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What is the best laptop to purchase for someone who is a writer ?

Monday, May 4th, 2020

( se preparando para comprar outro…)

As a writer, you are going to(at least) want to have Word or another word processor (such as Open Office) on the computer.  You will normally have to purchase that separate from the laptop.  Unless you pay extra, it will not come with that installed.  If you are looking to do screenwriting (including plays) you will want special software for doing that.  You will need to check the specs of those programs and make sure that the laptop has enough memory and a good enough processor to run them.  (Those types of programs usually have very low specs.  They will run on almost anything.) 

As a writer, you are probably going to want a larger hard drive so you can store lets of documents you are working on.  You will want a laptop with a minimum of 500 GB of storage on the hard drive.  Would recommend 1 TB (which is 1000 GB.)   

the two main types of drives in laptops today are HHD and SSD.  HHD drives are older and use physical platters to store data.  SSD drives are memory sticks build into the computer and have no moving parts.  SSD drives will boot faster then HHD drives and can run most program faster.  But they are much more expensive.  So usually you will have a much smaller drive in them.  Usually only about 128 GB.  You may not find that to be enough storage for you. 

All the major brands pay their components from the same handful of manufacturers in China and Indonesia.  So there is really not a lot of difference between them.  Rather then looking at the brans, decide what you need and want in the specs and look for a model that has it. 

Avoid anything that is not running Windows 10.  The Chromebooks and the Netbooks and the likes are toys pretending to be PCs.  They will not do what you need them to do. 

If you don’t mind spending 50% for more a device that is no better then a Windows PC, then go with any kind of a MAC

( pergunta e resposta no Yahoo Answer)

Proxies and my website construction

Monday, April 6th, 2020

Em meu e-mail esta vindo e-mails assim:

Website: Cuidado com animais de estimação (pets): cães e gatos infectados? Tigre em zoo, sim! (IP address:,
Trackback excerpt:
<strong>Nathan Sewer</strong>


E quando se clica nosso caímos numa pagina oferecendo venda de proxy, ou proxies. Que é isso? O documento de procuração?

What does the name proxies mean? Proxies: a person authorized to act on behalf of someone else; agent to vote by proxy the authority, esp in the form of a document, given to a person to act on behalf of someone else computing short for proxy server

Proxy | Definition of Proxy at

ver com tecnico se compensa acrescentar isso no site.


How to get free proxies?

How to get free proxy servers that gives free internet on any network in the world

  1. Write down your new Proxy server IP
  2. Scroll down to the middle of the page and you would see some rectangular boxes where “ip range” is written at the back.
  3. Now input your proxy server ip address maybe this way: to and then put the port number and then check….


Website Optimization

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

Dados do WebsiteInformer – ( 534 visitantes diários, 20.000 mensais) – The Universal Matrix

Daily visitors: 534 Keywords: science, Universal, universo, modus tollens, matriz, matrix, mitocondria, ciencia, austriak, vladimir poponin

Informer E Netcraft: medidores de rank na Internet sobre este website

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019


General Info – The Universal Matrix – Website about The Universal Matrix of the Systems and Natural Cycles. Website sobre A Matriz Universal dos Sistemas e Ciclos Naturais Keywords: science, Universal, universo, modus tollens, matriz, matrix, mitocondria, ciencia, austriak, vladimir poponinJul 16, 2019

Daily visitors: 534Daily pageviews: 1 068Alexa Rank: 1762817

Owner:Luiz Carlos Morello
Hosting, Inc.
Email:See owner’s emails



Lookup another URL:


This site does not support the SSL version 3 protocol. ( verificar isso em ….)

Site titleThe Universal MatrixDate first seenMarch 2008
Site rankPrimary languageEnglish
DescriptionWebsite about The Universal Matrix of the Systems and Natural Cycles. Website sobre A Matriz Universal dos Sistemas e Ciclos Naturais
Keywordsuniversal, universo, matrix, matriz, science, ciencia, austriak
Netcraft Risk Rating [FAQ]1/10


Sitehttps://theuniversalmatrix.comNetblock, Inc.
IP address107.161.189.66 (VirusTotal)DNS
IPv6 addressNot PresentReverse
Domain registrarPublicDomainRegistry.comNameserver
OrganisationR. Piaui 235, ap. 604, Londrina, 86010-420, BRHosting
Top Level DomainCommercial entities (.com)DNS Security Extensionsunknown
Hosting country US
IP delegationIPv4 address ( rangeCountryNameDescription0.0.0.0- whole IPv4 address space ⮡ United StatesNET107American Registry for Internet Numbers  ⮡ United, Inc.   ⮡ United, Inc.


SSLv3/POODLEThis site does not support the SSL version 3 protocol.More information about SSL version 3 and the POODLE vulnerability.
HeartbleedThe site did not offer the Heartbeat TLS extension prior to the Heartbleed disclosure, and so was not exploitable.This test does not exploit the Heartbleed vulnerability but uses information from conventional HTTPS requests. More information about Heartbleed detection.
AssuranceDomain validation
OrganisationNot PresentCommon
StateNot PresentCountryNot Present
Organisational unitNot PresentSubject Alternative,,,,,
Validity periodFrom Oct 25 2019 to Jan 23 2020 (2 months, 4 weeks, 1 day)Matches hostnameYes
ServerApachePublic key algorithmrsaEncryption
Protocol versionTLSv1.2Public key length2048
Certificate checkokSignature algorithmsha256WithRSAEncryption
Serial number0x03f006959582b9102e7cd0ed57595eb781ebCipherECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256
Version number0x02Perfect Forward SecrecyYes
Next Protocol NegotiationNot PresentSupported TLS ExtensionsRFC4366 server name, RFC5746 renegotiation info, RFC4492EC point formats, RFC5077 session ticket, RFC4366 status request
Issuing organisationLet’s EncryptIssuer common nameLet’s Encrypt Authority X3
Issuer unitNot PresentIssuer locationNot Present
Issuer countryUSIssuer stateNot Present
Certificate Revocation ListsNot PresentCertificate HashjNWap6yskjRGMpqkhUq881APqo0
Public Key Hash96615c317ef6021bad75027cdf00a839484b2932fc31f8eda2816b0a50389e3c
OCSP servers – 100% uptime in the past 24 hours  
OCSP stapling responseCertificate valid
OCSP data generatedDec 9 14:00:00 2019 GMTOCSP data expiresDec 16 14:00:00 2019 GMT
Certificate transparencySigned Certificate Timestamps (SCTs)SourceLogTimestampSignature VerificationCertificateDigiCert Yeti 2020
8JWkWfIA0YJAEC0vk4iOrUv+HUfjmeHQNKawqKqOsnM=2019-10-25 14:32:48SuccessCertificateGoogle Xenon 2020
B7dcG+V9aP/xsMYdIxXHuuZXfFeUt2ruvGE6GmnTohw=2019-10-25 14:32:48Success

Para adicionar links num texto (novo editor do WordPress)

Sunday, November 17th, 2019
  1. Escrevendo um artigo, seleciona uma palavra do texto:

Existem o fenótipo e o genotipo .

2) Seelecionei a palavra genotipo. Vai na correntinha (insert/edit link)


  1. Esvcrevendo um artigo, seleciona uma palavra do texto. Selecionei genotipo. Entao procurei o block “classico” onde tem a correntinha “LINK”. Fui no Wikipedia, e copiei o link do artigo “genotipo”. Quando cliquei na correntinha apareceu uma aba dizendo “insert a URL… etc.). Colei o link do wikipedia na aba, e a palavra genotipo apareceu azul ja contendo o link.

Existem o fenótipo e o genótipo .

PATREON: Campanha visando angariar fundos para desenvolver os trabalhos da Matrix/DNA

Monday, October 14th, 2019


Minha webpage no Patreon:

Esta minha introducao na webpage ( verificar porque nao esta aparecendo):


I spent about U$ 300.000,00 from my own money and 30 years of hard work every day ( included seven years in Amazon jungle) in this research because I believe that the knowledge of the thing I am trying to bring to the labs will be great benefit to Humanity. Comparative anatomy between living and non-living natural systems showed a common pattern working as a universal formula for all natural systems (from atoms to galaxies to human bodies) and, later, I discovered that this pattern works as a simple software’s diagram. That’s the secret in Nature by which it organizes mass and energy into working systems. Since we have the formula in its most perfect state, we can fix any abnormality at any natural system and creating new systems as a new powerful technology. The first system to be fixed will be the human body, seeing the primary causes of diseases and eliminating them. But, my money went out and I am old now, with a little retirement that obligates me working outside for paying the little bills. I need better installations for research, I need employing all time everyday testing my results facing each new published scientific paper suggesting to researchers new methods for unraveling their “unknown mechanisms”, I have hundreds of projects going on, I will fight at least for putting everything in books for suggesting to researchers of every field new approaches that they never will mind without knowing this formulas and the new world view suggested by it. You can see my poor  website – – ( I need to pay a technician for improving and maintenance of the website, a translator and someone for sending communications to people working in these fields, etc), where there are already about 3.000 evidences as Artigos in Portuguese ( I am American citizen, but was born in Brazil, spent much time in Amazon jungle, so I write without errors in Portuguese) and lots of previous previsions later confirmed by scientific data.
Believe me, this perceivable world is like a living computer, composed by hardware and software working in feed-back: the material bodies improves sending new information to the software which build new more complex hardware and so on, this is what consists the so called “natural selection”. We can not leave this giant work dying with me alone, we need to give it to Humanity, so, if you can do something and think that Humanity deserves it, this is a great opportunity for you. 


Ensaio do primeiro post a ser postado:


If I and you will be dead before this discovery becomes public known and producing something practical, still you can get just now lots of benefit from it.
I will stimulate you to a new hobby that you will find amazing, very profitable and your knowledge/understanding of this world will increase exponentially. Every day, every minute, you will pay attention to millions of natural phenomena around you that you are seeing, but not paying attention to them, knowing how that things exists, where it came from, why it is in the way it is, etc. An example: your own face! Where Nature got the idea for creating it in the way it is?! What about each accessory in our face, like the mouth, the ears, the vision… Do you know that at 10 billion years ago there was an astronomical system with the shape of a human face? You will see the picture: Seven astronomical bodies composing a working system where each body was performing the function of each accessory of human face today. It means that our face was writing in the stars! Why? It is because the same natural formula that built that astronomical system is the formula that built our faces. Knowing the formula, which is easy, you will understand everything by yourself. You will think that If there is a God as creator, He only created the formula as a living software/template… which produced, by evolution, everything here.
Ok, you can ask these first questions here. I will bring pictures, a kind of a map, which is also a simple diagram/logarithm of software, and we will together find all explanations in Nature, in Universal Evolution. When you learn and understand how these formulas works, which are its supreme meaning, you will do it alone, solving all natural puzzles, with great pleasure, like I am getting it. 
You will discover surprising things that will empower your intelligence. But you have a better social status than I have ( everybody has better status than I have, since I invested all life and earnings in this solitaire mission, must time alone in the jungle, I got no family, no friends, nothing at hands to begin with, only hundreds of ideas and projects, and a precious gift to give to my 8 billion human bothers). and you will get your ways to translate the ideas into real things.
A big advantage of knowing these formulas is that the formulas will tech you how to improve your intelligence, when the formula will teach you how to get more things from your brain.   
Have you noticed that the human brain is divided into two parts, the left and right hemispheres? But, here you will learn that the whole brain is a natural system in itself. And when you bring the perfect natural formula for systems, you will locate the functions of each neuronal region and network, because the formula is the template/software that built and is running the brain. But, you will see that there is something wrong with human brains: the formula is a whole sphere, it is not divided into two parts. The cause of this abnormality is a long history but we can resume it: Never Nature built a perfect material system because it would be a kind of eternal perpetuum motor, a closed system in itself, and there is entropy not permitting it. Galaxies almost got this perfection as you will see our astronomic models, they are almost closed system recycling itself, but in the evolution from galaxies to the first biological cell system, the closed system was broken, becoming an opened system, opened again to its own evolution. You will see in the formula that losing the function of self-recycling which performs a meridian inside the sphere, the sphere breaks into two parts… that is our brain just now. The biggest prejudice to us is that we are not able to perform complete thoughts. The signals in the flux of thoughts begins at the hippocampus and goes to left, clockwise, but when arrives to the top where is located the neo-cortex, the synapses falls down towards the hippocampus again. Our thoughts are half thoughts, we are not getting the functions and properties of the right hemisphere. When the formula showed this, I learned that we can practice to drive our flux of thoughts for to transpassing the corpus callosum entering into the right hemisphere, and from that exercises, my understanding of this world increased exponentially. 
A second example: how to get an industrial complex totally automatized producing everything we need and recycling all used material/energy? The natural Matrix/DNA formula has built a biosphere with millions of diversified animals and plants that works by itself. With the formula at hands we learn how it did every detail, and how to mimicking it in technological way.
A third example: Look to your own hands. I am sure you never asked why your hands are in the way they are, where nature got the idea to do this, how evolution works from a initial cellular cylia towards the human hands? Easy question: the shape of the human hands, with the fingers, the palm, etc., is the same shape of a DNA’s fundamental unit of information! You will see the design of this unit of information as the exactly template of your hand. Why? Because the DNA’s unit of information has as template the universal Matrix/DNA formula. But, then, you will be very surprised discovering things about your hands that nobody saw before. The formula builds systems applying the process of life’s cycles. This is another big history that you can ask. So, look to your right hand opened with the palm facing your eyes. Learn how your hand has encrypted your body’s life cycle: the palm is the pregnant woman, the flux of the system goes to left, clockwise, then, the smaller finger is the baby, the next finger is the kid, the next the teenage becoming sexually mature, till the last finger is the old curved shape of the body. Merely coincidences? Or your hands is merely the product of exercises by evolution? yes, my friend, because universal evolution is being driven by the same process of life’s cycle by the same formula. Would be better if we got other accessories into our hand like being spherical and having lots of tentacles as the octopus, but we never will improve our hands because all the resources and the final design from the formula has finished. 
Now, imagine what will happen when the schools will teach the formula to students. We will have a totally different, improved new generations. They deserves it, they are our children, they are our future. We need everybody participating in this mission, we need voluntary works as I am that can help with any knowledge, suggestions, ideas, etc., it will be good for you and everybody, I can not doing it alone and I am very old going to die, please, do not permit that this gift does not reach the hands of our people… 


Para Matrix/DNA: Vídeo para elaborar website, divulgacao, marketing, etc

Monday, September 30th, 2019


Ei Comunidade de Aprendizagem para Empreendedores

(Rascunho) Pedido de ajuda no forum

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019


O meu topico foi retido por um moderador para analise, e ate hoje não retornou, mas continua listado no link abaixo:

Website: Ótimo software de tradução automática

Friday, August 2nd, 2019


Tradução automáticaTradução automática

A figura acima obtive no site com link abaixo, e ainda na o consegui detectar qual a marca. Observe que a tradução no website esta ótima.


WEBHOSTING Talk Forum: Excelente apoio para websites, blogs

Friday, July 26th, 2019


Excelente suporte de especialistas, moderadores sobre problemas de websites, servidores, internet, etc.

Web Hosting Talk - The largest, most influential web hosting community on the Internet