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Para transformar a Formula em equacao: uma ideia

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017


If numbers then separation or difference
if separation then equations

Se existem numeros, entao existe separacao, diferencas

Se existe separacao, entao existem equacoes.

A Matrix/DNA e’ um sistema constituido de partes separadas. Se a logica acima for correta, ela pode ser representada por uma equacao, matematica. E isto seria de extrema importancia para conduzir a cosmovisao `a comunidade cientifica. Porem, como fazer esta equacao?

Maos a obra: ( uma intuicao: talvez devo meditar a partir do phi number: ele ja foi encontrado, e’ o elemento que fornece um numero na formula e devo lembrar isto:

Phi ( Φ 1.618033988749895… ), most often pronounced fi like “fly,” is simply an irrational number like pi ( p = 3.14159265358979… ), but one with many unusual mathematical properties.  Unlike pi, which is a transcendental number, phi is the solution to a quadratic equation…. raiz quadrada)

Ver comentario que postei no link a seguir, procurando um matematico… em 12/19/17 as TheMatrixDNA

Mathematics of Phi, 1.618, the Golden Number

We – the human species -, and in relation to Phi, is in need of a Mathematician for an altruistic job. There is a unique pattern always applied by Nature when organizing matter/energy into a working complete system. This pattern is built by the process of life cycle. You know, it is about the phenomena that makes our bodies – as systems – born,glow,mature,degeneration,death – when our bodies changes its shapes all time. So, using this process of life cycle Nature has created systems, from atoms to galaxies to cells to human bodies. How? Nature build an inanimate object body from any nebulae, or dust. Then Nature applies the force upon several inanimate objects of same shape/constitution, which will have their shapes, functions, changed into new shapes. When Nature gets 6 different shapes from that kind of object, it arranges the shapes in a linear sequence. But the location of each object must obeys the sequence of life cycle ( birth,grow,maturation,etc.). As the shape of your body known as teenage has as left neighbor the shape of kid and as the right neighbor the shape of adult ( so, there is a link about time, etc., between neighbors) and the natural tendency of neighbors to keep together, the different objects are aligned mimicking the life cycle sequence, which creates links between them and finally, a running circuit. The system is ready.

We make no idea how this knowledge is important for us to make the word a better place for everybody. this is the natural principle of automation productive process, reproduction, life, etc.

I got the metaphorical representation of all these process into a working system as a formula, em shape of software diagram. With this formula I am understanding every natural and event phenomena from a very interesting new perspective. But, we need to learn how to reproduce this formula as material tools for practical applications. And for making plans, strategies, creating new systems, etc. I am merely a naturalist philosopher observing Nature in the Amazon jungle, with no knowledge of modern technology, complex Math. We need to find a way for representing the formula as an equation. That’s why we are in need of a Mathematician that grasp something of this new idea and trying to find the equation. my research job is not profitable, I am selling nothing ( only spending), it is merely altruistic, so, I can’t hiring a Mathematician, but, if the mathematical equation based on the formula gets some donations, by sure, we will share it half and half. Someone there?…


Wikipedia – Equacao:


The debate over the origins of the Universe and of Life Continues Among the current theories.

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Re: Theories – Origin of Life

Postby TheMatrixDNA » Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:35 pm

scottie wrote: Continuing on with the problem ID has not addressed.

As I stated in my last post.

They are shying away from the obvious implications of what design means.

Design is always the product of a purpose the Designer has in mind

Comment by  Matrix/DNA Theory:

Ok.In my opinion,this is the most instructive thread in the Internet for those that are interested in the question of “theories about origin of life”. It seems to me that this thread is death, abandoned,and I can’t understand it because this question wouldn’t have an end till the day that scientifically someone prove how life has emerged. The normal behavior here, I think, should be everyone trying to reinforce his/her theory bringing on more evidences, while bringing on new evidences that deconstruct the other theories.
Then, this thread must have no end because everyday the news are showing new facts that can be used as positive or negative evidence to the current theories.
I had driven for a new theory of origins of life and even the universe, when I was living in Amazon jungle and observing the systems that composes that biosphere and inquiring how must be the state of the world, in its astronomic, atomic, and even the dimension of quantum fluctuations aspects, that has produced our kind of life. Of course, my goal now must be testing the whole theory against real facts. But I and the scientific enterprise has no the necessary tools for doing it just now. Then,what I can do with this theory? The same others are doing here: searching more thoughtful brains for doing a rational scrutiny of this theory, while showing the news about facts that are evidences in favor and showing evidences that I think, does not fit in another theories.

Introducing the people to a new big theory, which requires a change of his/her world vision is a difficult task. Maybe only high intellectuals individuals with open minds that are retired and has time for spent here, like Scottie, could invest attention in your theory and debating it with you. The fundamental requirement is that you can communicate it in a language understandable and that your theory makes same sense in the light of modern known facts. For instance, we had a poster here, Leopol, with two problems: poor Google translations from Russian, a lack of evidences and a world vision that is not tasteful. But it is not justice and intellectually productive rejecting Leopol’s theory, we must deal with the details giving him the opportunity to advocate his world vision till he can not resisting anymore for lack of positive evidences. same thing I think must be the reactions about my theory, called “The Universal Matrix/DNA of natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”.

I am reading the whole thread, it is a lot of stuff, 45 pages. When finishing everything I will begin from the first post again, selecting those that are interesting to my theory and deserves a reply, proposing discussions. I know that this means that I will post here almost another 45 pages, because each post is interesting and touches the roots of Matrix/DNA world vision. I don’t know if the moderator will permit it, but I will try because this is the right thing to do. But, then there are posts that can not wait the application of this method, it is irresistible a reply just now, like this post from Scottie.

I think there is a big difference about what “design” means when making comparison between the designs made by Scottie as an engineer and the designs that emerges in Nature. But we can see this difference only from the view point of another observer with another world vision. The way Scottie was educated for dealing with designs he can not understand that other things can do design without using a mind,a purpose. Let’s focus on the generation of a new baby’s giraffes. When mating, father and mother giraffes are doing same minded project of a design that will be real in the future? Or the future designed baby will be product of merely flow of natural laws? Could be possible that the flow of natural laws creates unpredictable complex designs? The phenomena of giraffes doing a new baby is not a proof that this is normal functioning in this world? Where is the mind behind this whole process? Where is the design while a female and a male genomes are fusing together inside an egg and during the whole process of gestation? I think that the design only appears outside the egg, ex-machine in relation to the egg. And the author of that design also are outside the egg, They are ex-machine in relation to the egg. They are natural construction by natural laws and they are not applying their minds for doing the design. Also the male and female giraffes has no purpose of doing the design that will emerges from their natural mating act.
Someone here has any problem with my proposition? I will consider that no, and will continue.
This biological phenomena of babies’ generation is the unique real fact known by everybody when a design appears in Nature. We know the causes, the authors, the process, the evolution of whole process.
My question is: why every current theory (exception of Matrix/DNA Theory) forgets this phenomena when trying to understand what is going on in the whole Universe? Why every author of every theory made by human beings ( exception of Matrix/DNA Theory) believes that the explanation of universe’s and life’s existences is better when applying human imagination creating images of theoretical universes instead cleaning up the action of human imagination and applying what we see here and now, as real, over the whole universe for getting those explanations?

If we try doing that, this universe will be merely a material structure in which, inside it, is occurring a process of reproduction, from something ex-machine. Every process of reproduction is a sum of small and gradual processes of evolution. The observer inside an egg will think that is watching evolution and really he is; but the observer outside the egg will know that the evolution is an illusion, a process inside something bigger, called “reproduction”.

The world inside an egg is a natural world, like the womb where the egg is located. If the universe is a natural world, why it should not be located inside a natural world, working, like the womb? Why people from TOE are imagining that babies giraffes are products of random processes filtered by natural selection exerted by the mother wombs’ giraffe? They are not… but their imagined universe is explained like that. Why people from ID are imagining that babies giraffes are products of previous design made by the mind of father and mother giraffes? They are not… but their imagined universe is explained like that. Why Matrix/DNA Theory is believing that babies giraffes are products from the normal chain of causes and effects through natural laws that are passing through the bodies of father and mother giraffes? It is and its universe is explained like that.

What we see in this universe is the evolution of a unique system that appeared in shape of atoms, has evolved to shape of galaxies and to shapes of living beings. Like inside an egg a first cell has passed through several shapes. The final shape of the contents of a fertilized human egg has consciousnesses, but it appears as the last shape, maybe after the birth, ex-machine in relation to the egg. In the whole history of this egg never had the action of intelligence neither randomness. Why people are imagining a Universe that works in other way?! In the same way, I think, the process inside the egg and in relation to the egg is purposeless. There is no goal of the matter inside the egg, neither the action of an outside agency, as believed by Scottie, driven the processes towards a design. Do you believe that molecules called genes has the conscious goal of making a design in the shape of a giraffe? Do you believe that the parents giraffes or another entity outside the egg is acting inside the egg, driving its matter towards a final design, in shape of a giraffe? I can’t believe in that. But, if you apply everything in the same way over the whole universe, based in the current proved facts we have about the universe, you get everything working like the real world we are experimenting just now. Them why rationally someone could refuse this theory? Some ideas? But please, let’s work with facts, evidences only, Not ideologies or psychological analyses of the authors of these theories.

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes discovers the Natural Law called “Solidarity Principle”!

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Surprisingly, the video in Youtube about a Canadian girl who addressed a UN Meeting on issue of environment continues being debated online and got till now 19 millions views and 47.000 comments! TheMatrix/DNA, reading the comments concluded that the posters are missing a more rational and scientific approach, then we contribute with the post copied below. Who want to see the video go to:

TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

The Universal History teaches that there is a Natural Law that could save Humanity, by destroying it. This law is the “Solidarity Principle”, discovered due the models of Matrix/DNA Theory.

  • 13 billion years ago the Universal Nature was only a cloud of “errant” particles moving and chocking among themselves, creating the chaos; Chaos bring to any kind of material body the erosion and suffering;  When they begins the understanding that union is better because brings order and happiness; Then the particles guided by this law moved slowly, they linked one to other in packages big and bigger, so, they got the transcendence for becoming a system: the Atom.

    Again the same happened in the transcendence of atoms to Astronomic Systems ( see the Matrix models for galactic systems formation). Unicellular micro-organisms got it when became multi-cellular organisms; and among the animals in the jungle under the salvage law had one specie that went to live on the cave, where children, females, seniors, they were feed with the resting of big animals brought by strong hunters, who learned to hunt in groups. That was the origins of the familiar system.

  • This specie was reward and became the Homo Specie. Now we as homo specie have the free will for choosing: continuing being dominated by the selfish gene that drives to fighting the individuals of same specie and producing chaos and suffering for everybody, or learning the Natural Law controlling the inner-selfish gene and being a difference that wish the state of order.

  • The human species is a provisional shape in Universal Evolution, this shape will change because all ancestors had changed, but we are the first Natural System that has the consciousness which give us the ability for choosing if our transcendence will come with or without suffering. If you don’t agree, you must show to us here which real facts of natural world you know for supporting your theory. Bla-bla-bla does not matter.

Interesting! How a Jellyfish Express a Galaxy’s Engine and Tricks Scientists.

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Jellyfish – How it works

Last week scientists announced that they have solved one of the greatest mysteries of marine life, however, agreed to describe the process, but were wrong to interpret it. This is the question of how it can perpetuate the population of jellyfish, because the logic is that they should not exist anymore.

Tides grow and invade the shores and beaches during a half a day and reduce leaving the water back to sea. Thus, what appears to live on the coast of the continent that is floating near the surface, as plankton is always dragged by the waves out to sea, every 12 hours. But the jellyfish comes before the coast as plankton, floating on the waves as plankton and if it were dragged out to sea every 12 hours, the first trawler had already disappeared from the planet your species as it would not survive due to lack of food, etc.. In fact, contrary to all rational logic, it emerged on the planet 600 million years, long before dinosaurs and insects, and continues to survive very well; maintaining a resident population of each individual whose longevity is much longer than the 12 hours. How can this be?! This question has done for centuries, scholars and scientists scratching their heads in despair: how is it happenning?! This is not logic! We see them being taken by the waves out to sea, we know the distance from the coast they have to die. Where fall the jellyfish we see each new day on the shores of the continents? From the sky?

In the excellent section of Sciences that the New York Times published on Tuesday, came last week the article “So Much More Than Plasma to Jellyfish and Poison”, on June 7, 2011. The research group led by Dr. David J. Albert Roscoe Bay Marine Biological Laboratory in Vancouver, British Columbia, has spent decades observing and chasing each individually jellyfish near the sea and announces he discovered the solution to the mystery.

According to them, when the tide drops and the water starts to return to sea, in fact leads the jellyfish too. But before the waves reaches the far sea there is a  region called “gravel bar.” Then suddenly the jellyfish bouncing off the waves and dive deep, reaching the deepest region where the waters do not move. There are hibernating and waiting. When twelve hours after the waves start to return because of the rising tide, they rise to the surface, board and ride the waves return to the banks where have their food.

I think have very human champion surfer who should studying the jellyfish to learn some good tricks. Well actually they are the true champions of the waves.

But how and why there is such a phenomenon in Nature?! The same scientists study the jellyfish already know that they have no brain, even a nervous system structured. This means that she cannot understand and capture the tidal waves of water. So how it enters and leaves the wave at the right time and exact place?! How does she know – being in the midst of the waves – which have standing water below?! How can it discern that there is a gravel bar? And how could she know that beyond the gravel bar, she would die, or that after the bar is the high seas?!

Scientists are making a titanic effort, ferreting out the ribs and receivers / transmitters of jellyfish, and with a prior intention: to prove – contrary to what has been believed in scientific circles – that it possesses a primitive nervous structure but much more evolved than you think, and this structure would be the reason for such wisdom.

They are going the wrong way because they don’t know this real world where there is a Matrix / DNA. Never even imagined something like that. For the Matrix / DNA model has the solution to the mystery without resorting to a brain and wisdom in jellyfish that does not exist.

And which is the explanation from the Matrix / DNA about that “magic” of jellyfish? In short, the DNA of jellyfish, which is a semi-live being so primitive that connects it to the events in the origin of life on this planet and his astronomical system, still behaving the same way if the DNA / Matrix astronomical , which after all, is his father and mother, their creators.

It was this planet Earth, along with other stars that make up the system to which it belongs, which has the core system this fabulous star and bountiful life that is the Sun, which themselves have created life on Earth’s surface. And they created simply obeying the laws and mechanisms of universal evolution, in which simple systems mutate and reproduce in some systems with more degree of complexity. It may be that behind our stellar system, beyond the galaxies before the Universe, there is some kind of an Supreme Intelligence, but if it exists, it is entitled to be called the Supreme, she would not have come here and walk around from planet to planet to create life, for even our engineers can produce pre-programmed software. For starters, look at a jellyfish and observe the shape of the Milky Way. The rounded nucleus, the arms that extend outward, the jellyfish looks like a copy of the Milky Way. The similarity in form is no mere coincidence; my grandmother knew that “son of fish, little fish look like.”

But the explanation of the Matrix / DNA is fantastic. It made the hairs on my arms stood on end with excitement, made my eyes tear of admiration, as it is hidden in this extraordinary engineering Nature!

To understand it, we need to see the software model DNA / Matrix, or how was the evolutionary shape of the Matrix when it built the galaxies, i.e., the material hardware, concrete body, she would “embody”.

The Matrix / DNA in the Form-Software Sources in the Galaxy

The Evolution of the Stars Same as Evolution of Cellular Organelles: As an Electrical System light bulbs, so the Universal Matrix makes to manifest the Materials Structures.

(Click on drawing to see better, and sorry for the bad quality of the design because it was done with pencil and paper wrapping while kneeling on the verge of stirring up the mud bogs in this research, with the skin burned off due to hundreds of those little vampires, called “piuns” and “carapanãs” sucking my blood, and under the scorching sun of the Amazon jungle)

We know that matter or energy can manifest as a particle or wave. The jellyfish represents the particle of matter in space, the body of the star that is being transformed into six forms or systemic functions, presented in the figure above. Tidal waves are the imitation of terrestrial waves of time, which in the figure are represented by arrows of the systemic circuit. The jellyfish and its connection with tidal waves repeats the process of universal life cycle where the matter sometimes appears as a particle in the space, sometimes presents itself as a wave of time.

The jellyfish do not know anything, misses nothing, nor could it. It works automatically in the hands of a clock, which jump in number to number and had no sense that they are moving, let alone knowing that there are numbers or repetitive periodic moments of time. The context “waves + jellyfish” function within an astronomical system, like clockwork, because both are products of a mechanical structure, the Newtonian clock, the  Newtonian mechanics. Like a clock moves both hands, so the galaxy moves the tide and the particles in it, like the jellyfish. It seems incredible that something as huge as the galaxy to act on something as small as a jellyfish, but becomes perfectly understandable when understanding that galaxies and jellyfish are just different forms of a single universal system under development, where size does not say anything. There is a fractal model, which is the figure displayed on this website here and called Matrix / DNA, which is the essence of this system, so the jellyfish is just a microscopic fractal of a macroscopic fractal. The structure, the skeleton, the software program, is one, although that change their protuberances, accessories, and seen from a distance by an observer unaware, the outer forms become so differentiated that does not seem to get along with each other.

Note that the arrows and the body in the circuit moves and when they arrive at Function 4 they fork. A stream of arrows-wave continues its circular path to close the circle, while another flow goes “down” towards F1. The diary cycle tidal waves / jellyfish repeats this process and reaches a point where the jellyfish moves down and separates the circular wave, looking “down” vertically into deeper waters where they are stationary. All movements displayed by the jellyfish, such as diving, emerging back to the surface, the park in deep water, is nothing more than mere repetition of the flow represented by an arrow going from F4 returning to F1. And the jellyfish and the shape of the comet at F5, reappears in the circular waves and merges with them again in F1, when they reach the  bottom of the lower end.

But note well. Would be correct to say, as scientists say, jellyfish that descends and then rises? This depends on the point of reference, the fixed point on which we say that something is up or down. Let us take as a reference point the core of the planetary system, our Sun. During half of the day the planet turns on itself has a face to the sun. An observer watching from the sun would say that the surface of this face is the highest point of planet. In the other half of the day, this face shifts to the hidden part of the planet, then the observer remains fixed on the sun would say the same face now is the lowest point on earth. In relation to the sun, well, we Americans are over and the Japanese on the other side, are beneath, or sometimes we are below, and the Japanese are up there.

So if we could dig a hole uninterrupted from the ground in America and we come up with for-head, going over a manhole on a street in Tokyo, would be right to say that we descend and then climb? Or that we plunged into the ground and then emerge from the earth …?

Then in the Sun, when the jellyfish out of the waves and dives, it really is diving, or going down, for half the day. But even from the sun, while the other half of the day she goes to the surface, it actually goes down … She is simply being led by the arrows function 5.

Now sleep with a noise like this if you can… It’s each thing that the Matrix/DNA leads us to discover that our poor little head will not last long …

The jellyfish does not dive and then emerges by itself, it simply is driven down forever, repeating the movement of their ancestral DNA, the entire galaxy! Because this process is recorded in their DNA, he was trained to do so for 10 billion years. It was only later, in most living things evolved, that this process ceased to be expressed and went to be part of what was wrongly called “junk” DNA.

I feel that here and now I have no time and computing resources to insert a graphic design I did in the paper today, reflecting about this issue. Due to the movement of horizontal rotation of the Earth around the Sun, in fact, the tide will not return. It only goes in one direction, precisely imitating the direction circular of flow on the Matrix / DNA. It turns out that if we position ourselves in the sun, and watch as the Earth, a continent that during any one half of the day is moving away to the left, continue going left when he is on the other hand, face hidden.

Researchers actually have reason to admire the complexity and behaviors in a jellyfish. Dr Albert says:

“Looking at all these behaviors, you have to wonder what it would take to organize them and run them. ” These are not simple reflexes are organized behavior. “Albert concluded that she must have some kind of brain. “A brain controls behavior. ”

Here is the reason for my despair at not appear anyone to help me to disclose and make known the worldview of the Matrix / DNA. A large army of students and researchers like Dr. Albert urgent need to know the formulas of the theory. If he knew he would not say it and would be directing their research and the other way more correct. Not always when there exists an organized behavior need has a brain controlling. All objects in the world are influenced by the hierarchy of natural systems. Systems distant and invisible to our eyes may be influencing a stone or a plant in front of us, not in person realizing it. For example, the Arab who becomes a suicide bomber is behaving differently than normal for a human being, which seeks to survive and not kill himself. It occurs that above the society and the invisible man is a system called “religion” which influences and alters the normal behavior of man. The system far distant, invisible that influences the behavior of jellyfish, exists since 10 billion years ago and is the size of a galaxy, but he is encrypted in the DNA of jellyfish and he built the biosphere, the environment in which it exists . The Matrix is within us and around us, everywhere. It is therefore extremely important that we know it and know of their existence.

But she does all this because the formula of Nature software to organize the matter in systems, while driving that matter, always repeats this same engine. It is through our learning of these mechanisms, building on the work of giants, patient and dedicated observation for years by scientists as the group of Dr. Albert, who will mind raising this extraordinary natural engineering information and knowledge that we have new insights to develop new technologies that will help us survive and improve our living conditions. Congratulations to the group of Dr. Albert and the Theory of Matrix / DNA.



1) Like everyone else, each topic as this written here is a new area of ​​research based on the worldview of the Matrix / DNA. So each topic is always open to be anything new added, any new fact related that may to be discovered.


Scientists have induced a cell to produce laser light, according to an article published in the journal Nature Photonics. Laser light differs from normal because it has a narrower spectrum of colors, like light waves that oscillate together in sync. The team used a green fluorescent protein found in a species of jellyfish  – Green Fluorescent Protein, or GFP, its acronym in English. Subject of many studies, the molecule GFP revolutionized biology by acting as a “lantern” that can illuminate living systems.

Comment Matrix / DNA:

There is no doubt: the jellyfish is very important  for us to test – whether or not the formula of the Matrix / DNA is real and to better understand it. This is because the jellyfish is – evolutivelly – very close to our ancient astronomical, the form of a closed system. See how things go knocking. I’ve already said many times here that the existence of proteins in our world is the explanation that they are the so-biological material that represents the circular arrows in the systemic circuit of Matrix’s software. In other words, a protein is the biological material, the  tool that serves for acting and doing the process of life cycle, and the set of all proteins is the sum of all of the information flow of system information. It is the circuit of our ancestor that “lights up” the stars. When our intelligence intuitively copied the system Matrix in the form of household electrical circuit is the circuit that lights the lamps. Therefore, since the proteins represent the total circuit, had to be a protein that would be the biological molecule capable of producing light, and had to be a biological system that was one of the copies or more faithful reproduction of the astronomical system in the form, i.e. the jellyfish. No wonder the intuition of the scientists induced to think of a “torch” lit inside a living being.

On the other hand, there is another topic dedicated to light. This is because we are coming to the conclusion that the principle of everything in this Universe is housed in natural light when we are finding that the seven different ways of frequencies and periods of the light wave contains the shape of the life cycle. It seems that light is the tentacle, the hand of God in this world, the essence that contains the first form of the software of the Matrix / DNA. And this news about the GFP protein must be brought to the research topic of light also.

Articles are being posted in Portuguese only

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Sorry. Since I am not having enough time for translating from Portuguese, for seeing the articles one need to chlick the Brazillian flag above. Also, I understand that the site is not explaining almost nothing about the theory. It is because the site is under construction, I have a lot of writed material but had no time and the special computers skills for doing that. I hope will do it soon. Thanks…

Creationists bombing atheists with the same weapons that atheists use against the Theory of Universal Matrix

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

The same reason (relativistic optical illusion) that prevents some creationists accepts the theory of evolution is what keeps the astronomers and atheists to accept the argument that astronomic bodies have life cycles. Man exists in a particular point in space-time scale much smaller than the point on the scale occupied by the biological evolution on the planet making it unable to see with their own eyes the transformation of species. Similarly the point on the scale of spacetime in which is the modern astronomer – so small! – prevents them from seeing by naked eyes or with their powerful astronomical telescopes (which are not useful in this case) the astronomical point on this scale where the transformations of bodies like Earth take place.

Therefore we are forced to read in the press the Creationist arguments as follows:

 “.” Please tell me, Mr. Stephen Hawking, if Science is based on observation “and” reason, why is there Has It That never, not one time evolution not EVER EVER Been Observed? With evolution taking millions of years, Certainly with all the millions of species on earth we would “observe” evolution. Certainly not everything “Evolver” at the Same time and rate, so that That would mean if it takes millions of years to evolve and We Have Millions of species Certainly That would then average Out to evolution showing ITS face Every 10-10 years, correct ? Hmm? The answer directed to the “Smartest Man in the World” is NEVER! Never Been Observed. ”

The argument might seem rational if his counter-proposal – that a magical God has been here creating species one by one – in the light of the enormous collection of data presented by evolutionists do not seem even more irrational. Unless the assumption that a Magic God created just some superior species ready and that since then there was involution, because the data collection could not change this situation, I think. Could? By comparing the DNA? If anyone can enlighten me, thank you.

But if there is also transformation of a single astronomical body in the six known types, the man can never observe a transformation with his own eyes, telescopes here to no avail. To be born a new body, for example, from within the vortex of stardust takes at least 900 million years. This makes the idea seem so rough, unfamiliar to astronomers, who grew up and were educated to accept uncritically the theory of the fixity of forms or species of the astronomical bodies as our creationist raised and educated to accept uncritically the theory of fixity of the forms of the species.

The Theory of Evolution reacts desperately searching for more fossils, more data, by picking the surface of the planet in their excavations. However, in my view the impressive amount of samples and convincing evidence that each sample has the same characteristics of other samples, but with a degree of differentiation for better or worse, are sufficient for now I vote for the Theory of Evolution (plus if the four variables suggested by the Theory of Matrix) as the most plausible theory I had so far.

Likewise I find myself sadly alone in this mission impossible, desperately seeking to collect the huge amount of images of the cosmos and the stars that are captured by space gizmos as well as by land-based telescopes to study these images in detail and try to fit them in my tree cosmological evolution to then prove that all forms of stars are the result of the process life cycle of each star. An enormous expenditure of energy and a lifetime move in search of evidence that would … I do not know that! Well .. each branch in its crazy!

Thinking about it, because these people all around the earth in this rush to prove that there is Evolution? Many nuts on a branch may cause the branch to break and they all crashed on the ground!

Meanwhile, out of this crazy humanity my dear, atheists are holding on as the creationist stocked up while I’m holding on stocked creationists’ most atheists, the astronomers principally creationists and atheists

And in the future, at a bar table:

– “You see all this paper? I just prove that there is a cosmological evolution by the transformation of shapes of stars, there is the universal matrix, that the universe is a cosmic egg, within which there is a genetic reproduction of an existing system before and beyond the universe and that by virtue of evidence has to be our creator! ”

– “Hmmm … So what? Pass me the mustard … “

The Great Moral and Scientific Theme of the Moment: Should we or not to support the production of new species of living beings in a laboratory?

Thursday, July 15th, 2010


Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology


I’m doing all sorts of tricks trying to take the time to read 200 pages of discussion that took place recently in the American Government, where Craig Venter gives important and enlightening testimony, more precisely in:
Committee on Energy and Commerce

“Effects of Developments in Synthetic Genomics”

 May 27, 2010,

 Statement of Rep. Henry A. Waxman

Chairman, (see PDF)

and  in the middle comes the following thought:

Manufacturing DNA in the laboratory means adding more alternatives to those already undertaken by Matrix who did that in order to exorcise herself from the selfish gene. She used a method which, for  to explain it we can make the analogy of a monkey muddled with a coconut wanting to eat all the tasty white flesh.

 When the monkey wants to get all the white pith of the coconut he must break the shell into the largest possible number of pieces. If he breaks it only in two pieces, it will be very hard to get parts of the kernels that are left in the bottom curves. Already having little pieces where the curves and funds disappear, it is sure that the monkey will be able to remove everything and more easily in less time. For the Matrix was like a coconut representing the character of hard, inflexible and closed selfish gene that dominated her matter when she was in the shape of LUCA. To clear herself of the plague she was fragmented into its smallest bits information, in all its units of information, so that – if you give a value of 100% to the selfish gene and assume that it is broken into 100 pieces – means that each piece contains 1% of the selfish gene that is different from all other 99 bits. Putting these 100 different types of DNA to compare themselves in their selfishness and into a chaotic environment as is the terrestrial biosphere, imposing suffering on everyone, the Matrix hopes debug all leading them to clean themselves. Then just reset the DNA raking all 100 pieces that will clean the Matrix again returned to its pure state as it was when it was part of the creator of this universe.

So what Mr. Craig Venter and synthetic biology is attempting to do is get new bits that differentiated those ones the Matrix ever did here. So suddenly we are led to think:

– “You can’t do that! We shouldn’t do that! We can disrupt the whole plan of the Matrix, and certainly we will do it, because who will build the new bits are the men, who are the carriers of the selfish gene and will do so trying to meet their selfish purposes. In other words, whoever is doing this is the selfish gene, a ruse to get rid from the punishment for original sin and rebuild here on Earth their artificial paradise in the form of the circuit of the snake.”

But we can not take a decision upon a first impression without analyzing the right thing before bringing other aspects of the matter. We found that there is the selfish gene, we unmasked the devil inside us, and it seems not to be our nature to deal with the devil. In other words we want it out of us, we want to exorcise it from us. I do not know if I can speak for most men, at least I want it, and we see that people who is not saint, as the atheist Richard Dawkins, willing to declare war on the devil, the selfish gene. So we’re not overwhelmed by the demon, but predisposes us to join forces with the pure Matrix of the Creator.

Humans have suffered a lot due to their fragility and chaotic environment. It’s been a real tragedy and torture camp for most. Is as much ruthlessness necessary toward an out-of-law? The fact is that the world thinks so, the carnage is fact and it is there for everyone to see. But we must remember that it is not a fault of the creator of the universe because it is not the God of the religious, he is not magical, but natural as we do, just much more aware and powerful. Its power can not prevent their children are punished in a prison fell on their own. So, if we be able to produce portions of Biological Matrix minimizing punishment, we will be doing the will of the creator who suffers the pain of seeing their children and we are generating benefits for us. Just make sure they fit genomes where the points of chaotic biosphere are more extreme, so it softens and manage the environment for the state of order as quickly as possible.

“- Wait a moment! This state of order (for humans unaware of the Cause of the Great Fall – the false paradise of Eden), that humans have in mind is to rebuild the false paradise. It’s Brave New World under the tutelage of the Great Mother Eve, a happy setting to accommodate the fleshly body and give you all satisfaction, all pleasure, but it means disrupting the pregnancy of self-awareness within our egg-head. A haven designed to perpetuate the stupidity, closing the door to evolution, up the universe have to intervene again imposing new Great Fall.”

Well, I guess we will not this way, if we have time for to teach, if not all, at least the majority of human beings, the knowledge of the Matrix that unmasks the devil. We have the opportunity to create an environment friendlier to humans on the land of this planet, to the cosmos as a whole, the same time that we can keep free and evolving our self-consciousness. To accomplish this goal we need, to manufacture the hits to replace the chaos of accidents and errors or fill gaps in resources needed.

Finally, our fate depends on the following strategy:

“The speed of technological development to produce new species of microbial life must be less than the speed of teaching over the matrix for all people.”

So who is behind and driving the whole process will be the pure Matrix of the Creator and not the addicted Matrix infected by the selfish gene.

                                                           The End

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Friday, February 26th, 2010

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Who is LUCA – The Real Creator of Life?

Friday, March 27th, 2009

lLUCA - The Last Universal Common Ancestral

LUCA – The Last Universal Common Ancestral

LUCA is a PROTOSYSTEM composed by its own different SHAPES from its own LIFE’S CYCLE.  LUCA is the building block of GALAXIES and reproduces as NUCLEOTIDE, the information’s building block of RNA and DNA.