ is only the result of attractors that allow natural flourishing thriving.. $$ is not the focus nor the objective. Rising human lives to be healthy and good is what will build a healthier more abundant world for all. (read more…

De Cassandra Rose
Founder & Executive Director · Los Angeles

Duas diferentes cosmovisões debatem: Quais as diferenças entre o computador hardware/software e o humano corpo/mente?

quinta-feira, abril 6th, 2017


Minha questao postada no Quora e acompanhamento do debate:

What’s the difference between computer software/hardware and human body/mind?

Jonathan DayJonathan Day, 4/6/2017
Ultimately, none.

Alan Turing created an imaginary computer, the Turing Machine, that could perform a few basic functions, moving around a tape or set of tapes. He proved that all systems based on logic MUST be equivalent or inferior to a Turing Machine. No exceptions.

We now know that there are no quantum effects in the brain and that the sorts of quantum effects that you could get in regular cells can all be reduced to systems based on logic.

A human being, therefore, is a highly complex machine (the brain has 85 billion neurons and a neuron can have up to 3,000 synapses, so you’re dealing with 255 trillion connections that can amplify/suppress signals – we’re getting into serious numbers here). A machine so complex that attempting to reproduce it with modern technology would result in a computer around ten blocks square and two or three storeys high.

So, human brains are smaller for now. That’s kinda cheating because it’s not an intrinsic difference, merely a technological one.

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 4/6/2017

Very helpful, Jonathan. Thanks. But… I think that with yours world view we will not make progress towards quantum computation and knowledge of human mind and consciousness. Yours perspective is totally mechanistic, based on Physics and Math, as the modern scholar mindset. Maybe you are right, but is is not what my personal research and world view is suggesting.

First of all, Turing did not know what a natural system is. So he did not know the logic running in these systems. If you are interested go to my website to see the formula for all natural systems.

Second there is no quantum effects in the human mind as software because quantum effects are related to an inferior level of organization of matter: it fills the boundary between Newtonian mechanics and biological organization, the frontier between the hard and bone skeleton _ studied by the fields of Physics and Math – and the beginning of the soft meat ( where begins biological organization. The human psyche organization is a superior level).

Third, we can not build a computer reproducing the human brain with this actual technology, neither hundred blocks square: complexity has a limit at any evolutionary lineage. When reaching that limit, occurs an evolutionary jump, a transformation. As happened to human brain, the jump to consciousness. It means that we need to proceed a transformation of our actual technology. Not based on binary digits and so, based on seven variables, like the DNA code. By the way, I think it is good talking between different world views. Thanks.


Software Computacional: Importante Informacao

segunda-feira, fevereiro 27th, 2017


Entendendo a relacao entre software e hardware. Como e’ e como funciona. Como se transportam pensamentos humanos transformados em processadores e memorias, para dentro da materia da maquina.


Um chip (modular… ?) feito de três camadas, como um sanduíche: a camada de cima, reusavel, e’ feita de partículas condutoras de eletricidade diretamente imprimidas sobre uma folha de polietileno. A camada de baixo, e’ uma usável câmara de silicone desenhada para segurar e manter fluidos biológicos. Uma fina e isolante barreira separa a eletrônica de cima da câmara de baixo.


The new chip, dubbed FINP chip, is a modular, three-layered sandwich: the top reusable layer is made of commercially available conductive particles directly printed onto a flexible polyethylene sheet. The bottom layer is a disposable silicone chamber designed to hold biological fluids. A thin insulating barrier separates the top electronics from the chamber.

Obtido em ( este artigo esta bem escrito e informativo para se entender melhor como e’ a tecnologia atual compitacional e por isso vai copiado abaixo para traduzir e rememorar):

This One-Cent Lab-on-a-Chip Can Diagnose Cancer and Infections

Medical diagnostics often feels like magic to me. With just a few drops of blood, doctors can quickly decipher a patient’s general health status—are biomarker levels in range? Are there telltale signs of infection? Are the patient’s cells healthy, or have some quietly mutated into cancerous time bombs?

Diagnósticos médicos frequentemente parecem mágicos, para mim. Com justas poucas gotas de sangue, doutores podem rapidamente decifrarem rapidamente o estado de saúde de um paciente – estão marcar biológicas `a vista? Existem indicações de infecção? Estão as células do paciente saudáveis, ou algumas mutaram para bombas cancerosas?

(continuar tradução)

Behind that magical facade, however, diagnostics lives and breathes technology. Most lab tests rely heavily on specialized machinery and teams of technicians to ensure they’re done safely and correctly. It’s a pricey endeavor: even the most basic equipment—a centrifuge that separates different components of the blood, for example—can cost several thousands of dollars, a price tag far beyond what developing countries can afford.

Without access to cheaper options, many countries stricken by HIV or malaria are severely handicapped in their battles against insurgent epidemics. For them, modern diagnostics might as well be magic.

Now, a team of Stanford engineers has figured out a cheaper alternative. A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences describes a small, reusable microchip that can diagnose multiple diseases.

Here’s the kicker: each chip is made by standard inkjet printing, requires just 20 minutes to assemble, and the cost? A single penny.

“To the best of our knowledge, such a platform with similar functionalities, cost and advantages has not yet been reported,” the team, led by Dr. Ronald Davis, concluded in their paper.

“[This] is really a breakthrough,” says Dr. Eric Topol at the Scripps Translational Science Institute (not involved in the study). “And I don’t use that word too liberally.”

Diagnostics: from physical labs to lab-on-a-chip

When a disease like HIV or malaria strikes, not every cell in the body is infected. In order to get an accurate readout, scientists often first try to isolate the culprit cells.

Since diseased cells are usually a much smaller population than healthy cells, scientists often need to tag them with a special marker in order for the machines to reliably pick them out—kind of like sticking a reflective sticker on a night-time cyclist for more visibility. This step is long and tough: not all target cells get tagged with the marker, and sometimes the marker itself can change the properties of a cell, which disrupts subsequent readouts.

About 15 years ago, scientists began exploring the possibility of simplifying—and miniaturizing—the whole process. Most cells and biomolecules have distinctive properties—size, shape, density and electronic charges, to name a few. Exploiting these properties, scientists made dozens of specialized sensors that only capture bioparticles with a particular property.

When combined with microfluidics, a technology that deals with small amounts of liquid, the sensors were about to isolate blood cells, sequester bacteria, or grab onto various proteins and DNA molecules from droplets of blood and other biological samples—and the first lab-on-a-chip devices were born.

Almost immediately, global health advocates realized the potential of these portable diagnostic wonders for helping poor, developing countries. But they were tough to make.

“[These] platforms often require access to a clean room, sophisticated equipment, and highly trained personnel to perform…manufacturing procedures,” says study author Dr. Rahim Esfandyarpour to Singularity Hub. “This entire procedure can take several days or weeks.”

The flexible inkjet-nanoparticle-printed biochip

To circumvent these problems, Davis’s team turned to a surprising manufacturing device: an ink-jet printer, similar to the one you probably have at your workplace.

The new chip, dubbed FINP chip, is a modular, three-layered sandwich: the top reusable layer is made of commercially available conductive particles directly printed onto a flexible polyethylene sheet. The bottom layer is a disposable silicone chamber designed to hold biological fluids. A thin insulating barrier separates the top electronics from the chamber.

Making the chip is an easy two-step process.

First, users can use any vector-drawing software—for example, Adobe Illustrator—to draw a customized electronic configuration. Because different configurations can be used for different diagnostic purposes, this step tailors the chip to a user’s exact needs.

Next, using any inkjet printer, the drawn electronic pattern is printed onto a cheap, plastic-like sheet, and plopped onto single-use chambers that can be supplied to the user in bulk.

Just like 3D printing, these designs may eventually be downloadable, allowing anyone with a printer to produce their own biochips when needed.

“Production only takes 20 minutes,” says Esfandyarpour.

Similar to previous microchips, the FINP chip isolates cells and biomolecules based on their intrinsic electrical properties. As proof-of-concept, the team designed a chip with two types of chambers: one that isolates cells, and one that analyzes them. They then ran the device through a series of experiments to validate the chip.

In one test, the team showed that the device could efficiently capture breast cancer cells from a fluid sample. Similar to most biomolecules like proteins and DNA, cancer cells have a unique surface charge. By manipulating the electronic field, researchers were able to steer the cancer cells toward a specific chamber on the chip and trap them there, away from all the other cell types.

Since the ability to pick out rare circulating tumor cells can increase our understanding of cancer metastasis, the device could help us detect early spread and potentially save lives, especially in developing countries, the authors explain.

In another experiment, the team wanted to see if the chip could be used to accurately count the number of cells in a given sample. Immune cell counts are often used to diagnose infectious diseases like tuberculosis and malaria, and traditionally done with a technique called flow cytometry that can cost $100,000 for the equipment alone. The penny chip performed just as well.

Democratizing diagnostics

The FNIP chip is the latest win for frugal science—a field that’s bringing cheap, portable and reliable tools to doctors anywhere in the world.

You’ve probably heard of some previous designs: a foldable microscope that costs just 50 cents, or a paper centrifuge that doesn’t require electricity.

Davis and his team are now working hard to get their chip ready for commercialization.

“Any platform for diagnostics or other biomedical applications must go through several testing, validation and optimization paths before commercialization, and we’ll take and follow it very seriously,” says Esfandyarpour.

But the team is optimistic that their device can make a difference.

“[We believe] this work will enable greater individual access to… diagnostic applications in resource-poor and developing countries,” says Davis.

Livro para Sair Correndo a Ler: Se DNA e’ Software, Quem “Escreveu” o Código?

sexta-feira, janeiro 20th, 2017


If DNA is Software, Who “Wrote” the Code?

Louis Morelli says: jan-20/2017

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

You must see my Matrix/DNA Theory, as your book and theory will give me more data for developing mine. The first manifestation of the first shape of DNA was what people call “the eletromagnetic spectrum of all seven kinds of radiations and I called the universal light wave. It is a code not only for life (aka,biological systems) but for all shapes of a unique universal system that is evolving since the Big Bang and change shapes because the light wave is the real process known as life cycle.I discovered that this light wave is also a simple software diagram like the one we apply in computers. So, the diagram is a universal formula that fits as template for all natural systems, from atoms, to galaxies, to cell systems, to brains and now, consciousness is being formed to be the new shape of this system.At my website ( you see the spectrum, the formula, and the models of atoms and galaxies over the formula.
This theory was built in Amazon jungle in seven years when studying in that whole biosphere, the systems and interactions among them.There was a common pattern (the formula) and coming from the non-biological world. The research took a burst to unexpected ways when I was watching the native people drinking the Brazilian type of hallucinogen, called “Saint Daime”. Their visionary description resulted in my drawing as pictures of chackras and kundaluni, which later I discovered was a real description of the DNA’s streams and bases.Adding their descriptions about cosmology plus the pattern at real systems, I got different astronomic models and discovered that described by metaphors those models is the same description of religions foundations, like the Eden paradise, the I Ching, etc. So, my theory is that the halluginogenous brings to counciousness flashes of memories registered in the DNA ( I think at the junk DNA) from our non-biologial ancestrals shpare of that universal system till the Big Bang.From which raised the light wave with its code.
So, this non-visible spectrum is the software, modelling dark matter into a system that evolves like our own bodies.The shapes of this systems are the generations of hardwares. The actual shape is an embryo of consciousness, we are the genes building this embryo just now. Consciousness is the abstract identity of any natural system that arises as the sum of informations of all its parts plus the inner interactions among these parts plus the interactions with the external world. Consciousness was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, began waken up at plants and animals and is lifting up at humans and other intelligent life around this Universe, which are the other genes. In this Universe ( the egg, the placenta) is occurring a process of genetic/computational reproduction of the unknown thing that produced it.The very fact that consciousness emerged here and now means that the unknown and ex-machine must be a natural system and conscious.Our theories are complementaries, I will running by your book and my suggestion is that you need to know what no school is teaching:the real meaning and working of natural systems.Cheers,…

Louis Morelli says:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Sorry the poor English and digited errors above. There is something important for you knowing: the explanation why these hallucinogens works this way. Plant’s cells were the first built as biological systems. They were built by photons/bits information coming from stars and this planet’s nuclei. It happens that this astronomical system is a closed system which is the application of the Matrix/DNA formula in its perfect state.So, plant cells try to mimic its creator – or ancestral – as closed system, that’s why they do photosynthesis, linked direct to a star. Animals cells is missing an important systemic function – performed by the chloroplasts – then, animal cells are opened systems. And our brain, as product of animal cell are opened systems, also. When the perfect closed formula from the plant is absorbed by the brain, the neural network is rewired towards approximating the state of closed system, the perfect state. It seems that the mind is mixed with the creator system, which is cosmological, so, those phantastic visions, theogonies,magical thinking, etc. At my website the formula is draw as closed system, but you can see it as opened system retiring any piece.Cheers,…

Refazendo a Introducao da Pagina Home

sábado, novembro 28th, 2015


E’ preciso refazer a pagina Home consertando vários erros e acrescentando as ultimas descobertas, como o gráfico da luz, consertando a parte em Inglês, etc. Nesta pagina vou registrando o que fazer:

1) O Software do DNA = Identidade do Sistema.

O DNA ‘e como um computador apenas no sentido de que ele ‘e composto por software e hardware. O Hardware e’ a parte visível, física, biológica do DNA. O software ‘e o conjunto de informações resultante da soma de informações de todas as partes do sistema mais as informações geradas pelas experiencias da existência do sistema, inclusive as novas informações geradas dentro do sistema pelas interações entre as partes que não são vizinhas na sequencia do circuito. Essa totalidade de informações e’ o elemento que regula o sistema, portanto e’ o governo do sistema, ou a identidade do sistema. Esta identidade ‘e invisível, como o e’ a mente em relacao ao cérebro.

Mas num forum ( cujo link vai abaixo), um participante mostrou que a forma como esta escrito na introdução da home page, o leitor interpreta tudo errado. E isto fica aqui registrado para fazer a devida correção quando houver oportunidade.

In your opening page, which is linked to, you claim;


DNA is material structure and an unknown command of instructions, and computer is software plus hardware – the process of universal evolution is composed of hardware and software that interact among themselves retroactively;

This is a bad analogy. If I had to use it, I would say DNA is the software, and the proteins that read it are the hardware. A better analogy would be the DNA is the blueprint to our body.

E minha resposta foi ( muito mal, devia ter respondido como faco a explicação acima)

You said: “This is a bad analogy. If I had to use it, I would say DNA is the software, and the proteins that read it are the hardware. A better analogy would be the DNA is the blueprint to our body.”

Matrix: Proteins are like the hands (or robots) of the DNA for to build a cell system, and after that, a multicellular living body.  But, for to understand this theory it is necessary to explain what I think is a natural system and I can’t do it here. A cell system is merely a little bit complex reproduction of a nucleotide system. Which is reproduction of a proto-astronomical system. Universal evolution is evolution of a unique system that was born with the Big Bang. Then, from atoms system to human body system is the same evolution we see about computers. There are a process of feed-back between a universal formula of natural systems (a kind of software called Matrix) and the hardware, which produces evolution.

You said: “If it is possible, it’s going to happen.”

Matrix: “Yes, I agree that your theory is possible. But, the Matrix/DNA theory is possible also. The three billion years used for to build the first living being (the first cell system) could be by abiogenesis (as you explained above) or astronomical embryogenesis (as suggested by Matrix/DNA theory). I don’t know if abiogenesis theory is scientifically falsiable, but embryogenesis is. We need photos from a hundred different kinds of astronomical bodies for to prove that LUCA is real. If all photos are only about the seven known shapes we know today, your theory will earn. But, take care, look to the photos that NASA is publishing almost every day: each photo is coming with the same comments: this body is not a common planet or star or pulsar like our models and we need to change the astronomic theory.

Obs: Este leitor esta me trazendo uma confusão, pois segundo o que entendo aqui, ‘e que o software “lê” o hardware. Penso que ele lê não o hardware, mas as informações depositadas no hardware através de softwares. O DOS não e’ tambem um software? Em todo o caso, quando digo que o software e’ a identidade, o governo do sistema, e’ obvio que ele lê o sistema inteiro, quando o controla. Proteínas são pedaços do circuito esférico do sistema desenhado como a formula da Matrix/DNA,, incluindo o tempo (setas, ondas) e as partes ( as figuras, partículas)

2) Tirar a insinuação de criacionismo da evolução,30719.0/nowap.html?PHPSESSID=88b399afd79dc2d55eac885b6ee72726

Offline Unlimited

Re: First Post: The Universal Matrix?
« Reply #11 on: October 04, 2010, 01:50:38 AM »

Darwin and The Matrix/DNA Theory agreed with the idea of Evolution and with the suggestion that there was a primitive common block which would have brought forth life on Earth. But Darwin thought LUCA as a microscopic stump and could never imagine that LUCA is astronomical, formed by the seven shapes of astronomical bodies! This picture is the Face of LUCA. This discovery enhances the idea of evolution by adding four more variables observed in LUCA upon the Darwinian formula with only three variables (VSI – Variation, Selection, and Inheritance), fulfilling the gaps and explanations in the biological and cosmological evolution, and suggesting the existence of an Intelligence Supreme beyond the borders of this universe.

So you are filling the gaps with god? Sounds like you are giving up to me. Sounds like, a god of the gaps. I hope you don’t convince anyone out there with real talent, to not explore the subject any further.

Have you ever watched smoke from a cigarette? That is partical interaction, thats happening billions of times a second, in say, a drop of water. Things are getting sloshed around, collided together, knoted, twisted, ripped apart, literaly every movement possible. Now if there are already simple organics, like those found throughout our solar system, would it not be possible to create more complex organics? Why draw the line there? Something will find a way to reproduce, the interactions are so random, that you basically cover all the possibilities of current particle interaction, over an extended amount of time. If it is possible, it’s going to happen. When it happends, it is the only thing to matter, everything else is innert matter, waiting to be fed apon, by the most complex interaction of particles available.

E minha resposta foi:

Hi, Unlimited, thanks by the helpful comments.

You said: “So you are filling the gaps with god?”

Matrix: “I never said the word “god”. You are saying it. No, the gaps are not filled with god but with variables coming from LUCA as a closed thermodynamic system: entropy, fragmentation, chaos, mutation due new state of matter, order, super-specialism, entropy, fragmentation… Universal evolution is about the evolution of a unique system that appeared at the Big Bang. The biological organization of matter and its evolution is merely a step of a macro-universal evolution. And you cannot explain evolution ( for instance: the transformation from the reptile cyanodont to mammal) if you don’t apply those variables.

I have mentioned that the models of Matrix Theory suggests the existence of an ex-machine intelligence because the models suggests this universe carries out a genetic reproduction. So, if intelligence is a shape of the embryo, the system ex-machine being reproduced here must have intelligence. But, it does not mean that there is an intelligent design: any mouse or giraffe are able to reproduce itself without applying intelligence. I did not use intelligence for doing my son.

Outros Pesquisadores Chegando Perto da Matrix/DNA: O DNA e’ um Software de Multibilhoes Anos

terça-feira, maio 26th, 2015


Deus criou a genetica natural universal e o Homem tenta imita-Lo artificialmente produzindo os softwares computacionais. E a Matrix/DNA uniu os dois numa linguagem inteligivel aos humanos. Veja este artigo e o meu comentario postado na area de debates: ( quando tiver tempo volto aqui para traduzi-lo)

DNA Is Multibillion-Year-Old Software

by Jag Bhalla

Oportunidade para Brasileiros-Feras e Criativos. Prêmios para Selecionados

sexta-feira, março 14th, 2014

A Innocentive é uma organização promovendo o progresso da tecnologia, publicando as ofertas existentes de prêmios/financiamentos para idéias inovadoras. Abaixo vai o link para uma oferta na qual participei enviando uma proposta ( é muito simples, sem burocracias). Os selecionados nesta proposta terão pagos as despesas para participar numa conferencia no Canadá ( base de 3.000,00 dolares), mais um premio de 8.500,00 dolares, e mais o que pode vir depois, com contratos, etc. Sempre é bom estar atento na Innocentive e… torçam por mim… seria uma grande oportunidade para debater meus modelos feitos na selva com experts em todas as areas cientificas.

Ideas for Annual Computational Cognition Competition

AWARD: $8,500 USD  |  DEADLINE: 4/15/14  |  ACTIVE SOLVERS: 29  |  POSTED: 3/14/14

Source: InnoCentive      Challenge ID: 9933054     Type: Ideation

My Submitted Solution:

   Natural Software Formula for Systems plus Optical Physics an
Submitted: 2014-03-14

Cérebro e Consciência: Interessante Teoria

sábado, janeiro 18th, 2014

Mind exists outside of physical world – will you agree?

Jan 10 2014 –  by Pabitra Mukhopadhyay –

However, our ideas of consciousness, mind, intelligence, information processing etc. with respect to environments (and I am not even talking about ‘rich internal life’ or qualia) are unfairly based on neuronic hierarchy of sentience. Like for consciousness to be handled by a scientist, his/her field has to be neuro-biology. In order to discuss consciousness and mind legitimately we are supposed to be within the boundaries of cognitive sciences – and these do not offer much of explanation at all.

If I understand it correctly, consciousness is all about being aware of the environment to start with, intelligence is the capacity to interact with it to survive at the most basic level and mind is the information processing software of conscious life. It is very unclear to me why sentience has to be sole territory of neurons, brains and nervous systems. There is much evidence of hormonal sentience of plants.

It appears to me that we tend to monopolize the ideas of consciousness, mind and intelligence in an anthropocentric way where human brain figures as the last word.

Minha opinião e comentário postado na conversação do TED (foi dividido em dois posts):

Louis Morellthumb  January, 18 -2014 – 10:13 AM

Well, I am currently choosing a theory of the mind that comes from outside cognitive sciences and the anthropocentric self-projection. This definition came from calculus, when applying comparative anatomy between living and non-living natural systems. First, was discovered an unknown system that fits as the evolutionary link between living and non-living. But, the link is an astronomical system, and despite the fact that it is half-mechanical and half-biological, the problem was, 30 years ago, to figure out why and how it was transformed or produced from itself a copy at microscopic dimensions and as biological system. Solving this problem, the researcher found a natural living software inside all systems and called it “the universal mind”.

Of course, the process used in that “self-reproduction”, must be the genetic process in its primitive state. Then, it was revealed: the astronomical system is a closed system, which attacked by entropy have its degradation beginning at its periphery, producing fragments that are driven internally towards its center, the nucleus. But, the periphery was under radiation producing energy, in shape of light, emitting photons. Those photons worked like bits-information from the old system and at a new environment ( like the surface of an internal planet) those photons joining again reproducing at microscopic scale and with mutations evolving its biological properties. The photons worked as the ancestors of biological genes, the whole as the genome, but the picture of this genome is identical to a diagram of software that we build for operating a hardware. The crucial difference is that the natural software is a living thing. Evolution has worked in same way that worked the evolution of ours computers: the primitive first hardware did easier to get more informations from the external world, these informations went to a human mind that feels the necessity of improving the software, but then, need a more powerful ( post)

Louis Morelli – January, 18, 2014 – 10:19 AM

… powerful hardware, a process of feed-back.

So, every natural system – from atoms to galaxias to plants to animals to humans –  are composed by descartable hardware and a living software, and this includes the human brain as a system. This software is under evolution, its first amd primitive shape was the light wave emitted by the Big Bang, expanding, penetrating dark inertial matter and imprinting the code for life. Finally, the whole description of this software mind was described thousands years ago: there is a universal soul that was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, began waking up at plants and animals, and now is an embryo of consciousness being nurtured inside this kind of egg that is the human head.

The big question is: knowing that the hardware becomes old and “dies”, what happens with this living software? Of course, our wish is that the software must survival, then, our research will be guided to find this result. Because now, we are not more watching the results revealed by an investigative method that worked by itself without human interference, then we can’t avoid the anthropocentrism. We are focusing natural light because it started the process and we are suspecting that the acceleration of synapses is producing a kind of luminous plasma. If so, our mind must be like bubbles containing light and dust of a cosmic ocean of light. When we are alive,  these bubbles are inside our heads, when the hardware dies, the bubble explodes becoming the ocean itself. Since that the ocean is the whole and known non boundaries, this theory fits with what people that had experience visions after-death are talking about. I am crazy looking to all theories, but I hope that you appreciate this theory, because we are in need of more people doing the research, more minds thinking together. Cheers,

Resposta do Autor ao Meu Comentario:


Pabitra Mukhopadhyay 50+

Jan 18 2014: For a theory that seems too descriptive to me and I honestly am making no sense of it. Please appreciate that when I am saying ‘theory of mind’ I am asking it on the foundation of science and not the way psychologists (human psychologists or psychiatrists) use it. I am not sure psychology or psychiatry is science at all.

It is acceptable to me that ‘mind’ is a concept akin to scientific concepts the way Arkady argued. Only problem is scientific concepts have practical applications with predictable results. ‘Mind’ as a concept does not appear to be so.

It is difficult even to feel complacent that science will one day find out how exactly mind works. First reason being there seems to be no branch of science presently studying the ‘mind’ concept. Second merely knowing the exact architecture of brain or the physical basis of neurons can predict behavior, not mind.

That makes perception, cognition, attention, emotion, phenomenology, motivation, brain functioning, personality, behavior, and interpersonal relationships floating without solid scientific foundation.

Now please re-read my question and try answering.

Minhas respostas:

Louis Morelli

To: Pabitra Mukhopadhyay – 30 – jan- 2014

1) You says: “For a theory that seems too descriptive to me and I honestly am making no sense of it.”
My comments: When reading you I have the suspect that you are coming to this issue with a previous preference, with bias founded upon something that you want to believe. If i am right, yours attitude would explain why you think my theory is too descriptive. There are no limits on descriptions when talking about mind because “mind”is the most complex phenomena observed here and now by a limited brain. So, mind must have inserted into it all aspects of this Universe and probably, beyond the universe. There is no way for applying Occam’s razor on this issue. If you think that you will already understood or will understand what mind is before yours death, forget it. If you wish to study this phenomena, you need be very patient and truing to know every detail of the Universe where mind emerged ( or the universe that mind created…). It is ggo trying to understanding others’ theories because they are discovering things that you didn’t.  Then, you conclude that you are not making sense of my theory. Of course, you don’t know nothing about it, about 30 years of research that you never made. The appeal to “don’t make sense” is yours Occam’s razor,  a tool that is not appropriated by an student of consciousness.
2) You says: ” Only problem is scientific concepts have practical applications with predictable results.”
My comments: Which practical applications and predictable results had quantum theory or general relativity or evolution theory at the time they were launched? The study of mind need be supported by the real facts of this natural world, despite knowing that our brains and scientific resources will not reach tomorrow the whole knowledge about the mind. Id you does not follow the search and lessons step by step, you will fall into a belief system of the mind and then, you will go far away from the final knowledge.

To: Pabitra Mukhopadhyay 30- jan- 2014

3) You says:  “Now please re-read my question and try answering.”
There is no answer to yours affirmation that “mind exists outside the physical world”. Because nobody can prove its answer, as you can’t prove that affirmation. You should ask: My theory today is….. which is yours theory? Why? These should be an optimal initiative from yours, let’s go changing informations and knowing what others are getting about a phenomena that will be solved only if and when the first human can go outside the physical world that is this universe observable by our limited sensors. My method of investigation is not “officially scientific” and I started with no previous concepts. The final result is suggesting that consciousness and human body is explained by an observable phenomena here and now: the mind of Bill Gates ( existing outside computers) the software windows ( a production/reproduction of something existent in the mind of Bill Gates that are projected inside the computer) and the computer’s hardware ( the physical human brain). Remembering that there is an evolutionary process of feed-back between hardware and software, that hardwares are discarded and changed but the software is not, it is growing, becoming complex.


Mensagens da Matrix/DNA: O Aquecimento Global seria o Inferno trazido a Terra para corrigir os erros de Software da Alma Humana?

quarta-feira, dezembro 18th, 2013

O aquecimento global é um exemplo de como caminha a evolução do sistema natural universal que surgiu desde o Big Bang. Esta evolução avança devido todos os sistemas naturais – como os corpos humanos – serem dotados de hardware ( a parte carnal) e software ( a parte do comando de instruções, como os pensamentos, a mente, ou o DNA sobre os genes, etc). Assim como evoluem nossos computadores. Primeiro existiu uma idéia numa cabeça humana ( que visualizou o simples ábaco e suas operações, ou, mais tarde, a cabeça do Bill Gates que visualizou o Windows, etc.; essas idéias são da dimensão invisível do software). Tal ideia produziu um artefato material, o hardware. Usando o hardware se produz mais e mais rápido, o que faz obter-se novas informações do mundo real, as quais aumentam ou elevam os níveis da necessidade humana. e estas necessidades esforçam a mente em pensar em novos hardwares mais poderosos. Assim, o software inicial, com poucas informações, gera seu próprio corpo físico, seu hardware, no qual desce, se encarna, para operar no mundo real desta nossa dimensão, ou na dimensão captada pelas maquinas. Mas o hardware capta e alimenta o software com mais novas informações, o qual o faz crescer, evoluir, para criar novo mais evoluído hardware. É um continuo processo de feed-back, retro-alimentação, e sabe-se la porque o mundo é assim, eu não sei, mas estou fortemente suspeitando que o mundo é assim, porque esta composição entre hardware e software surgiu sem eu esperar dos meus cálculos na selva amazônica sobre a evolução daquela natureza selvagem, e como acho que os cálculos foram impessoais, foram a própria e genuína lógica da Natureza, não posso ignora-la. Misticos no mundo inteiro intuíram esta composição, mas com poucas informações sobre as distantes informações da Natureza e sem conhecimento do computador, fantasiaram tudo, dando nomes ao software de “alma do mundo”, “espíritos”, etc., adornando o bicho com chifres que na realidade não possui. Mas num fato eles acertaram, pois da mesma forma que o primeiro DNA que surgiu aqui na Terra – ( a 3,5 bilhões de anos atrás?) – nunca morreu, nunca foi destruído, e continua aí vivinho da silva, até parece que o bicho veio para se estabelecer como eterno ( se ele é de fato uma continuidade da Matrix que veio desde antes do Big Bang, ele é eterno), assim também os meus modelos insistem em afirmar que este software-alma veio de antes do Big bang e continua aí, evoluindo.

O planeta Terra, e quiçá o Sistema Solar, era um hardware,e nele hoje existe um software, que é a camada do inconsciente coletivo revestindo a superfície terrestre, fragmentada em 7 bilhões de fragmentos, cada um dentro de cada cabeça humana. Gerando um hardware bastante complexo, que são os corpos humanos, este conjunto se comportou errado, de maneira que sua existência certamente vai ser torturada pelas mudanças em seu habitat. Esta tortura do hardware refletindo no software obrigará o software a crescer em necessidades, precisar de novas soluções, novos hardwares. Se não ocorresse este natural efeito de maus comportamentos que é o aquecimento global, o software aqui se acomodaria nos prazeres da matéria, instalando uma espécie de Admirável Mundo Novo sob um Grande Irmão, e seria a prisão eterna para o software universal. Como dizia minha avó, “há malas que vem de trem, outras vem de avião…”…oooppsss… não é nada disso que ela dizia, e sim: “Há males que vem para o bem…”

Aquecimento Global da Terra segundo a Teoria da Matrix/DNA

Aquecimento Global da Terra segundo a Teoria da Matrix/DNA

Segundo nossos modelos astronômicos, esta imagem representa o que aconteceria num caso extremo, se a Humanidade não mudar seus hábitos. Planetas surgem possuindo um núcleo inerte, e desta forma, pu por esta sua forma inicial, a Terra criou aqui o fenômeno conhecido das sementes vegetais, onde um germe inerte esta envolvido por uma aureola de nutrientes. Ao se plantar uma semente onde haja água, ela incha a semente para que penetre em seus poros, com isso levando os fótons que a água terrestre recebe com a energia solar. Ora, o núcleo do planeta é um germe de estrela como o nosso Sol, então a energia do Sol o desperta e o estimula a iniciar suas reações nucleares, como acontece no Sol. Assim o núcleo da Terra vai “comendo” de dentro para fora a  sua camada de nutrientes, que são as partículas de energia dos átomos compondo as rochas das camadas geológicas tectônicas. Este processo continua até p planeta ficar com uma camada superficial muito fina, como a casca de uma laranja, e de repente esta pele se colapsa, momento em que o astro desabrocha como uma estrêla, uma supernova. Claro, antes disso tem todo o processo descrito nos modelos, onde um planeta se torna um pulsar antes de ser uma supernova, e como êle vai se distanciando do seu Sol pelo enfraquecimento da força gravitacional. O nosso problema aqui é que, enquanto este processo demoraria milhões ou bilhões de anos, se fosse plenamente deixado às forças naturais ( com isso permitindo que formas de vida inteligente aqui já se estivessem espalhado pelo Cosmos), o inveterado consumo e orgias dos ricos humanos, o descontrole sexual dos pobres gerando uma super-população, funciona como se as bactérias do intestino aumentassem demasiado em numero e em gula, gerando todas aquelas tormentas da prisão de ventre. A a;cão humana está imitando as bactérias do intestino, quando esta destruindo a atmosfera natural que contem e equilibra a energia recebida do Sol, quando está cavando buracos e secando as veias da Terra ao sugar seu sangue ( o petróleo), o que faz que enorme quantidade de luz solar alcance o germe no núcleo e o obrigue a entrar em frenética reação nuclear. Ao invés da casca da Terra se tornar cada vez mais fina, assim está se arriscando a que ela se rompa ainda quando esta mais densa, produzindo um aborto prematuro de uma estrêla. E nosso corpos não foram feitos para sobreviver na superfície do Sol… Apenas se iniciar-mos urgente um sistema educacional familiar e escolar que gere adultos tendentes a mais atividades intelectuais do que a inquieta atividade física, diminuiremos o consumismo, desenvolveremos as Ciências naturais e a tecnologia, e assim nos salvaremos. Ainda há tempo, ainda é possível.

Apenas se nos unir-mos na ONU, será evitada a venda e depredação dos Polos

Apenas se nos unir-mos na ONU, será evitada a venda e depredação dos Polos

Pais ricos que estão dando a Natureza na forma de supérfluos a seus filhos, estão conduzindo-os a uma armadilha mortal

Pais ricos que estão dando a Natureza na forma de supérfluos a seus filhos, estão conduzindo-os a uma armadilha mortal

Você que compra ações das industrias, na busca apenas de lucro, sem usar a cabeça para pensar nas suas consequências, pensas ser um esperto, mas é mais burro do que um cavalo. Assim pensará de ti suas próximas gerações, sendo torturadas  pelos seus erros.

Você que compra ações das industrias, na busca apenas de lucro, sem usar a cabeça para pensar nas suas consequências, pensas ser um esperto, mas é mais burro do que um cavalo. Assim pensará de ti suas próximas gerações, sendo torturadas pelos seus erros.

Vejo nosso planeta hoje como o elefante do zoológico doente e deitado numa mesa do hospital. Dezenas de cientistas à volta olhando o bicho e perguntando: "Mas o que tem de errado nele? Nem sei por onde começar a procurar!" E cada um dá uma opinião diferente. Vão encontrar a causa e cura antes dele morrer? Porque não ouvem o diagnóstico da Matrix/DNA, que realmente entende da vida dos astros?

Vejo nosso planeta hoje como o elefante do zoológico doente e deitado numa mesa do hospital. Dezenas de cientistas à volta olhando o bicho e perguntando: “Mas o que tem de errado nele? Nem sei por onde começar a procurar!” E cada um dá uma opinião diferente. Vão encontrar a causa e cura antes dele morrer? Porque não ouvem o diagnóstico da Matrix/DNA, que realmente entende da vida dos astros?

As mulheres diminuíram desde o século 18, o tamanho de suas ciroulas, para fazer a super-população explodir. Mais uma vez Eva sucumbe aos impulsos naturais e convence Adão a fazer o mesmo. Resultado final previsto: mais uma queda dolorosa, até o dia em que Eva e Adão aprendam a filosofar mais e agir menos como impulsivos animais

As mulheres diminuíram desde o século 18, o tamanho de suas ciroulas, para fazer a super-população explodir. Mais uma vez Eva sucumbe aos impulsos naturais e convence Adão a fazer o mesmo. Resultado final previsto: mais uma queda dolorosa, até o dia em que Eva e Adão aprendam a filosofar mais e agir menos como impulsivos animais

Hoje se ouve e observa as cocotas super-preocupadas com a maquiagem. Mas a produção de cosméticos acelera o aquecimento global, o qual traz canceres de pele, e vai desfigurar a face de suas filhas. O jovem que sabe disso as vê e pensa: "Quanta debilidade mental!"

Hoje se ouve e observa as cocotas super-preocupadas com a maquiagem. Mas a produção de cosméticos acelera o aquecimento global, o qual traz canceres de pele, e vai desfigurar a face de suas filhas. O jovem que sabe disso as vê e pensa: “Quanta debilidade mental!”