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Inicio da entropia no sistema-corpo humano

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

O sistema imune humano começa a se enfraquecer aos 35 anos de idade

( Informação de um medico especialista em fungus: a causa dos fungos nas unhas não é apenas porque fungos externos se colam aos pes, pois eles fazem isso desde a forma de criança, quando se anda descalço. Acontece que enquanto jovem o sistema de defesa consegue repelir os fundgos que entrarem nas celulas. Quando o sistema enfraquece, os elementos nocivos começam a tomar conts do corpo.

Isto sempre foi um assunto que pensei ao refletir sobre a formula da Matrix/DNA. Todo sistema natural inicia com a sua energia em crescente. Na formula, quando o sistema é fechado, essa energia chega ao pico do crescimento em F4, e a partir daí começa a decair, entrando na fase de retorno decrescente, que é medido pela entropia. No sistema-corpo humano, e considerando o ciclo vital, F4 deve-se atingir com a maturidade sexual, quando todos os genes contendo informações para modelar o corpo ja entraram em ação e fizeram seu trabalho. Digamos então que, em geral, homens e mulheres atingem o pico por cerca dos 18 anos. Mas o corpo humano é um sistema aberto. Este pode adquirir energia do exterior, e esta vai manter o pico sem decair por mais alguns anos. O meu problema era detectar quando começa realmente a entropia. Ficava entre os 40 e 45 anos. Agora a informação de um medico e pesquisador cientista nos provide com a informação de que é aos 35 anos. Ok, mais um aprendizado…

Grande percepção da Matrix/DNA: a entidade de sistema criou as ferramentas de controle que são as atuais instituições ficcionistas da cooperação entre humanos

Friday, March 13th, 2020

Percepção descoberta através desta palestra no TEDx:

What explains the rise of humans?

…. a qual também está no Youtube como:

Bananas in heaven | Yuval Noah Harari | TEDxJaffa

Comprar o livro deste author:

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by [Harari, Yuval Noah]
Na Amazon Kindle custa U$ 15,00

Esta palestra me fez notar um detalhe muito importante na formula da Matrix/DNA: a entidade de sistema no cérebro humano tornou os mecanismos reais de controle termodinamico dos sistemas não vivos em topicos de ficções, como Deus, dinheiro, Estado, etc. Uma primeira introdução sobre esta descoberta esta no comentario abaixo postado e publicado no TEDx em 13/03/20

Louis Charles Morelli – Harari saw the effect (the fiction), but didn´t know the cause ( the emergent property of natural systems called “identit in control”). The bees and ants societies were created as self-projection of non-biological systemic building blocks, or units of information. These societies works exactly as well the building blocks of atoms systems which evolved into building blocks of astronomic systems, then, into the building blocks of DNA and cells, which are systems. The identity of ancestral systems organized the bees as a social machine, like they were before.

This identity is the abstract force that arises from the sum of all information of all parts plus the information about interactions of these parts, if it is a closed system. Opened system adds the interactions with the external world.
This abstract force is like the software running inside the hardware of your computer. Now, the natural software that has 13,8 billion years evolved as the software of human brains, which we call “the mind”.

This abstract force created all humans social fictions as evolution of the mechanisms it has used for getting the internal thermodynamic equilibrium and the external by adaptation within the environment, when it was merely non-biological systems.

The most surprising discovery for Matrix/DNA Theory ( which revealed this abstract force) is that this identity was and is encrypted into light waves, originals like those emitted at the Big Bang. It seems that light is the tools, the arms and hands of a kind of God, since it came from beyond this Universe.
Harari doesn’t know the cause because he doesn’t know that there is a universal natural formula for natural system, the principle of physical order. In this formula we can see the effects of this abstract force all around this world.

The big question now for Matrix/DNA Theory is what kind of system is modelling this force that turned on the real physical mechanisms into these phantasies? What new shape of the universal system?

Circadian Rythym: the big puzzle…

Sunday, January 5th, 2020

Without an alarm or other external source for waking us up, what prevents our brains from being asleep forever?

The scientific explanation: You have a really complicated internal clock called your circadian rythym that helps you know when to sleep and wake up. In short you have neurons that run in a loop, activating and deactivating themselves (a bit like a Redstone clock actually if you play minecraft), and similar proteins too that inhibit their own production so they come in waves. Essentially, using these complicated systems and synchronizing them frequently with light and other stimuli, your body can determine when to sleep, when to wake up, how to regulate temperature, and so on. This system would wake us up after about eight hours of sleep by stopping melatonin, and increasing seratonin, dopamine, acetylcholine, and norepinephrine production. Without the external cues though our body has a tendency to drift from 24 sleep cycles to slightly longer cycles (anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours longer, depending on the study.)

What are these self-inhibiting proteins and how does this work? It’s actually called CLOCK (I know, biologists are great at naming things. Stands for Circadian Locomotor Output Cycles Kaput) and it can bind to its own section of the DNA and prevent it from being transcribed. So as more of it is made, the higher the chance it is bound more often and less of it is produced, then as it degrades over time it begins to be produced more and more again, restarting the cycle.

The Matrix/DNA comments: Self-inhibiting proteins and self-activated or self-deactivated neurons?! Ok if you believe in it. I am sure it is not a proved scientific fact. How it could be? Any kind of “self” implies a command coming from inside. Proteins and neurons are merely a bunch of atoms. There are no self-rolling stones. I think the problem here is the conflict between reductionist/systemic mindset. It is an opened question waiting for work by opened minds. At Matrix/DNA world view we believe that all these movements are result of the flow of information/energy that runs inside a circuit of a dynamic formula which can be designed as a simple diagram software. It happens that we are detecting this formula every time we see a new natural system. This formula is the software behind a fundamental unit of information of DNA ( two lateral opposite nucleotides), it is the template of brain anatomy, as well the template of any building blocks of astronomic systems. So, the circadian rythym in a human body is produced at same time by the bigger astronomic fractal as the smaller genetic DNA fractal totally synchronized. The formula is the master, neurons and proteins are the soldiers. Soldiers at work are not self-something. But, like the reductionist can not show the internal trigger of selfies in neurons and proteins, we can not show also the internal and external formula, which must be composite by a network of photons.

SirWallaceIIofReddit – answering to Matrix/DNA comments:

They are definetely real, like just finished reading about them in my text books real. The proteins work like I described in my other comment, inhibiting the DNA that codes for them, but I did oversimplify the neurons thing. They are actually cirquits of neurons. The super simplified version would be a two neuron systems. One of them is inhibitory and one excitatory, and both send signals to the other. The excitatory one activates, activating the inhibitory one, which deactivated the excitatory one, which stops activating the inhibitory one, and so on and so forth, creating a reliable rhythm. As for the second half of your post I’m a little confused, could you try to explain it a different way?

MatrixDNA answering to SirWallace:

I agree with your description about what we see, our disagrement is about the explanation and the primary causes. I think that it would be good for you trying to look at a new perspective of the brain – which is at my website ( I don’t want divulgation here but there is no other way). It has a lot of food for thought and new discoveries. The brain is itself a natural system and all natural systems are build by a unique natural formula, which is at my website. Then, if you superpose the brain’s anatomy upon the formula, you can see the systemic circuit flowing and activating glandules, neurons, proteins, etc. The hippocampus is upon F1 and the cortex is upon F4. Pay attention that the formula is divided into two halves. The left side is energy up, the right side begins entropy, so, is energy down. So, a neuron is not inhibitory or excitatory by itself, it is the systemic flow that control them; if the flow is up, the neuron is activated while the other os kept entropically null. When a protein ( or the code for it) meets its counterpart of the other half, both are out. I know that you will not understand it now, it is not a complex issue, but it is different from everything we have learned. In theory, it has worked very well for me… Cheers…

Qual a chance de se encontrar mais inteligencias no Universo?

Saturday, October 5th, 2019


Artigo no Pharyngula: 

Meu comentario enviado em 10 (out) – 05 – 19 ( aguardando moderacao).

Inteligencia deve ser comum no Universo, de acordo com os modelos e formulas da Matrix/DNA Theory. A dificuldade de humanos aceitar isso deve-se ao desconhecimento sobre sistemas naturais e suas influências na Natureza Universal, conhecimento impossível sem conhecer a formula universal de todos estes sistemas descoberta na teoria. Inteligência humana é uma evolução dos instintos animais os quais são produtos da evolução das forças físicas naturais, porém a inteligência provém de uma força física pouco conhecida: a propriedade emergente de auto-identidade de todos os sistemas naturais, a qual surge da soma de todas as informações de todas as partes mais as informações das interações internas e externas destas partes. essa propriedade se assemelha a softwares, portanto os sistemas naturais são compostos de um software e hardware.

Sugerem ainda os cálculos da teoria que, para que se manifeste inteligência do tipo humano é necessário que um sistema tenha desenvolvido um órgão hospedeiro do núcleo do software, no caso humano é o neocortex cerebral. Mas humanos são meros sistemas com base no carbono e organização biológica da matéria que é produto dos sistemas mecanicistas astronômicos. Portanto sistemas naturais gerados por sistemas astronômicos podem evoluir para inteligentes, porem, a cada sete elementos na tabela periódica o oitavo elemento repete as propriedades do carbono e portanto pode ser a base para outros sistemas muito diferentes do biológico que podem desenvolver inteligência. Inclusive é possível encontrar-mos em algum astro sistemas naturais inteligentes feitos de tungstênio, mais parecidos com um carro… ou  com o Curiosity…


Intelligence must be common in the Universe, according to Matrix/DNA Theory’s models and formulas. The difficulty of humans to accept this probability is due to ignorance about natural systems and their influences on Universal Nature, which knowledge is impossible without knowing the universal formula of all these systems discovered by the theory. Human intelligence is an evolution of animal instincts which are products of the evolution of natural physical forces coming from atoms systems, but intelligence comes from a little known physical force: the emergent property of self-identity of all natural systems, which arises from the sum of all information from all parties plus information from the internal and external interactions of these parties. This property resembles software, so, natural systems are made up of a kind of natural software and hardware.
The theory calculations also suggest that, in order to manifest human type intelligence, it is necessary that a system has developed a host organ of the software core, the F1 function of Matrix/DNA formula. In the human case it is the cerebral neocortex. But humans are mere carbon-based systems and biological organization of matter that is the evolutionary product from astronomical mechanistic systems. Therefore natural systems generated by astronomical systems can evolve to intelligent, but every seven elements in the periodic table the eighth element repeats the properties of carbon, and can therefore be the basis for other very different systems from biological that can develop intelligence. Even will be possible that there are in some stars intelligent natural systems made of tungsten that seems like a car … or like Curiosity…

De onde a Natureza obteve os mecanismos e processos para criar as interações internas, entre as partes de um sistema.

Monday, September 2nd, 2019


O bone marrow e a produção das células vermelhas

A formula da Matrix/DNA apareceu neste Universo desde o momento do BIG BANG na forma de uma onda de luz movente que ao mover-se gera uma anatomia a qual se torna o ciclo vital que foi o código suficiente para criar sistemas naturais como os vivos e os não-vivos.  Quando desenhamos a formula como um diagrama, notamos que a formula apresenta um canal ou tubo que conecta as sete partes que executam as sete funções sistêmicas entre si, na mesma sequencia do ciclo vital. Dentro do canal ou tubo corre o fluxo da energia/informação que vai carregando as instruções para fazer as próximas partes, etc. Neste canal, cada parte pode se comunicar apenas com suas duas vizinhas, seja da esquerda ou da direita. Vamos trazer a formula para lembrar isso:

The universal matrix/DNA as closed system

The universal matrix/DNA as closed system

Mas com a evolução, e principalmente no âmbito biológico, que sao sistemas abertos, as partes internas de um sistema desenvolveram canais secundários internos pelos quais cada parte consegue se comunicar com todas as outras seis partes. Como conseguiram isso? Abrindo saídas, ramificações, do circuito principal ou aproveitando poros existentes nos ossos ( ver Sinusoidal capillaries ), os quais parecem ser uma evolução dos canais de trocas que existiam nas membranas dos seres mais simples.

Em vista disso vemos o que acontece num sistema biológico como o corpo humano quando os ossos do esqueleto se tornam a capa desse canal e dentro do qual corre o fluxo de energia/informação. Esse fluxo interno aos ossos chama-se medula óssea, ou “bone marrow”, e ele produz vários tipos de células, principalmente as células vermelhas que vão se constituir no sangue.

medula óssea, também conhecida como tutano, é um tecido líquido-gelatinoso que preenche a cavidade interna de vários ossos e fabrica os elementos figurados do sangue periférico como: hemácias (glóbulos vermelhos), leucócitos (glóbulos brancos) e plaquetas.

Creio que são estas células que provocam a abertura de saídas e assim se espalham pelo corpo. Mas não são só elas, parece que o próprio circuito produz também as capas do que veio a se tornar ramificações, canais, os quais se tornaram o sistema circulatório. A imagem de uma arvore, com os galhos saindo do tronco, parece que foi um protótipo intermediário da evolução entre o circuito único dos sistemas não-biológicos e o sistema circulatório dos aninais. A coisa aqui torna-se complexa requerendo muito estudo, não sei se órgãos se comunicam com outros órgãos, talvez trocando substancias, ou se apenas o sistema circulatório governa estas interações, ao recolher substancias produzidas por um órgão e leva-las a outros órgãos. mas o importante é ter uma noção básica de como a Natureza criou o sistema circulatório dentro dos sistemas como o corpo humano.

Outro importante fator a considerar é que não apenas foi desenvolvido a rede de inter-comunicações entre órgãos, como também nessa rede estão os canais que levam informações destas interações internas para o fluxo principal da medula óssea. Então entra e sai substancias/informação, na forma de fluidos, como vemos nesta figura:

Medula óssea dentro dos ossos e poros de entrada e saída


E` isso que vou deixar no ar… as vezes estes conhecimentos ressurgem na memoria quando estamos tentando resolver problemas práticos. se eu fosse cientista da medicina, repensaria nas varias doenças causadas por disfunções nesta área tendo agora esta nova abordagem. Mas outra intuição que surge agora pode vir do seguinte: A meu ver a maior causa da pobreza dos povos tem sido a falta de associação entre as classes mais baixas. O que implica na falta destas redes de interações entre os indivíduos-partes deste sistema. Teriamos que identificar numa cidade qual o canal principal. Ele deve ligar a comunidade pelas diferenças econômicas, cada qual representando uma parte ou função sistêmica. Seria preciso quebrar este canal principal, que fe dominante/predador, e isso se daria pelo mesmo mecanismo que células internas na medula óssea criam ou se aproveitam dos capilares ou poros existentes no canal principal. Mas tem que se identificar como é o canal de fato, e isto implica em desenhar a cidade, estuda-la, etc.


Acabei de descobrir mais uma explicação sobre nos e nossa Natureza. A pergunta nunca respondida por ninguém era: de onde a natureza bruta tirou a ideia para fazer galhos saindo dos troncos e formando as arvores, assim como fez veias e artérias saindo do tronco da medula óssea? Ora, a ideia já existia manifestada como fato natural desde o Big Bang!… A formula da Matrix/DNA, que alguém sugeriu-me chamar de “o genoma de Deus”, surgiu neste Universo com muita plasticidade, bastante flexível, da qual um molde inicial pode ser remodelado para se adaptar a diferentes circunstancias… e poderia-se dizer que essa flexibilidade foi Deus permitindo a existência do livre-arbítrio…


Observe como medula óssea funciona como um fluxo dentro de um cabo, ou canal, constituído de osso compacto, inclusive tendo uma película intermediaria chamada de spongy bone:


O fluxo interno ao canal ósseo produz uma variedade de produtos. Alem das células vermelhas, produz os pratelets e as células brancas sanguíneas, as quais são de vários tipos, como:

  • Lymphocytes, neutrophils, and monocytes. These white blood cells fight against invading bacteria, viruses, or fungi to help destroy infection. Each of these cells differs in appearance.
  • Eosinophils and basophils. These white blood cells respond to allergens that can invade our bodies.

Merito, no capitalismo, sendo forjado nos privilégios, e caindo na mesma armadilha da abelha rainha

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019


How Life Became an Endless, Terrible Competition

Analise pela Matrix/DNA:

Os leões mostram os caninos impostos pela Natureza para justificarem a carnificina sobre as presas, que apreciam. A projeção deste quadro no reino animal irracional sobre a especie humana, produz situações como as que os ricos mostrem suas habilidades financeiras como derivadas de seu incansável estudo e trabalho `a guisa de méritos que os orgulham. Assim nasceu a meritocracia, onde os ricos se assentam ideologicamente e os não-ricos são convencidos a aceitarem o seu domínio rebaixando a si mesmos num complexo de inferioridade.

Acontece que este atributo meritocrático no sistema capitalista é uma falacia. O que se revela como mérito no jogo competitivo nada mais é que resultado de mais bem alimentado e mais tecnologizado treinamento, os quais só são acessíveis aos ricos. Os alunos super-confortáveis em casa e nas três grandes universidades elitistas dos USA estão fatalmente determinados a irem para o topo das listas de mérito. E assentando-se nestas listas ganham mais o que retroalimenta seus filhos que os vão substituírem na lista. Ou seja, se antes a maior propriedade do capital era retroalimentada pelos privilégios das elites nas boas melhores universidades, e os povos raivosos acreditaram que terminaram com essa injustiça clamando pelo sistema de méritos, agora o mecanismo do mérito revela-se ter sido mero continuísmo do mecanismo das antigas elites.

Mas quando aumentam as presas gordas e a possibilidade de boa colheita na carnificina, aumenta a população de leões. estes não apenas se dedicam a satisfazer suas gulas atacando as presas, mas o instinto da violência permanente os dirige também a atacar outros leões no jogo das intra-competições. Com isso, o filho do meritocrático vai ter que se esforçar mais que o pai nos estudos e vai ter que trabalhar mais que o pai explorando-se a si mesmo como capital humano… para manter-se na competição entre mais leões buscando maneiras de lhe tomar um naco de seu território.

A sociedade das formigas e abelhas são uma maiores obras de engenharia que se conhece. Tudo funciona lubrificadamente, cada peca no seu exato lugar executando uma função sistêmica necessária especifica, sem a qual o sistema não funciona. No topo, quer dizer, no trono, esta assentada a rainha. Ela tem certas funções, como se acasalar com os machos, consumir os adereços que se acumulam em volta do trono, etc. Mas ai da rainha se ela almejar um pouco de relaxamento em suas funções ou mesmo buscar algumas formas de prazeres extra-realeza. O sistema todo desmorona. Então qual a diferença entre ela e os outros escravos do seu sistema? E imagina que aborrecida deve ser sua vida algemada pelas regras. Mas regras vindo de onde, se ela é a unica autoridade visível como presente?

Ai é que esta o segredo ocultando na sabedoria da Natureza. Claro, as leis naturais impõem a evolução e atropelam eliminando as sociedades e sistemas estanques que se deitam em seu caminho, como as dos insetos, ou os leões e seus territórios. E mortalmente proibido instalar sistemas fechados em si mesmos, pois estes fecham as suas portas ‘a sua evolução. Acontece que um sistema consiste na soma das informações de todas suas partes e mais as informações oriundas das interações entre as partes. A rainha nada mais é que uma das partes do sistema, ela não pode conhecer todas as informações sobre as interações entre as outras partes. E como o sistema esta fechado ao mundo, ela não tem informações do mundo externo alem de seus horizontes imediatos. mas o mundo externo esta em mudança, esta evoluindo.

Acontece também que de dentro de todo sistema emerge uma entidade abstrata que é a identidade ou entidade do próprio significado do sistema. E esta entidade é quem todas as informações. Ela determina as regras, que pegam ate a rainha em suas teias.

E isto que esta acontecendo na falacia da meritocracia quando os falsos meritoides estão entrando em depressão e ficando doentes devido a alta carga de escravidão que atraíram para si mesmos. E assim eles mesmos serão obrigados a mudar o sistema que mantiveram por seculos a ferro e fogo das armas de seus exércitos.

Systemic Cognition: Organização reconhece atraso e procura tateando no escuro

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019


A Global Shift to Systemic Cognition

Updated: Nov 25, 2018 –  Victoria Wilding

True systemic cognition is currently almost non-existent. Most ‘systems thinking’ is done with mental/rational representations and cognition. Post-modern cognition is incapable of rigorously understanding complex phenomenon, and people at this level are commonly anti-cognitive.

It seems unlikely that systemic cognition will develop quickly enough to meet global challenges unless it is spread intentionally and consciously.

What is needed is a New Enlightenment. It will be similar to the First Enlightenment in that it will be driven by a shift to higher cognition. But this time the shift will be from the analytical/rational thought of the First Enlightenment to systemic cognition and the shift will be developed and spread intentionally and consciously.

At present there is no body, process or system that has the responsibility or power to ensure that humanity continues to evolve successfully on this planet into the future, overcoming the global crises that threaten us. There is no driver of the planetary car. Furthermore, the cognitive capacities needed to steer and re-organize the human system are almost non-existent. And the few who are developing these capacities do not have the power to enact solutions. Worse still, humanity is currently organized in ways that encourage and incentivize the actions that produce the crises. Our current economic and social systems self-organize destructive behaviour irrespective of the intentions of the participants within these systems. ( cont. reading)

Meu comentario enviado neste link em 7/30/19

Hi, Ms. Victoria…This is a great service to humankind, trying the evolutionary jump from reductive thought to systemic thought. The last great initiative was from Ludwig Bertalanffy whit his book “General System Theory”. But,… it had no continuation because neither Mr. Bertalanffy knew what a natural system really is. I am the author of a new theory called “The universal formula Matrix/DNA of all natural systems and life cycles” because I think have discovered a common pattern at all systems which is the internal circuit carrying on the flow of information/energy that connects all parts. I think maybe it can improve your teachings because this formula is for perfect systems which works like a machine, so, all artificial man-made systems has errors in it that can be fixed looking to the perfect formula. For example, any factory owner can make comparisons between his/her system with the formula and see the differences for improving it. This formula tells a new different Universal History, linking the evolution from atoms to galaxies to biological systems, so it is a good source for understanding the meaning of natural evolution and planning what to do next. If you are curious about, my goal is merely helping you because this will be good for human kind, look this link, where you can get a first idea about:

Origin of Life: This “scientific” video and the explanation from Matrix/DNA Theory

Saturday, June 22nd, 2019


A brief introduction to learn what this website is about is resumed in the comments below:  ( Origin of Life – How Life Started on Earth)

Comments in Youtube:

vince pie – 6/21/19

Life did not come from non life. It came from life.

Pablo Fonseca – 6/22/19

Vince, try to change this concept by:

” Natural systems did not come from scratch. Systems came from systems”.

The word “life” is our problem ( and the word ” origins” is another trap ). So what system these biological systems ( aka, life) came from? Ok there were only two known systems: astronomic and atomic. You can see quickly that atom must be discarded, because it is too much simple than the first biological system – a complete and working cell system. So the unique alternative is astronomic systems. And it is logical: the first biological system appeared inside an astronomic and was produced with ingredients existing in this system.

But, how could a giant and super simple system producing a microscopic and super complex system?! Louis Morelli was thinking about these problem, but ia new different way: systems,… and thre is no other alternative, it did it, we must discover how. He went to Amazon jungle where still there are witness of that event, and applied comparative anatomy between biological and astronomic, when he found LUCA, the last half-biological/half-astronomic system, the lost evolutionary link between Cosmological and Biological Evolution.

There is no unsolvable enigma, the whole problem are wrong words generating wrong concepts and wrong way of thinking. These people in this video is searching the ancestral of a system as a soup of random ingredients. Systems came from system. So, Morelli shows in his website the face of LUCA, which is the building block of galatic systems and he found how LUCA was here, in the middle of that soup and minerals.

Will the secret of success lie in giving up all privacy?

Friday, April 26th, 2019


(translated by Google, waiting corrections)

A social system will be all the more defective as more private information citizens denies to Big Brother. For he will be less able to fit all different citizens into a perfect organization.

A social system will be all the more perfect as more information about each individual Big Brother knows.

Big Brother is the abstract entity of systems that emerges as the sum of all the information of all the parts plus the information of the interactions between the parts … and if the system is not isolated, about the interactions of the parts with elements external to the system. This abstract entity in the most complex systems comes from the evolution of the self-control of the non-living systems that maintains the internal thermodynamic equilibrium. It is common among biologists to talk about an “invisible command of instructions in DNA.” This is the Big Brother of genes.

All this is immediately apparent when we have in mind the universal formula that nature has applied to organize matter in all types of existing natural systems:

And the design of the internal information flow circuit of the Matrix / DNA formula in its perfect closed system version, in the form of a software diagram

Matrix / DNA formula in its perfect closed system version, in the form of a software diagram

There is a lot of people’s reluctance to share their privacy. The Petrobras director who was arrested for corruption and was found to have a hollow wall in the house with 20 million, would not want to report it to Big Brother. This would require people to report whether they masturbate or not, how often, and how often they go to the bathroom, whether they have white hair under the paint, etc. But by the definition of perfect system, if a single information, the most seemingly contemptible that can be, internal to the system, which is not summed up in the control entity, the system will not be perfect.

We are led to conclude with certainty that humankind will never have a perfect society.

But we are also sure that either the human being changes physically or humanity will be extinguished. Certainly the changes that will occur on the planet and the solar system will reach a point that will no longer support life on Earth. An alternative that seems to be the only hope is that the human being evolves by changing his physical form, in the sense of less mass and more energy. It would be the only way to make interstellar travel, to find another planet like Earth, and / or to spread through the Universe.

But to change form, there must be transcendence. And transcendence comes from the perfect harmony of all parts with openness to self-evolution itself. This perfect harmony of all parties would imply a perfect social system. And perfect system implies that all citizens totally give up their privacy.

We are apparently faced with a paradoxical problem with no rational solution.

In Aldous Huxley’s book and movie “Brave New World,” we can have a representation of a perfect social system. But the author himself observes that the human being becomes a kind of robot, stupid, where it is forbidden to discover new thing because it would alter the order of the system, it would be forbidden to create, and forbidden or non-existent free will. Obviously many of today’s humans would reject such a system, though it would provide maximum physical happiness.

A possible solution would be for humanity to seek to form an organized society, in the sense of harmonic, without any system. This implies, without having a core, a central government. All decisions related to the social level would be dictated by plebiscites. But for that there would have to be a slow evolution in the sense of cutting cultural, behavioral edges, approaching cultures and unique behaviors. Most would always win a plebiscite. Imagine if the majority were Muslim. Many of his decisions would be unbearable to atheists, materialists, Catholics, etc. Imagine being forced to cover your face with a cloth … never wear jeans … If most were women and with the power to dictate the rules, not even Jesus would have been able to stay in the house of the woman who would not stop moving by cleaning and tidying up the house and complaining that the men did not help in that work to be talking about philosophies, politics …

So maybe the “no system” solution is possible, but it would certainly be very slow. That all the different heads are moving in the direction of one day converge to be one head, it would have to be a process in which each generation would change a minute detail of a less common behavior in the context of the global population. But also the planet would have to change in order to reach a general homogeneity of climate, etc.

Perhaps the supreme and possible solution is concealed in a concept that was said above related to Huxley’s utopia: maximum physical happiness.

I believe there are two different kinds of human need: physical and intellectual needs, or spiritual needs. Then we could think of humanity coming to two types of harmonic organization. One, referring to physical needs, would be the perfect system, total accommodation and satisfaction for the body, and another, referring to intellectual needs, without any system, harmonic but inter-differentiated, with the whole open to its evolution. The intellectual necessity would continue to motivate the spatial evolution, and with this it would withdraw from the social machine bodies to inhabit, as for example, the space stations. For in the brave new world, stupidity would interrupt any search for evolution. The discoveries, the creation, the maintenance of the autonomous consciousness, would be given above the Earth, therefore without affecting the perfect social system. But on the ship there would be no leaders, commanders, for there could be no system there.

Bee and ant societies are the biological incarnation of the universal formula for perfect system. It is understandable that the formula encrypted in genetics has managed to self-design after it has formed the body, to be the social system: ants and bees have no intellect, not even a brain worth noting. There the queen and the incarnation of the abstract identity that emerges as control of the system. but we must note that the queen herself and slave of and in her own system. She has to submit to rigid rules of discipline. It also can not discover, can not create, can not exercise free will in its entirety, as it would alter the system. Big Brother would also be a slave to the system.

The Universe has organized – or assisted the organization – everything in a system. Even the remotest rock on the ocean floor belongs to a system, the galactic. And every system is bad, because it implies death, slavery, etc. But it seems to me that the Universe is sending a message: eternal existence, total freedom, will only be bestowed upon the species in which the parts coexist harmoniously ceasing to be parts of a system.

Anyway, for now the rational suggestion for humanity faith: transform the planet into a landscaped garden and the human inserted into a mechanically automated biosphere, where the body will have the maximum of its satisfaction, but keep the mind out of it, open to evolution.

It is possible. I have not yet solved what we are going to do with our privacy of data relating to our physical body. Which includes up to the last penny, or the bottle of whiskey that I keep hidden under the bed.And as in immigration cases, if you really want to naturalize a citizen because of marriage, you may be required to inform the color of your wife’s panties to prove that the marriage is true …

And maybe that’s where the privacy issue is going to go. You want to be from the system and you understand that for the system to exist and to maintain it has to obtain and verify information, otherwise it becomes a mess, the system can undo itself. Thus you lose all shame, all protection of your physical privacy, and voluntarily surrender your body to the brave new world … But mind, never!

There would be a way for everyone to surrender the body and everyone to maintain sovereignty over their mind. But he could not be an atheist and belong to no organized religion, no church. All would conclude and have the intuition that there is at least a much more evolved intelligence, and therefore with much or total power over the material world. This intuition would be the only common denominator among all minds. Equality of minds would end there. From this intuition each mind would begin to seek and assemble its image and concepts on what would be this “cosmic consciousness.” Since every human is different from anything else, everyone had life experiences with some different detail, there would not be one god equal to the other. It would be forbidden to speak of your God and you would not accept listening to others speak of their gods so as not to disturb your image. Each God indicates a specific path, unique, to follow. Thus all humans would have intimate, unconfessable, different directions, even though they lived together. And ‘possible, for I have been doing times just doing this, my divinity no one else can conceive the same, my temple is my brain, only I can enter into it.

Understanding why not the Milk Way, but its essence, produced us

Friday, August 25th, 2017


Teorias sobre Origens da Vida

My comment below explains the perspective of Matrix/DNA Theory about the “origins of life”, posted in the debate at this link:


luvdomus luvdomus – 8/25/2017

If living matter which is made from atoms and molecules, didn’t come from non-living matter, also made from atoms and molecules, where did it come from? Out of empty space?


Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – 8/25/2017

luvdomus: Forget the word “living”, which is antropomorfism, and things becomes clear. From Nature perspective, must say “systems”.

You are thinking in “atoms and molecules” as portion of organic mass coming from non-organic mass. Of course, a biological system can not comes from non-organic portion of mass. But, see that portions of non-organic mass can belong to a natural system, like atoms, galaxies. Now we has a better question: biological systems came from a non-biological system?

We need think about the jump in complexity, which would be very big. And what could happens in the process of transition for such mutation. The most complex non-biological system must be a galaxy. Making comparative anatomy between the first complete working biological system ( a Eukaryota cell system) and a galaxy, it seems impossible the jump. But,… maybe we are not knowing what a galaxy is. Maybe our theoretical model, the nebular theory, the spontaneous and random formation of bodies, are so wrong as when we were believing that Earth was the center of Sun’s system.

That’s what lead me to recalculate this models from the perspective of a cell system and calculating reverse evolution. The results – called Matrix/DNA Theory – shows a theoretical model of – not galaxies – but, building blocks of galaxies, that are equal to the building blocks of DNA. So, like the essence of an organism is not the organism but its DNA – it is the DNA that is transmitted to offspring, not the organism – is possible that the essence of this galaxy – the Matrix, its kind of non-biological DNA – was inserted into terrestrial atoms, driving them to biological organization and finally, composing a working system, due water and its production: organic chemistry.

So, we still have only theories, to be tested. But, now, after fixing this mistake caused by anthropomorphism, we can suppose that it is possible: biological systems were produced by evolution inside and by galaxies, which building blocks are half-biological/half mechanical described by Newtonian’s mechanics. Welcome to the new Milk Way, our physical grand-grandmother. Now, about our consciousness, its origins, I make no idea… Again the jump in complexity from the human brain to consciousness is not astronomic… maybe is universally ex-machine.