Hipotese alternativa á reunião de fotons na Terra nas origens da vida e mais evidencias para Matrix/DNA Theory

Está sendo descoberto mais moléculas que formam aminoácidos, DNA, em meteoritos. Agora, como revela este artigo com link abaixo, foi descoberto um açúcar, fundamental no DNA. Isto me leva a formular mais uma hipotese para a formação dos aminoácidos, proteinas, RNA e DNA, do que a já calculada reunião dos genes semivivos na forma de fotons vindos da entropia galactica.

Pode ser que não foi preciso todos os fotons-genes necessários a um sistema celular completo terem vindo e se reunidos na Terra. Pode ser que os fotons liberados a partir da entropia na periferia da galáxia se encontram em vários astros, ou meteoritos, constituindo pequenos pacotes de informação, e mais tarde, se vários destes pacotes, pelas quedas de meteoritos, se encontram na superficie de um planeta, reinem-se ja como moléculas e completam um sistema.


Sugar Has Been Detected Inside Meteorites for the First Time Ever

By Rosie McCall On 11/20/19 at 11:14 AM EST


“Other important building blocks of life have been found in meteorites previously, including amino acids (components of proteins) and nucleobases (components of DNA and RNA), but sugars have been a missing piece among the major building blocks of life,”

“A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) sheds new light on the question of how biology arose from non-biological chemical processes, the researchers say. This being because the sugars discovered on the meteors studied may have been a key ingredient in some of the first examples of ribonucleic acid (RNA) formed on Earth.

Researchers were able to identify sugars on two carbon-rich meteorites (Murchison and North West Africa (NWA) 801) using gas chromatography mass spectrometry, a process that sorts molecules according to mass and electric charge.”

In contrast, there was no evidence of 2-deoxyribose—the sugar required to make DNA—in any of the samples studied, a result the researchers say supports the idea RNA evolved prior to, and was later replaced by, DNA. “This is important since there could have been a delivery bias of extraterrestrial ribose to the early Earth which is consistent with the hypothesis that RNA evolved first.”

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Louis Morelli – 21/11/19

The extraterrestrial sugar is still inside this galaxy. This discovery is one more correct prevision of Matrix/DNA Theory 30 years ago, when composing a galactic system with the seven known shapes of astronomic bodies perceived that then galactic system is the direct ancestral of the first cell system. Entropy begnning at the periphery of this galaxy delivered its bits genetic information as seeds looking for a good land. Who drove sugars, aminoacids, proteins, for composing a working system? it is all around us.