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Asteróides-Pipas Transportaram a Água Para o Planeta Terra?! Porque não Trouxeram Vinho e Cachaça Tambem?

quinta-feira, dezembro 11th, 2014

É cada uma! Um considerado sério jornal como o The Wall Street Journal publicou este artigo e a minha opinião de que as escolas e universidades estão deixando os alunos totalmente aloprados formando estes cientistas aloprados não poderia me evitar postar a minha opinião seguinte no jornal:

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Rosetta Data Support View That Asteroids Brought Water to Earth

Direct measurements of the water contained on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko by the Rosetta spacecraft support the view that it was asteroids that brought most of the water to the early Earth. The findings undermine a view that  favored comets as the source of Earth’s water. Gautam Naik reports.

Louis Morelli
Louis Morelli – Dec, 11, 2014

Schools are teaching a wrong model for astronomic systems formation and this is serious because the believe in any world view is the foundations for a moral code, some humans behaviors and prejudices the mind’s evolution. A “theoretical” model is being told to be scientifically proved, as you can see inn the shollars texts.

This model suggests that Earth and any other planet next to the Sun could not have this big quantity of water, so, what are they waiting for telling the thru and searching another more accurate model?

Like Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting a different model that predicts this water and every day is reinforced by space new data. We are doing a disservice to our children selling theories as if they were already proved by data. All prior civilizations broke down due were built upon wrong interpretations of this natural world and we are repeating the bad course, our future generations and maybe we that are alive today will pay the hard price.


The theoretical current model for astronomic systems formations is wrong but the academic staff does not want to recognize it. Then, non-rational hypothesis like this one are necessary for fitting into the model. We are watching everyday new real data and the experts words: “this was not predicted by the model, or “this is exception because does not fit the known formation process”, etc.

Comets are not formed by the Kuiper Belt and are not made up of ice, dust and rocky material, only. Comets originates from giant volcanoes of giant gaseous old planets and their nucleus are composed by volcanic magma. Planets are not formed by isolated and separated dust at peripheral nebular regions, but by the same central vortex that formed the star, so, planets were covered by ice at their formation and the stars heat evaporated or transformed into water this surface ice… as predicted by a more rational astronomic model called “Matrix/DNA Theory”. Both are theoretical models very different, but also the academic staff does not want to recognize any others model.

O Mistério de Onde Veio a Água da Terra e Novas Informações Reforçam a Matrix/DNA Theory

segunda-feira, novembro 3rd, 2014

Novo “paper” cientifico sugere que a agua do planeta veio de antes da formação do sistema solar! Como seria isto possivel? O “paper” sugere uma explicação e vai abaixo copiado porque precisamos pesquisar detalhadamente cada elemento mencionado no artigo, por exemplo, o que é ” chondrites”.

Mas por outro lado a teoria de que a agua da Terra veio antes da formação do sistema solar é justamente a minha teoria feita a 30 anos atrás! Vou tentar escrever um comentario em ingles ( ai, ai) e postar no artigo, explicando porque e como a Matrix/DNA sugeriu isto:

Louis Charles Morelli – posted November, 03, 2014

That water came before the formation of solar system was suggested by the astronomical model from Matrix/DNA Theory. You can see it at Matrix/DNA website. But, then, the formation of solar system, accordingly to this model, is very different from the academic theory for formation of stars systems.

Why only Earth has this big quantity of water? My model suggests that astronomical bodies changes its shapes and composition over time like our own body do it, because both are under the process of vital cycles. Planets of this solar system have different ages. There is an age ( at about 4,5 billions years old) when all planets have water like Earth. And Earth is the unique planet just now with that age.

Planets were not formed together with a star, they came from the interstellar space, formed around spiral vortexes. They got their “geological layers” while escaping from the vortexes, where the temperature makes freezer dust as rock. When falling into a star’s orbit is the heat of that star that warms the ice making water. ( Ok:my problem is that I don’t know if this Milk Way is a galaxy from first or second generation, and this theory is about first generation).



Brian Koberlein

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Ancient Seas

For an inner planet, Earth is bountiful with water. The origin of that water has been a matter of some debate. One idea is that a combination of Earth’s strong magnetic field and distance from the Sun allowed Earth to retain much of the water emitted from rocks as the planet cooled. Another is that water came to Earth through cometary or asteroid bombardment. But now it seems the origin of Earth’s water is more complex and more interesting that we’ve thought.

Last month an article in Science showed that much of Earth’s water existed before the formation of the solar system. The authors demonstrated this by looking a levels of deuterium in terrestrial water. Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen that has a proton and neutron in its nucleus, rather than just a proton. As a result, it’s almost twice as heavy as regular hydrogen, and this means the way it chemically reacts is slightly different from regular hydrogen.

Deuterium isn’t very common compared to hydrogen, and exists at about 26 parts per million. When the team measured levels of deuterium in the water of Earth and other solar system bodies, they found the water contained deuterium at about 150 parts per million. This is interesting, because deuterium water is more likely to form in interstellar space. Water formed in the heat of a young solar system isn’t likely to produce much deuterium water. Given measured deuterium levels, the authors calculate that about half of Earth’s water was produced in the depths of space, before the solar system was formed.

This month another paper in Science found that water arrived on Earth earlier than expected. In this paper the team compared chondrite minerals on Earth with chondrite asteroids, specifically ones that likely originated from Vesta. Chondrite asteroids have a high quantity of water chemically bound to them, and one idea is that they could have been the source of Earth’s water. When they looked at the chemical makeup of terrestrial chondrites, they found them to be remarkably similar. This likely means terrestrial chondrites were themselves the source of Earth’s water. If that’s the case, then Earth was likely a water world a hundred million years earlier than the bombardment model predicts.

So it seems that Earth’s seas are more ancient both in origin and composition than we once thought.

Image:  Kuyan Redman

Paper: Cleeves, L. I., et al. The ancient heritage of water ice in the solar system. Science, 345 (6204), p. 1590 – 1593 (2014)

Paper: Sarafian et al. Early accretion of water in the inner solar system from a carbonaceous chondrite–like source. Science, 346 (6209) p. 623-626 (2014)