Lista dos péssimos e errados designers na Natureza

Lista feita por um anônimo:

The process of evolution by natural selection is estimated to have an IQ of about 1. It works by trial and error, mostly error. It takes hundreds of thousands of years because it is so stupid. In contrast, Yahweh is alleged to have an IQ of ∞. For some reason, he is allegedly extremely partial to humans over all other species. Evolution works by spawning variants almost identical to the parents and natural selection wipes out all but the best of them. It takes about 200 million years to notice any appreciable cumulative difference in the current generation. This means that the humans who were living at the dawn of agriculture 10,000 ago were for all practical purposes identical to us. Many creationists erroneously imagine evolution is the morphing of a single individual into a new species that takes place over a few seconds. The animal kingdom exhibits so much bungling in their design, it can’t be the work of a competent designer, much less a divine one. Which designer more likely joined the windpipe of a human to his esophagus so that if he is inattentive for even a second he can choke to death? Which designer more likely gave much better eyes and lungs to birds than to humans? Humans have the optic nerve attached to the wrong side of the retina causing a blind spot. Which designer more likely gave man a spine more suited for a quadruped, meaning he would be vulnerable to back pain? Which designer more likely gave women birth canals far too small for extruding babies (or babies with heads too big). Other animals don’t have that problem. Which designer more likely gave humans teeth that are prone to cavities and that wear out part way through life? Which designer more likely made the laryngeal nerve in a giraffe do a 4.57 metres (15 ft) needless detour? Which designer more likely added useless organs like vestigial legs on snakes, appendixes in humans, vestigial pelvises in whales, dew claws on dogs, chestnuts on horses (vestigial toes)? Which designer more likely gave the crocodile belly armour, but not the human? Which designer more likely gave humans bodies that craved foods, chemicals and drugs that were harmful to them? Which designer more likely gave humans bodies that craved a sedentary existence when they needed exercise to survive? Which designer more likely gave koalas backward-facing pouches tending to dump the young out on the ground? Which designer would pack the genome with vestigial genes from ancestor species? Creationists insist there is no such thing as ancestor species. They claim Yahweh created each species from scratch. Any similarity between species (e.g. the various types of rat) is as illusion. Which designer more likely put an additional chameleon-style visual system in a human which does not provide conscious vision, along with the usual conscious one? Evolution can explain why it is there. Intelligent Design cannot. Creationists have a problem. If they ascribe all this incompetence to Yahweh, he will be seriously insulted.