A guerra cosmica entre momotonia e criatividade. TED talks


David Deutsch –  TED – 2019

The cosmic war between monotony and creativity


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Louis Morelli – 10/15/19

David’s relativistic world view from a modern Physicist perspective in comparison with another world view, the Matrix/DNA Theory:

1 – David: “The monotony of the Cosmos…”

Matrix/DNA: ” It is David and not Science talking here. For Science, there is no such thing as “monotony of the Cosmos”, since that Science can not bring on the Cosmos to a lab’s table. The speed of Cosmos’ movements is a relativistic issue. Think about a bacteria or a particle of our body that has a lifetime of 0,17th of a second. Our body is their Cosmos and it seems static. We are microbes, our speed is very high, our lifetime is very short, we will have thousands of generations while a planetary is in its embryonary formation, so, we can’t know how is a planetary formation. About the Cosmos we have only our theoretical models, and I am sure, the current model is very wrong. My theoretical models are suggesting a Cosmos that has the principles of life, so, it is changing, evolving, with its astronomic scale of time.”

Matrix/DNA: “Right and wrong. What is always done is the process, the mechanisms, that runs the movements in this Universe, because Universal Nature is an unique creator, so, it has a unique method for creating its things. But, Qohelet lifetime was very short, so, he couldn’t perceive that the meaning of things are constantly changing. The meaning of a bacteria’s existence has changing a lot in comparison with its descendants – the meaning of humans’ existence. The first galaxies were assembled by symbioses, today they learned to reproduce themselves by self-recycling, so, the existential meaning of astronomical bodies has changed from free individuals to arrested parts of a system. Again, Qohelet also forgot the relativistic issue.”
Long Y

Posted 4 hours ago

Mr. Deutsch said the 1st novelty was the big bang which created space, time and energy. After some billions of years later, the 2nd novelty was the origin of life.

There was a 3rd novelty, he did not attribute, which was the creation of mind. Mind only exists in a mental world which defies physical laws. It was the mind which asked questions of what, why, and how.

The 3rd novelty still resides inside living organism (made of the 2nd novelty) which are composed of raw materials (made of the 1st novelty).

Maybe the 4th novelty could be mind without physical attachment. It could start with an concept or ideology and eventually becomes omnipresent.

Louis Morelli

Posted 3 hours ago

Are you sure the human mind is a novelty in the Cosmos? Embryology shows that it takes about 6 or 8 months for the complete formation of a brain beginning to express the mind ( or consciousness?). But, you know, it was not your brain that invented the mind first time in this world, there was mind outside your little sac’s universe. My theoretical cosmological models are suggesting that in this our perceived “universe” is occurring a merely process of genetic reproduction – reproduction of the unknown thing that triggered the Big Bang as an event of fecundation. If humans takes 8 months for expressing the mind of its parents, the universal embryo takes 13,8 billion years to do the same thing – expressing a mind that was existing before the Big Bang. Who knows what is the truth? I prefer to believe in what real Nature is showing to me just here and now, than believing in human imaginary theories without any real known parameter, like the theories of “something from nothing” ( have you seen something from nothing?), or a microscopic explosive atom containing all mass and energy of the Universe ( have you seen such atom?), or magical gods creating something from nothing (have you seen any kind of real magics?). We must ask Nature when we does not know the answers, Mother Nature does not plays dice of its creatures. Ok, maybe I am wrong, who knows?

Long Y

Human mind clearly was not the first mind, even on earth. Who knows how many other novelties unknown to human?

You can choose to believe whatever you prefer. But, to be sure, everything you “see” is only perception in your mind. Every word you wrote came from your mind, which even yourself don’t know what or where it is.

Real Nature is showing us nothing. We interpret “Nature”, including the concept and existence of Nature.

Louis Morelli:

” Real Nature is showing us nothing. We interpret “Nature”, including the concept and existence of Nature.” – Long Y

Sorry, Long Y, because I am interpreting you as a magical thinker. The very fact that you bring to the David talks the issue “mind” and suggesting that it “eventually becomes omnipresent’ suggests to me that yours mind does like to ( yours own words ) “defies physical laws”. But, you said “The 3rd novelty – the mind – still resides inside living organism”. This is a contradiction to yours own words: “Mind only exists in a mental world”, I think, but you can correct me if I am wrong.

Is there a rational logistic explanation for a mind existing and bonded to Nature if the goal of mind existence is – yours own words: “the 4th novelty could be mind without physical attachment”? Lets us to apply my method of investigation, asking the question to Nature. ” Yes, she said, and I will show to you my job for you understanding it: when the embryo is born, the placenta is discarded”.

So, the Universe, this agglomerate of galaxies, is the placenta to be discarded, when you get yours full development. But while we are merely a fetus of consciousness, we need mortally the placenta. We are not in direct contact with our mother’s body, we are among the placenta yet. We are not in contact with the 4th novelty which will be us in the future and now could be yours “omnipresent mind”. You are here like human man or woman, in the middle of this Nature, suffering the actions of these physical laws, so, fight as human for your life. We can not be “pure mind” here, we will not survive. Yes, I love Mother Nature and I believe her lessons, I know it is merely the placenta, but throughout the placenta comes the nutrients and informations from my spiritual mother. Do not believe this conspiracy theories that the real world is delusion of mind… maybe mind is a temporary delusion of Nature… like an embryo is a temporary delusion of a placenta… why not?


Chris Anderson

Posted 6 hours ago

This may be one the most profound arguments ever made on the TED Stage. If true, it completely undercuts the familiar scientific stance that what happens on planet earth cannot possibly have broader significance in the universe. We’re no longer just a dot. We’re a dot of unlimited future potential. It’s hard to imagine a more inspiring idea.

Louis Morelli

Posted 2 hours ago

Chris, I would appreciate yours opinion about my opinion (if I can do it in English). The job that a group of genes were doing at the blastula and fetus shape, in embryology times, had broader significance in the later human complete shape? Those genes did not changed the structure of the amniotic ocean which was the structure of the ovulum, but they created a new system, never existed before, in the middle of that structure.

My theoretical cosmological models are suggesting that humans are the big genes inside the “egg-universe” today. With millions of other conscious lifeforms spread in this Universe ( our brothers genes ) we are building a new shape of the universal system that began as atoms, then developed to galaxies, then to cells systems, and now it is developing into consciousness system’s shape. Like your body had the shape of fetus, then embryo, then adult, etc. We are the top of universal evolution just now and here, we are carrying on this evolution on our shoulders.

David said “we are the force of Cosmos for changing…” but, the truth must be more complex than he thinks. We are the force because we have inside us the universal natural formula – the universal Matrix – in shape of biological DNA. I think the “familiar scientific stance” is diminishing the human role in this Universe because they are wrong separating cosmological evolution from biological evolution. There is a unique universal evolution, we are just here and now the top of this universal evolution.

Physics is dealing with the Cosmos as the structural skeleton bone composed by galactic cells, but… you know, evolution makes that the bone skeleton must be covered by more complex organization of matter, like the meat, the brain, etc. Sometimes the skeleton goes outside and becomes the environment covering the meat, like crustaceous… this is the Universe today in relation to humans. Physics and Math can not grasp these more complex organizations. Maybe I am wrong, who knows?

Gabby –

Posted a day ago

I would love to see or hear a panel on this subject, of thoughtful, rigorous people. I expect such a discussion occurred in the halls of the TED conference.
For example, I would be happy to read the response of, say, Steven Pinker, Richard Dawkins, and others close enough to science and to history for an interesting and well-informed discourse.

Louis Morelli
in 3 hours
In view of the significance of this case, could TED produce a small volume of debate on this among TED- connected scholars and public intellectuals? – Gabby.

I think this debate would be a great contribution from TED to the benefit of Humanity. Humans are lost about the meaning of their existence and a possible new discovery showing a new world view could reveal a new meaning of our existence, with a new moral code, a new star-guide as motivation for correcting our wrong suicide behavior today. A debate bringing on the table the real proved known natural facts we have today, without priors humans interpretations and theories, theories that led us to absurds like “something from nothing”, “magical gods and magical events by chance creating genetic codes” etc. I did this debate alone with myself, I put everything on the table, every known data, and my conclusion is that we are doing lots of wrong interpretations, the world is very different than we are thinking, but, the good news is that from the table is emerging a great meaning for human existence: we are 8 billion half-conscious genes building our own future body of consciousness shape. You can not mind the transformation in my life’s behavior and meaning this results have produced, now I have all energy applied for human evolution, for cooperating with every human being because they are genes with a unique mission, portable of a unique genetic information, from which my future is mortally dependable… Ok, I am sure that my results are not the final truth, no human limited brain can get it, but the discover that a new analise of the world can bring to us a new healthier moral code, meaning of existence, and lovely interactions among humans and from humans to Nature, is enough for wishing such debate. I should appeal to TED doing it.

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