My suggestion to invent a quantum/computer/internet based on Matrix/DNA formula


To Invent a Quantum Internet

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Matrix/DNA posted:

Wehner would be more fast and successful if she knows the deep quantum/computational/biological secret hidden in DNA and Nature in general. It is called the Matrix/DNA formula, for all natural systems. This formula is encrypted as the basic unit of information of DNA, which is composed by two lateral nucleotides. This unit of information is a formidable complete working system as memory, processor, etc.

But there are two basic difference from our computers: instead the binary digits 1,0, the natural formula has six variables plus one that reproduces the last system into a new system, building the DNA. And instead normal electricity as carrier of softwares, the natural formula uses light, photons.

And here is the formidable secret: the flow of light naturally creates a circuit that is performed by the process of life’s cycles.Then, any bit of information is a working system in itself, it is alive. The same force that transforms the shapes of your body – from embryo to baby to children, etc – builds the nitrogenous bases into six different shapes of molecules, each molecule is a part of the system performing a specific systemic function.

Wehner is thinking that she will get a quantum computer, which can not exist by quantum theory; he will get a formidable brain of a living creature. Although I have by while merely a theoretical natural formula as pattern of all natural systems – from atoms to galaxies to cells to brains – it would be a lot of food for thought and inspiration for Wehner…

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