The network of biophotons of living systems reflects into the cosmic light wave background?


This little thought experiment from Ancient Greece illustrates the philosophical problems: “A man named Theseus has a ship. After a storm rips the main sail, he replaces it. Some time later, a wooden plank on the main deck warps, and is replaced. Pulleys rust and are replaced. None of this happens over night, but occurs gradually. Imagine fifteen years have passed and every piece of the ship, and every bit of tackle, the pitch and tar, the ropes, the rudder, and every other bit of material on the ship has been replaced. The ship now has none of its original components.” The question is this: Is this still Theseus’s Ship? If it is, how is it that all of the substance of a thing can change, and yet it remains the same thing? If it is not Theseus’s ship, at which point did it cease being the same ship? How much change can a thing go through without its identity changing?

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By the way, as a naturalist philosopher I am long time thinking these questions and elaborated a general theory about, which suggests that the answer lays on systems and its emerging property called identity. Someone could suggest this question to Liam Ryan. Ships are not systems, but human bodies are and the identity of it as natural systems is composed by a network of biophotons. I can show how atoms and galaxies has this network composed not by biophotons, but by photons. If my theory about natural light wave is right, it has an internal anatomy identical to the process of life’s cycles, so, must have a universal cosmic wave background that reflects and absorbs all these biophotons networks. Then
, a natural system can changing entirely from living to nonliving that the network will be kept in the cosmic background. Ok, this need lots of technical details which are at my website.

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