Terra, e evidencias para a Matrix/DNA Theory


Pela observada interação entre o núcleo e o campo eletromagnético, cientistas suspeitam que existam cristais metálicos misturados com o ferro incandescentes no núcleo. Sempre tenho tentado calcular como os fótons/genes/bits/informação da formula Matrix/DNA no seu aspecto astronômico estariam no meio do ferro incandescente, e agora a possibilidade dos cristais, que podem ter interações especiais com luz e fótons, chama atenção. Entra também aqui o caso co campo eletromagnético, suscitando mais uma vez a possibilidade de que a formula se projeta eletromagneticamente.

A informação de que o núcleo é quase tao quente quanto o SOL favorece a teoria de que o núcleo seja um germe estelar.


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Change is inevitable, even in the core. Examining paleomagnetic data, geoscientists at Johns Hopkins University suggest that the eastern and western halves of Earth’s core take turns growing and melting.

( Ver o que é paleomagnetic data e geoscientists at Johns Hopkins University)

Terra e seu germe nuclear

Terra e seu germe nuclear

At Earth’s center is an iron-rich orb more than 4,000 miles wide—bigger than Mercury, actually—closer to our feet than L.A. is to New York.

Earthquake waves that pass through the inner core travel faster north-south than they do east-west. One theory: The inner core consists of metallic crystals aligned with Earth’s poles, and the waves move more rapidly when they go with the grain.

The inner core is nearly as hot as the surface of the sun, and the pressure down there is 3 million times what it is on the surface.

Berkeley physicist Richard Muller speculates that oxygen, silicon, and sulfur are being squeezed out of the inner core and floating up to the core-mantle boundary, where they collect into hot, slushy dunes. Every once in a while, one dune may violently tumble into the mantle, revving up convection and disturbing the magnetic field.

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