From Reptile to Mammals: A Heroic Act?


Cynodont Exaeretodon

Cynodont Exaeretodon


How and why the animals “invented” the extraordinary engineering of protection and feeding of eggs and embryos in the maternal body?!

The answer is astonishing, surprising! It was writen in the stars, a long time ago…

Once that they are descending from the bacteria and protists, the animals started as “oviparous”, or either, the zygote is launched to the world and left `the grace of its proper luck’.  However, at some stage of the evolution, some reptiles, fish and invertebrates started to develop a system to keep eggs in the maternal body, phenomenon that finished transforming one of them into mammal.

We have described in detail the process of this transformation, but we never had reasoned about the existential aspect of this process. Why had the animals made this?!

Thinking about a typical reptile, a lizard. An animal practically without brain, a cut voracious machine for the hunting and fight for the surviving. So dismissed of any emotion that until its blood is cold, not controlling the temperature of the body. If it feels hungry is able to eat its eggs and younglings. Nothing proven and rational exists in it to do something to protect its own eggs and much less to sacrifice its life with the painful and weighed pack of the pregnancy. Imagine the discomfort in the reptile that became link with the mammals: how many of them were sacrificed because it lost the skill of the body in the hunting and in the war for the self-defense! Decidedly it does not make sensible the current explanation of that the genes or organisms play the called “strategy of reproduction”. Genes are accumulated of atoms, only lizards want to survive, both do not elaborate strategies. Even Darwin perceived this when it said: ” I am convinced that [ this ] has been the principal, but not the exclusive way of the modifications”.

Now with the models of the Matrix all the thing makes sense. There was neither strategy nor heroic, altruistic efforts, of the animals; they were genetically programmed to be transformed, there acts were only instincts produced by the laws rulling the atoms that composed their bodies. For understanding the explanation you need see the two figures (clique for expand)  below:

The Matrix/DNA as Software of Astronomical Systems's Building Blocks

The Matrix/DNA as Software of Astronomical Systems’s Building Blocks

Matrix/DNA as Universal Configuration For All Natural Systems

Matrix/DNA as Universal Configuration For All Natural Systems

Let us see the model of the Matrix in its evolutive state as the last ancestral of the biological beings, as galactic system, that tries to multiply in the Earth such as it in the sky. In F1 the “germs” are launched to the space without any consideration with its future luck, the offspring are abandoned to the flavor of the destination. But the fact is the system is closed, from it nothing escapes. But now, the system is all the body, and not only F1. Following, the embryo is coated with the placenta and becomes egg in position of planet. AFTER THAT IT IS NOURISHED AND PROTECTED BY A STAR.

Since that planets and stars are parts of the generating body, this means that: in a first phase the ancestral lays the eggs out and in a second phase it keeps the eggs inside. Now the Micro-Evolution in the Earth obeys this chronological order, first producing the organisms of the first phase and after that transforming them to fulfill the second phase.

Darwin could not understand the galaxy, could not know that the systemic project of it under the direction of a software coming beyond the Universe was also here,  acting on the reptile’s body. But he had the feeling that there was something else. This invisible way of modifications isdriving by the universal Matrix/DNA.



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( A skink species lays eggs on the coast but births babies in the mountains, giving a rare glimpse at how placentas evolved, scientists say.)