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O melhor argumento para quando dizer que a Teoria da Evolução esta’ incompleta.

domingo, dezembro 2nd, 2018


At a science festival, Denis Alexander, an evolutionary biologist (and Christian, as it happens), answered the question about the difference between a scientific theory and a fact by saying that,…

” In science, a theory is something that explains a fact or set of facts. So for example (he said) it is a simple fact that organisms evolve from earlier organisms; and the scientific theory of evolution by natural selection explains how that evolution happens.”

But I do agree that, to the non-scientists among us, there doesn’t always feel to be a huge amount of difference between the two. Scientists, though, who are always looking to discover new details and new facts, need to be clear in their own minds that the search for knowledge is never 100% complete. The key, I guess, is to match the degree of confidence in a claim to the amount of evidence there is for the truth of it.