The cosmological model of Matrix/DNA Theory

Since that I had no time yet for to continuing the website and have not writing the cosmological model, here is a synthesis published in the forum of:


 ID/Evolutoin Debate is Going Nowhere

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To me, what you call Universe – the agglomerates of galaxies – is merely the fossil of our ancestors.

 IrishJazz on December 28, 2010, 10:28:57 PM

It is an interesting, even poetic metaphor, but it is not science.  If there is structural information encoded in the apparently random radiation from stars, it should be detectable and ultimately intelligible. (Anything with such a strong physical effect can be measured.) If you have an interest in mounting a scientific argument you should figure out a way to demonstrate the existence of this omnipresent cosmic broadcast.  Developing reproducible evidence is a much more difficult, but much more significant challenge than building models.
But perhaps not so much fun.  We have to be careful- a fool’s paradise is still a paradise, as full of delights as any real nirvana, and just as difficult to leave.

Answer from Louis Morelli:

Irish, since that you are next to the labs and knows better than me the modern resources for such experimentations, you could make a better plan than I could do. I think it is not possible just now. For to percept variation in the kind of signals coming from sun’s and Earth’s nucleus radiations should be necessary that the variation occurs at short times. But, for to occurring a variation it takes mullion or billion years. Maybe understand better the cause of this variation can give some idea for experimentation:

First a theoretical model from the beginnings that is not too much important here:

Billions years ago, the state of the world was the atom nebulae. The atom system already has the template for developing the natural perfect closed system: when an electron touch one of the seven electronic layers expresses one of the seven systemic functions. Each function will be an organ, one part of a finished system. The atom fixed only one organ: the nucleus, Function 1.

The next step of evolution went these atoms forming stellar systems. Here, two or three organs were expressed and fixed (stars, baby-planets). But it was missing four or five organs yet. Then, the next step was these stars system building another bodies for 4 functions: pulsar, quasar, comets, and black holes. With these new bodies, then, were born the galaxies. How the initial template built those new astronomic bodies? Vital cycle. It is a process that came from primordial Physics. Only one initial astronomic body, under the process of vital cycle, could be transformed in several shapes and functions, like our own body do it.
It happened the same here at biogenesis: the organelles of cell system were variation of a unique microorganism under the process of life’s cycle.
Then, once time formed the first galaxy, as once time formed the first cell system, it were not necessary anymore to compose these system doing one piece at a time. The systems can replicate themselves.
But the history of this genesis (when the primordial bodies were being transformed by life’s cycle) is encrypted in the modern astronomic bodies. How? When a star dies, its dust creates a kind of central tornado and from here there are the formation of the nuclear star and the surrounding planets, moons, etc. This process obeys the same laws that made a unique body being transformed. It is like the genesis of organelles still is registered in the DNA, probable in the junk DNA.
Once time we accept the model that modern stars and planets were formed by a initial nucleus being covered by neighbors dust in different temperatures and densities, we get the picture of bodies like anions, where the different layers, when reached by nuclear reactions transmits their different essences, which are different informations and these informations recapitulates the primordial genesis.
So, the Earth’s surface receipts these radiations from star’s nuclear reactions and from Earth’s nuclear reactions. Each one transmits 50% of informations about the process of primordial genesis (the Earth’s nucleus is about the first half and the sun’s radiation is about the second half: so the entire history of a life cycle is completed).

But, how we can investigate this whole theory? How to detect differences in the structure and shapes of particles coming from these radiations? The principal must be photons. How we can work photons in a lab? How to get samples of particles/photons from radiations of different stars and planetary nucleus? And how to get these samples from different stars and planets that performs the right chronological order performed at the astronomic genesis?
Is there another way for to investigate it? Which scientific tools and resources we have just now that could do it? I don’t know, because I am far away and have no contact with any person working in these fields. Do you know? Please…

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