Engenharia genética de babies vai nos levar ao estupido Admirável Mundo Novo? Veja a sugestão da Matrix/DNA


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Matrix/DNA – 10/20/19

Difficult question. Genetic engineering for the body would be good if, in parallel, there was genetic engineering for the ego (psyche). Without ego corrections we will go towards the Brave New World of Huxley, for sure (the perfect body and environment for zumbies, or stupid mind).

I think the physic imperfections is being used by Nature as the unavoidable tool for the exorcism of animal inherited instincts, which still dominates the human ego. It is a painful chirurgy, but for better. Genetic engineering will eliminate this tool, and humans alone can’t make the war against the selfish genes for re-hardwaring their brains towards the evolution of consciousness, so, the Brave New World.

Just this issue have been central in my philosophical activity. I found a new way to interpret this world which has the power to drive humans towards consciousness evolution while we are building a better physical world for us. A new more realistic world view with a new healthier meaning for the existence of our life, this is the unique solution for us, I think, when we are facing the unpredictability of this new uncontrolled technology.

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