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Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Sorry. Since I am not having enough time for translating from Portuguese, for seeing the articles one need to chlick the Brazillian flag above. Also, I understand that the site is not explaining almost nothing about the theory. It is because the site is under construction, I have a lot of writed material but had no time and the special computers skills for doing that. I hope will do it soon. Thanks…

Optimized by Evolution, Ants Don’t Have Traffic Jams

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Once again, a natural phenomena explained by Matrix models…       

 See this interesting article at <p><a href=””>               </a></p><p>( —

And below, see the explanations from the Matrix Theory…

 As highway traffic increases, you’d probably expect a traffic jam, where vehicles slow down due to the high density. While traffic jams are a common occurrence on our highways, high density traffic has completely different effects for ants traveling on trails. As a new study has found, ants don’t have traffic jams. Rather, as ant traffic density increases, the traffic maintains the same average velocity as at low densities.</p>

The explanations from Matrix Theory and LUCA ( the text was edited in comments, following the article in 

The Physics and Thermodynamics Source of Ants Traffic Behavior

Everybody can understand this ants behavior seeing the anatomy of LUCA,  The Last Universal Common Ancestral, because it is a genetic and inherited behavior from that ancestral. This behavior came from the so called inanimate Physics, the same that does not allow electrons changing speed in trail inside wires, which should provoke a short circuit. Ants have no brains for traffic engineering, what is working here are the laws of atoms constituting the bodies of ants. The poster below called tFW is right saying that, The difference here, between ants and humans, is that every ant knows and accepts it’s part in the machine. Ants are like machines because LUCA was a system machine-like (a Newtonian biological machine) and LUCA is encrypted inside the genetic code of every living being. When looking to the anatomy of LUCA, you can see the origins of this transport behavior in the channels of communication among the seven parts or systemic functions. It is traffic obeying a clockwise rhythm. If the traffic increases velocity or slow down, all bits walking inside those channels performs the same speed.
Let’s see what LUCA says about the article:

1 ARTICLE On the other hand, human transportation systems still reflect a certain desire for freedom and individuality.

LUCA Ants, as primitive specie has strong genetic behavior mimicking the last ancestral. The last ancestor has a body like a machine, it is a perfect closed system. So, ants are like parts of a machine, they works as machine. Human beings, since that is a specie very distant from the ancestral, and have the spectacular mutation developing counsciousness, keeps iself as opened system. At any opened system, the parts can acts autonomous and individually. Ants can not.

2 ARTICLE As the researchers suggested, perhaps evolution has optimized ant traffic flow, since ants are known to have highly developed social behaviors.

LUCA It is not about optimization by evolution, but, it is about progress in a process of reproduction. Every element in biosphere, included ants, is a step in the ptocess of terrestrial reproduction of LUCA. Ants does not have highly developed social behaviors, but is a kind of biological system that the best has made in mimicking the social system of the ancestral. Every detail in the ants society you can see in the anatomy of LUCA billions years before life origins at Earth.

3 ARTICLE In their study, the scientists observed that ants tend to form platoons in which they move at almost identical velocities, allowing them to travel %u201Cbumper-to-bumper%u201D while maintaining their velocity. At higher densities, platoons merge to form longer platoons.

LUCA The platoons are ants way of mimicking the waves of time that advances inside the systemic circuit of LUCA. You can have a better vision of those waves with an analogy of a stone thrown in the water of a lake. Each layer of the last wave contains quantities of bits and no platoon changes velocity because the waves does not also. When all later bits arrives to the last wave, a new and larger wave is formed, always longer than the last one.

4 ARTICLE For the ants, an efficient transport system is essential for the survival of a colony

LUCA Yes, they are being driven by the ability of the atoms of their bodies. In the body of LUCA, these atoms are driven in a perfect and efficient transport system, if not, the whole system self-destroy and LUCA dies.

5 ARTICLE As he explained, understanding ant behavior will require further study: %u201CNow entomologists have to connect this behavior of ants to their %u2018thinking and sensing%u2019 process. Our work opens up the possibility of collaborations between entomologists, physicists, mathematical modelers and traffic scientists.

LUCA The best contributor to understand ant behavior and everything else in biosphere is the knowledge of the LUCA anatomy. See below how the models of LUCA already had suggest to me looking for quorum sensing when I was inquiring about the ant transport behavior.

6 ARTICLE the scientists suggest that ant traffic might be more analogous to human pedestrian traffic.

LUCA Sorry, it is not. Human pedestrian traffic is about opened system, and ants walking in trail are about the genetic inheritance from a closed system.

7 ARTICLE They plan to explore this analogy in the future, and they predict that their results could have applications in swarm intelligence, ant-based computer algorithms, and traffic engineering.

LUCA Sorry, the study about ants traffic behavior can not be useful for human traffic engineering. Humans are not robots. Ok, we can use it for planning driverless vehicles. Because the closed social system, the ants social system is decentralized, without the direction of a controller. Indeed there is a supreme controller, but he does not belongs to the system, he is invisible to the parts. The controller is the result of the sum of informations of all parts plus the information that emerges from the fuzzy logic inside the system. In other words, the controller is the system itself. The set of parts build the system-controller, like the human brain build the mind. But the mind is the controller invisible to the parts and the mind, through central nervous system, is behind the quorum sensing inside the human body. The most viable application in technology, I think, is in robotics, in self organizing networks such as the SECOAS, Self-Organizing Collegiate Sensor, environmental monitoring system.

8 ARTICLE As the example of the ant trail shows, non-egoistic behavior could improve the situation for almost everybody. However, this will be difficult to achieve since, very much in contrast to the ants, drivers and their cars are very different

LUCA The genetic inheritance of ants, from an ancestral machine like, makes that every ant be altruist. Because they are merely organs of a system, the system is a closed one and closed system is the extreme selfishness possible in this world. We humans inherited the selfish gene from LUCA, because LUCA choose to be a closed system, cutting relations with everything else in the Universe. But, the selfishness of the system is based over the altruism of its parts, which makes everything for the well being of the system. Since the parts are nurtured and accommodated and protected by the selfish system, it means that in fact the altruism of its parts is selfishness also. In another words, the selfish system is result of the sum of the altruism in its direction from every part. And human beings society is opened systems%u2026 yet.

9 ARTICLE Another interesting point is the relevance of communication between the vehicles. On ant trails this is achieved mostly on a chemical basis.

LUCA That is it! It is in chemistry, thermodynamics, Physics, that this interesting study must go now. We will learn a lot, with the help of ants transport behavior.

I can not do this job but, a quickly looking to the Matrix models of LUCA, at . suggest to me how could be a method for studying it:
The ants transport behavior is based in the hormone called pheromone. It seems that specifically it is about the pheromone releaser, or signal pheromone. These pheromones are based on hydrocarbons. The majority of hydrocarbons found naturally occur in crude oil, where decomposed organic matter provides an abundance of carbon and hydrogen which, when bonded, can catenate to form seemingly limitless chains. Carbon is the atom choose for to constitutes the organic matter because it is the atom that mimics a system like LUCA: the number of protons, six, performs the six systemic functions like LUCA. This inherent ability of hydrocarbons to bond to themselves is referred to as catenation, the physic-chemical scenario behind this transport behavior. Social ants system, like the body of LUCA is a closed system where there is decentralized system, because no individual is in charge of directing or making decisions for the colony. The general commander is invisible; it is outside of the physical anatomy, because he is the proper system, the sum of informations from every part plus the informations acquired by internal fuzzy logic due the miscegenation of functions. Then the command seems to be quorum sensing. The transport in the trail is a kind of catenation, the ability of a chemical element to form a long chain-like structure via a series of covalent bonds. The covalence is performed by a bi-polar link: when walking, the ants are in a chain where the back, polar a, of an ant is followed by the head, polar b, of the next ant. Quorum sensing can also be used to coordinate the behavior of autonomous robot swarms. Using a process similar to that used by Temnothorax ants, robots can make rapid group decisions without the direction of a controller [Quorum sensing can be a useful tool for improving the function of self-organizing networks. Finally, Some hydrocarbons also are abundant in the solar system. Lakes of liquid methane and ethane have been found on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, confirmed by the Cassini-Huygens Mission. Which drives our attention to our astronomic ancestral, Mr. LUCA.

Janna Levin is discovering the Matrix!

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Words from Janna: ” In topology, we know much about what it means to live in a spacetime. From this perspective, as observers and performers of thought experiments,we can chart out the space in which we live, just as we have charted the oceans and continents of ourt planet.

     . This might seem limited, imposing our human percepcion to try to deduce the “grandest cosmic code”.  But we are the product of this universe, and I think it can be argued that the entire cosmic code is inprinted in us. Just as our genes carry the memory of our biological ancestors, our logic carries the memory of our cosmological ancestry. We are not just imposing humancentric notions on a cosmos independent of us. We are projeny of this cosmos, and our hability to understand it is an inheritance”.  Janna Levin, advanced fellow in the department of applied mathematics and theoretical physics at the University of Cambridge, in “How the Universe Got Its Spots: Diary os a Finite Time in a Finite Space, published by Princeton University Press (an extraordinary job! Lol!)

My Comments: Janna is able to express in words and most in English just what I feel and I can’t.  A “cosmic code” is the exactly definiton for the Matrix. What if Janna could be reached by this web-site and could understanding what we are talking about here? If she could see the cosmological hardware and its software? I am telling you: it is time of a new wave of evolution, it is reaching a lot of human mind in the entire world, it is the human being awake up to his/her link to the Cosmos.  Below, something more from Janna:

” Despite its great success, even Einstein’s theory is incomplete. General relativity does not fully predict the geometry of space. it does offer a theory for local curves, but it does not determine the global shape and connectedness of space. Relativity cannot distinguishy between a universe that continues forever and one that wraps back in itself, is finite and edgeless.

“The global shape and connectedness of space is the domain of topology, a branch of mathematics that has seen profound advances in the 20th century. Even thought we still don’t undesrtand the deepest connection between matter, energy, and gravity, we know much about it means to live in a spacetime. (the text follows above)…

My Comments:

Oh, then there is topology, I need running to know what it is about, it seems very interesting . But I feel some unconfortable with mathematics as the origin of a branch that is looking for the cosmic code. I think, mathematics will reveal forever the mechanical newtonian aspect of the Cosmos, only. But, the Cosmos is covered by a layer of Biological Language wich can not be reached by Mathematical Language. Maybe that’s the point avoiding the topologists to discovering the Matrix by themselves.

But, why a half-monkey/half-man isolated at Amazon Jungle could discover the Cosmic Code first than the powerful people at the University of Cambridge?!  That’s the answer: brain washing cleaning it from the culture of our civilization, which was drived to think that Cosmos is the reign of Physics alone, structured over Mathematics. The mental collapse as effect from the jungle’s hell make us to think in a different way… 

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