Jupiter: Fotos sugerindo evidencias para Matrix/DNA



Jupiter visto por um polo

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Jupiter from bottom.


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MatrixDNA – 10/20/19

1) Look to the dead zone without pixels. It is a polem so, in the other side must have another pole, dead zone. Could be the ends of the axis? I mean, I think that planets rotates due a magnetic central axis. This magnetics has influence over the matter around it, building a material axis. This axis is like a iron bar having at the center de nucleus and ant the ends, these poles. (?) If so, we will discover it when seeing below the Earth’s poles?
2) Would be possible that these division of layers in the surface reflects an internal division of the planet?
A seguir esta o texto que completaria as questoes, mas não postei para não ser deletado por ser considerado pelos moderadores como pseudoscience:
If so, it could have implications in the origins of life. ( From now, if you don’t like speculative theories, do not read it). Matrix/DNA astronomic models are suggesting: Jupiter will become a new star, like any other gas giant far from the central star. Stars has an internal division of 6 layers like this picture. Each layers contains photons,which are bits/information different from the other photons of other layers. These informations came from the first original astronomical bodies formation of the first galaxies. The first astronomical bodies formation started from light gas stars due the action of light waves wich anatomy mimics the circuit-flows of systems. The systemic circuit is built by the process of life’s cycle, encrypted into light waves as their anatomy seeing at the electromagnetic spectrum. Then, stars emits informations in the same sequence as we see at living systems. Arriving at planets’ surface that has good conditions, these photons penetrates electrons of atoms controlling the machinery of the atoms leading them to new combinations. The final result is the biological organization of matter into living systems, aka, life.
I know, this theory is unbelievable just now, facing the current academic theories. It is not pseudoscience because it is not a scientific theory, it is a philosophical one, applying formal logic philosophy upon real data. The different world view is due I have used other methods and approaches. But it is very pretty logics. Rational. I do not believe in it either, I am testing these weirds suggestions from the models and calculations.


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