Começando a destrinchar a anatomia da consciência e a maquinaria neural em que ela se assenta no cérebro!

Daniel Dennett, with the publication of his influential book Consciousness Explained (1991) is actually a very powerful (metaphorical) description of the relationship between phenomenal consciousness and the underlying neural machinery that makes it possible.

Here is how he puts it:

When I interact with the computer, I have limited access to the events occurring within it. Thanks to the schemes of presentation devised by the programmers, I am treated to an elaborate audiovisual metaphor, an interactive drama acted out on the stage of keyboard, mouse, and screen. I, the User, am subjected to a series of benign illusions: I seem to be able to move the cursor (a powerful and visible servant) to the very place in the computer where I keep my file, and once that I see that the cursor has arrived ‘there’, by pressing a key I get it to retrieve the file, spreading it out on a long scroll that unrolls in front of a window (the screen) at my command. I can make all sorts of things happen inside the computer by typing in various commands, pressing various buttons, and I don’t have to know the details; I maintain control by relying on my understanding of the detailed audiovisual metaphors provided by the User illusion.

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Consciousness is real

Consciousness is neither a spooky mystery nor an illusory belief. It’s a valid and causally efficacious biological reality

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MatrixDNA – 18/12/19

My personal investigation is driving me to know the natural machinery supporting consciousness. If my method is wrong or right, nobody has knowing facts do decide it. Consciousness is based on a natural formula for systems which can be represented by a kind of simple software diagram – which is at my website. The evolutionary link between cosmological and biological evolution is this formula made of photons coming from stellar and cosmic radiations – it is the “DNA” of atoms and galaxies – which becomes the biological DNA by evolution. When I got this link I got also the whole history of this “DNA”, till arriving to the Big Bang, for discovering that it emerged here as simple natural light waves. This universal “matrix/DNA” is encrypted into light waves, and from here, you discover that consciousness is a abstract substance that has a body, which is this formula made of light. This formula is the template of the brain’s anatomy, so, we can infer that he body is the anatomical projection of the “mind”. If you know the body and its template, you can get how is the anatomy of consciousness as a natural system, and that is what I am trying to do now. O know that my theory is weird for you, and writing in poor English becomes worst to understand, but, what do you think?

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