Os três maiores problemas da Humanidade: morte individual, extinção da especie, má qualidade de vida. Confronto entre as visões de mundo acadêmica e a minha.

Nick Bostrom|TEDGlobal 2005

A philosophical quest for our biggest problems

Meu post nos comentários da palestra em 30/11/19

Modern academic philosophy under the materialist mechanistic reductionist atmosphere dominated by Physics and Math loose the ability to be the inquirer of existential meaning. I feel it as a naturalist philosopher living at Amazon jungle, getting my answers direct from virgin Nature and making comparisons with the mindset of my no-more-fellows naturalist philosophers from urban civilization. My two cents here are:
1) Natural evolution drove a million monkeys to work as genes building the human species. Now it is driving 8 billion humans to work as genes building the embryo of a conscious being specie. Between two species there is transcendent transformation, not death. Individual death is not a problem to the “Gaia” embryo nurtured inside and by the individuals. But… a human brain configured by this mechanistic materialist world view can not grasp, accept and understand the conscious software running as mind like the hardware of this computer can not know the origins and the meaning of the outsider mentalized origins of the Windows software running it.
2) Humans bodies are natural systems. There is only one natural system in this Universe running and growing under evolution. It was an atom, evolved into galaxy shape, then into cell system shape, now is going towards a “consciousness system” shape. But… this system has free will, it can choose to be a closed system in itself or an opened system. Closed systems dies, are discarded by Nature because they close its own door to evolution. And the pursue of “happiness” suggested by Bostrom is the way towards closed systems, going into the Admirable New World of Huxley under the rules of the Big Brother of Orwell.
Genes self-projects themselves as the individuals they build, for building the next species. They are hard-working under the rules of the genes emitted by the unknown ex-machine system that triggered the Big Bang as an act of fecundation. Galaxies and dinosaurs went the wrong way, so, is going Bostrom…