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Tuesday, December 19th, 2017


What is Phi? (The Basics of the Golden Ratio)

(Comment posted by Matrix/DNA at 12/19/17

The number Phi is the mathematical representation of the natural force responsibly by all reproductive processes and events in Nature from stars systems to human bodies. Every time everywhere this force is present, and when Nature organizes matter into systems, if the systems has the tendency to self-recycling it is this force that does the job. The most common presence of phi is at spirals. Why is there phi in spirals? Because a living spiral has the tendency to self-expansion, and for doing it needs to reproduce the last circular wave into a new wave. Who help grabbing the shape, constitution, etc., of the last wave and projects its ahead into empty space? Phi.

Once time – at the origins of life – there was only RNA, no DNA yet. RNA was not a complete and working system, but, when the force of phi acted upon it, the RNA was fixed as left face and the left face was reproduced as right face. Phi is force that came and go, it does not belongs to systems, it is temporary, responsible by cyclic processes. Then, cyclic menstruation, lunar cycles, etc. For acting in matter, this force needs to build a material tool, it is condensed into matter/energy. So, for acting upon RNA it build the Uracil base and after the reproduction it was retired, DNA has no Uracil. DNA grows by making and adding new building blocks. So, the force comes again ( maybe with help from RNA-uracil) and reproduces the last building block.

Ok. Nobody never told or published the suggestions above, so, how I arrived to this conclusion? I am the author of natural’s systems diagram/formula, a pattern that I saw ( first time in Amazon jungle), flowing as the circuit of energy/information that runs inside systems. From atoms to galaxies to cells to human bodies to brains: all are copies of a unique template system, universal, which we represent as a simple software diagram, it is at my website. The flow running inside is represented by parts (particles in relation to space) and arrows ( waves, in relation to time). About Phi I discovered it in the formula when measuring the scales of the circuit, then, there was a systemic function located at a point that resulted into 1,618… Studying the function and grasping all traits, I arrived to Phi definition above. But, take care: I am not the owner of thru, I have merely a new theory, which is under testing, so, I am repeating that it is not a scientific theory, but a philosophical one. You must have yours conclusions.

Phi Number: Its Secrets Solved by Matrix/DNA Formula

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

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