A simple thought

( I hope the errors in translation does not distorts the final meaning)

We humans are intellectually different because we believe in different things and different ways. These beliefs are being gradually inculcated into our minds since childhood. There are common to all faiths learn the strength, such that “if I put my finger in the fire is going to hurt. ” Then comes the imposition of common beliefs dictated by the cultural milieu. The most comprehensive and impressive – because it forces us to leave in the infancy the accommodate world of fantasies and enter the harsh logic of life – is the first contact with mathematics, especially in the cares with the Pythagorean theorem and the like. Most have a third wave of call for the reality in early adulthood, when he signed the various ideologies. With me it was the same script, with the difference that the third wave has produced a novel ideology. The formula of the Matrix / DNA was like a burst of light in mind as the sunrise, and the entire universe that until then seemed chaotic and unknown tune performed singing in chorus. My problem now is that at the evening the sun is haidden, the ideology disappears like clouds in the sky and at the dark night the chaotic and unknown entire universe comes back.

Here we do not close minds but try to keep the opened ones.