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Predictions from Matrix/DNA Theory: Rules to obey

Sunday, January 19th, 2020

A suggestion from my friend:

To Louis Morelli:
You have a simple choice before you. You can spend your life as a crank, convinced of your own superiority and wondering why everyone else is refusing to acknowledge it. Or you can start making actual sense.

So, in the interest of helping you along with the second option, try this: Describe a practical prediction that follows from your “theory” and a method for testing it. The prediction should follow these criteria:

1) It should be an actual prediction. I.e. something we don’t already know.

2) It should be unique to your theory. I.e. it should be something that distinguishes your theory from every other idea out there.

3) It should be practically testable, with an objective measure of success or failure. I.e. no “you have to feel it”, no “if you use your left hemisphere, it’s obvious”, no “the jungle will tell you the answer”.

I’m sure a person as staggeringly intelligent and well-educated as yourself will recognize these as basic rules of proper scientific investigation and therefore have no objection to complying with them.

My answer:

Thanks, I will try it. But, first of all, I don´t think that I am convinced of my own superiority. I think it is actually the opposite – so humble that I never tried to go beyond my humble website. I don´t believe that I found the Ultimate Thru, neither a complete theory of it. I am, always was, a skeptical about humans knowledge, because I think our brain has no capacity to process the higher information beyond our senses. That´s why I am testing the theory against facts everyday, and selecting evidences, but, also, searching to facts that could debunk the entire theory. I am not selling anything, I am not selling myself, I don´t want to be in delusion due my wrong theory, I will not earn anything that I already have, I want the Thru, only that. If I talk about this theory with someone, it is because I am searching more minds joining and helping me in this search because I believe ( yes, here I believe) that if this theory has some thru in it, it will be beneficial to human kind, to our next generations.

Yes, I am wondering why everyone else is refusing to acknowledge the logistic and rationality in this theory. For me it is so clear, could not be in other way. We are systems, these systems has an essence, this essence is the DNA. Atoms and galaxies are systems. atoms and galaxies are our systems ancestors. They must have an essence also. This essence must be ancestor of our essence as systems. I heve applied the formula of DNA to atoms systems and astronomic systems and got how the ancestor shapes of DNA was there. If you go further, you will find the same formula as the single, natural anatomy of a wave of light, like the wave propagating from the Big Bang, what means that the code for DNA was existing before the Big Bang. It means that the first genome in this Universe came as a wave of light. This thesis is more rational than the thesis suggesting that the code in the DNA emerged here by miracles, like the one did by a supernatural God or by the inorganic matter. It is rational. I am wondering why people does not understand this rationality, this logistic. Not about why people does not understand the new theory, since I never explained it in full.

I have selected tens of predictions made by this theory in these last 30 years, that were latter proved. But the majority of these right predictions were scientifically known. I was not knowing them in Amazon jungle. The advantage here is that I didn´t need to do the experiments that revealed them, I saw them mentally by my own. Other predictions are about unknown mechanisms revealed by scientists. They see the thing happening, but they are not able to explain how or why it happens. My theory suggested the existence of these mechanisms or process and explain why it happens. But I never got to talk to the scientist and I am sure he/she will not believe in it without a long dissertation of the whole theory, for which the scientist is not wanting to waste his/her time.

I am dying. I will try, before it happens, to write a book with the must information I can do. For what? What if everything is wrong? Mendel spent his life crossing beans and wrote a manuscript about his observations. The manuscript was not saw by nobody and fell into the basement of a library. Then he died. For what he wrote it? Man, millions, billions of people are being saved due Mendels´hard work. Like me, I think Mendel has not built a family, had no kids. We spent our lives, all our energy to bring to light and feed a spiritual, or merely minded son. We write for the spiritual world, if there is one… dreaming that real people see it for the benefits of our loved human kind. It is good for us because we die in peace with our mind.

But, as suggested my friend, I must search time for trying to find a practical prediction just now…

Hipotese alternativa á reunião de fotons na Terra nas origens da vida e mais evidencias para Matrix/DNA Theory

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

Está sendo descoberto mais moléculas que formam aminoácidos, DNA, em meteoritos. Agora, como revela este artigo com link abaixo, foi descoberto um açúcar, fundamental no DNA. Isto me leva a formular mais uma hipotese para a formação dos aminoácidos, proteinas, RNA e DNA, do que a já calculada reunião dos genes semivivos na forma de fotons vindos da entropia galactica.

Pode ser que não foi preciso todos os fotons-genes necessários a um sistema celular completo terem vindo e se reunidos na Terra. Pode ser que os fotons liberados a partir da entropia na periferia da galáxia se encontram em vários astros, ou meteoritos, constituindo pequenos pacotes de informação, e mais tarde, se vários destes pacotes, pelas quedas de meteoritos, se encontram na superficie de um planeta, reinem-se ja como moléculas e completam um sistema.


Sugar Has Been Detected Inside Meteorites for the First Time Ever

By Rosie McCall On 11/20/19 at 11:14 AM EST

“Other important building blocks of life have been found in meteorites previously, including amino acids (components of proteins) and nucleobases (components of DNA and RNA), but sugars have been a missing piece among the major building blocks of life,”

“A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) sheds new light on the question of how biology arose from non-biological chemical processes, the researchers say. This being because the sugars discovered on the meteors studied may have been a key ingredient in some of the first examples of ribonucleic acid (RNA) formed on Earth.

Researchers were able to identify sugars on two carbon-rich meteorites (Murchison and North West Africa (NWA) 801) using gas chromatography mass spectrometry, a process that sorts molecules according to mass and electric charge.”

In contrast, there was no evidence of 2-deoxyribose—the sugar required to make DNA—in any of the samples studied, a result the researchers say supports the idea RNA evolved prior to, and was later replaced by, DNA. “This is important since there could have been a delivery bias of extraterrestrial ribose to the early Earth which is consistent with the hypothesis that RNA evolved first.”

Meu comentario postado no artigo:

Louis Morelli – 21/11/19

The extraterrestrial sugar is still inside this galaxy. This discovery is one more correct prevision of Matrix/DNA Theory 30 years ago, when composing a galactic system with the seven known shapes of astronomic bodies perceived that then galactic system is the direct ancestral of the first cell system. Entropy begnning at the periphery of this galaxy delivered its bits genetic information as seeds looking for a good land. Who drove sugars, aminoacids, proteins, for composing a working system? it is all around us.

Mais uma previsão acertada do meu modelo teórico astronômico: baby-estrelas são expulsas do núcleo galáctico.

Monday, November 18th, 2019


Barrada no baile galático: estrela é “expulsa” para fora de buraco negro…

Localização da estrela S5-HVS1 no céu e a direção do seu movimento. A estrela está voando para longe do centro galáctico, de onde foi ejetada 5 milhões de anos atrás - Sergey Koposov/Divulgação
Localização da estrela S5-HVS1 no céu e a direção do seu movimento. A estrela está voando para longe do centro galáctico, de onde foi ejetada 5 milhões de anos atrás
Imagem: Sergey Koposov/Divulgação

Meu comentario postado no artigo do UOL em 18/11/19).

1) A todas as estrelas aconteceu exatamente isso; 2) não existe o teorizado buraco negro no núcleo galático; 3) Esse astro não é uma estrela adulta e sim um baby estelar. Tudo isso foi sugerido e previsto pelo modelo teórico astronômico denominado Matrix/DNA a 30 anos atras. A grande notável diferença entre o modelo oficial acadêmico e o modelo da Matrix/DNA está no resultado final da evolução das galaxias que vemos aqui com nossos olhos: a criação por esta galaxia dos sistemas biológicos, ou Vida. Podem espremer de todas as maneiras a teoria oficial que nunca vão explicar como sua galaxia poderia produzir Vida, enquanto o modelo da Matrix/DNA mostra a galaxia como o ancestral ou “ultimo não-biológico ancestral” exatamente a imagem e semelhança de um sistema celular e da unidade fundamental de informação do DNA. Este acumulo de previsões acertadas estão indicando que a humanidade terá uma grande surpresa quando mais dados reais chegarem.



Computador quântico: minha sugestão técnica baseada na Matrix/DNA

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019


Esta ideia me ocorreu ao ler um comentário do john51 no link:

Como sei programação e trabalhei nisso pelo menos 30 anos, fico imaginando como fariam pra programar um computador quântico pra executar diversas operações ao mesmo tempo, realmente é uma revolução total na forma de programar

Minha resposta em 10/23/19

Talvez uma analogia pode nos ajudar a entender isso. O DNA é constituído de unidades fundamentais de informação, por dois nucleotídeos laterais. Estas unidades se ligam numa enorme pilha de milhões delas. Acontece que cada unidade ( que tem sete variáveis = 4 bases + dois açucares + uracila) é um sistema funcional, executando uma especifica tarefa. E todas as unidades são copias da unidade/sistema original, a primeiro de baixo da pilha, porem, cada unidade tem ao menos uma partícula em posição diferente, tornando-a diferente de todas as outras copias. Quando chega um RNA mensageiro com um problema (uma formula para uma proteína), imediatamente todas as copias são varridas e unidas aquelas que fazem cada elemento da proteína). Então, creio que a técnica deles seja quase essa: fizeram um programa inicial, variam alguma coisa nas copias fechando todas as possibilidades de saídas do labirinto, e inter-ligam todas pela superposição quântica. A solução apresentada pelo computador quântico significa a formula para a proteína. O Dna deve estar aplicando essa superposição. Bem, baseio-me na minha teoria do DNA…e não na deles.

Mas tem problemas com a minha sugestão e o que escrevi no meu Facebook mostra isso:

Minha descoberta/teoria da formula que denominei “Matrix/DNA” esta me levando longe demais… o problema é que ir longe demais fica-se sozinho, ninguém o entende…

Claro que aquele que deixa a caravana na estrada e sobe ao pico da montanha ao lado para ver mais longe, o que tem la na frente da estrada, pode interpretar errado o que vê com dificuldade, mas não tem ninguém para discutir com ele quando retorna a caravana e diz o que pensa que viu. A lenda da caverna de Platão é um exemplo disso: quando o escravo livre volta e conta para os outros o que tem fora da caverna ninguém acredita e nem sequer querem ouvi-lo…

E o problema é que a minha “montanha” foi sete anos na selva Amazônica observando o que a Natureza virgem nos ensina sobre a existência, e ninguém quer ir para a selva para ver o que penso ter visto. Mas se fossem menos arrogantes percebendo que a visão unica da estrada a partir da caravana é muito limitada e não pode revelar a verdade do que existe alem da próxima curva, deveriam prestar atenção ao que sugere a visão de horizontes mais amplos a partir do pico da montanha…

O computador quântico no modelo que estou sugerindo ( porque penso ter aprendido algo semelhante na matéria viva da selva) melhoraria em muito nossas condições de vida agora, mas ninguém vai entender o que estou sugerindo e eu não tenho as ferramentas para aplica-lo. Veja no artigo da UOL pelo link que forneco no meu artigo clicando no link abaixo para ver como estão lutando, mas engatinhando… As partículas na selva e na vida em geral não precisam de temperaturas frisadas no zero absoluto como estão pensando… O DNA faz isso na temperatura normal do copro humano. Estão lidando ou com partículas erradas ( tem que ser fótons, no máximo elétrons) ou em condições incompletas).

New great right prevision from Matrix/DNA Theory becames evidence by great scientific discovery:” Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins”

Thursday, August 10th, 2017


About 5 days ago I was very happy because the news has confirmed my theoretical astronomical model, registered at copyrights about 30 years ago: the Sun’s nucleus has the strongest frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum and as effect, rotates 4 times fast than the surface’s sphere.

But, searching the scientific news today, I had another great moment. One of the most important prevision of Matrix/DNA Theory ( the final meaning of this universe and life existence) got a great evidence, if not a final confirmation. The news is: ” Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins”.

I have no time for writing about now, so, I will post here the picture of the eletromagnetic spectrum by Matrix/DNA and what I have wrote in the debate related to the last article here:

To everybody debating with me in this thread: please, see how and why the Matrix/DNA world view during the last 30 years has confirmed hundreds of its previsions. Two days ago I wrote here: ” We found that the vital principle is encoded in a light wave, like that emitted after the Big Bang”.
Today I am reading the news: ” Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins”. I have wrote here that in this Universe is occurring a natural genetic process of reproduction of the unknown thing that triggered the Big Bang as an act of fecundation. And I wrote here that evolution is expanding like waves in the water: each new wave carries own the dust of the last wave and reaches more dust ahead. So the second wave of evolution receives the systems from the first wave, aggregating new information, evolving it and throwing it to next wave. The last wave has repeated all step of all waves before, that’s why a new shape, like a human embryo, repeats all evolutionary shapes. It means that the first moment of human life repeats the first moment of the Universe when the “life” of a universal natural system is began. It was a genetic code encoded by photons, then evolved to an atom like the first cell; to a nebulae of galaxies like the blastula… and so on.

So,… every time that the universal system is recreated, the event of the Big Bang is repeated! What happens at the fecundation of the Universe, 13,8 billion years ago, happens at the fecundation of any animal ovule. It is light everywhere, because the universal code for life first came in shape of a light wave!


Why? Because this Universe is not a magician. It can not create new information than those inserted in it at the act of its creation. It can not creating things by another method than that it was created. Anther method would means ” never existed before new information”, and this would be magics


What you see and think is new information is merely the result of fuzzy logics, the mixing of two or more standard information generating the possible levels of sub-information between them.

I will research now what is the secret of zinc atom, it must have some property that something at the Big Bang had. But, as I said thousand times, the big secret of genome, or DNA, is that its electrons are occupied by photons with information of the life’s code. So, that light saw by scientists occurs when the male counterpart that contains the half of the code’s network meets the another half and the entire network flourishes… the mechanism is repeated when a supernova is born, as you can see at Matrix/DNA astronomical models.
Three days ago another great prevision was conformed: #0 years ago when I got the copyright of this theory it contained that a star’s nucleus has a dynamics like the first frequency of light wave, which is the strongest. So, the nucleus should have a rotation fast than the above spherical rotations… This whole theory is results from calculations applying the most natural logic as I was studying the biosphere at Amazon jungle… and its right previsions has suggested that nature does not plays dice with its creatures, although we insist to play dices with her.

Light - The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum by Matrix/DNA Theory

Light – The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum by Matrix/DNA Theory

A little bit of information about this issue – how to interpret the graphic:

At the extreme right ( before the gamma ray), there is the source of the wave. At the gamma ray occurs the event of fecundation ( it can be fecundation for a new  universal system, like the Big Bang, or the fecundation of an ovule, or the gestation of anew astronomical body, which begins by the nucleus, that’s why I predict the strongest vibration, or rotation, at Sun’s nucleus). See that the wave is merely the process of life’s cycle, so, the genetic code that became very complex today, at its begining was too much simple, merely the process of life’s cycle. At another articles here I describe how this light wave becames the Matrix/DNA formula.


Articles are being posted in Portuguese only

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Sorry. Since I am not having enough time for translating from Portuguese, for seeing the articles one need to chlick the Brazillian flag above. Also, I understand that the site is not explaining almost nothing about the theory. It is because the site is under construction, I have a lot of writed material but had no time and the special computers skills for doing that. I hope will do it soon. Thanks…

Proved Previsions from Matrix/DNA Theory (1)

Friday, September 11th, 2009

(Scientific American, September 2009, pg. 61)

What was the cause of the first duplication (or multiplication) of living beings? Scientists discover that the application of a heat source on a primitive proto-cell may be the stimulus that causes the two strands of DNA or proto-RNA to separate creating two daughter cells. It is assumed that early Earth had two alternatives as heat:  from ultra-violet rays of the sun or volcanic activity nearby.
      . For the models of the Matrix / DNA made 25 years ago “(SO MUCH BEFORE THINK THIS CASE), the” DNA “of LUCA, since before the origins of proto-cell is divided due to an external heat source:  the sun. Let’s go to see the face of LUCA and its Matrix / DNA (I can not post the pictures in the right place!)



Where the circuit is divided into two, making the half-moon left to play as half-moon right? Function 4, which is represented in LUCA by Pulsar. Remember that a Pulsar is an old planet. And why the flow splits around? Because the planet fell into the orbit of a star, the energy that produces nuclear reactions , the pressure of these reactions produce volcanoes and volcanoes produce comets that create the internal lateral flow. Therefore, in the sky a source of heat is the stimulus for LUCA release his/her sperm and replicate (as Luca do not reproduce but recycles his/her life cycles).
And as always said, in the time of  … (origins of life on Earth, that there wasn’t) … in times of embryogenesis of the first biological system, all mechanisms and processes used here were extracted from the mechanisms and processes that have happened in the sky.
One more goal for the Matrix. And also so we are learning more and more to interpret the maps of the Matrix.