Sunday’s Message From The Matrix / DNA To Lovers of the “Great Cause of Humanity”

Solar System: Who and where we were created, and now exist.


The sun is shining outside, and the planet Earth is still orbiting around it, everything working like a clockwork, at 3 billion years! But this machine has created here the biological systems and today we exist as eggs laid off as the offspring abandoned to their fate, tragedies and subject to predators. Direct children of a machine, but indirect children of something else, because we are not like machines, we have self-consciousness, feelings, emotions, friendship, families. And we want that mental substance that we have the best living conditions possible. So we are as a software alive and conscious in the middle of an existing hardware that works in the predictably distance like a machine, but here, immediately, is subject to a chaotic environment by chance events. What do we do now more urgent? But to change the immediate environment, build an infrastructure imitating machine functional near-eternal, as the foundation of a super-stable structure and garden? No, no Brave New World under the Big Brother, but the inevitable brave new world in the structure, as our house, clean, beautiful and safe, but the mind of every human being free and sovereign. And how to do it? In what every human being must think and focus on this beautiful sunny Sunday?

We are within a machine. But a machine is related to life, because it contains within itself all the forces, elements and principles are necessary and sufficient to generate or transform itself into biological systems, living, as we are. Just watch and analyze the formula of the Matrix / DNA and just knowing that she made Life. And that’s what we need to do here: an environment in which to sit a stable biosphere, half-mechanized/half-alive, to be mainly controlled by us. So we have the formula, we have the example hovering around us, just study it, identify and discover its mechanisms and processes that still are imperceptible, and imitates them technologically.

The sun is shining, the planet revolves itself and around it, and as neighbors, other planets and asteroid belts meteoric, all making up a balance in equilibrium, and beyond there are the influences that comes from this galactic system, such as quasars, black holes , pulsars, comets. Shrouded in all this are the principles, properties of the primordial forces of life, such as sexual reproduction, digestion, and even the relationship between predator and prey. We need to start from darkness discovering this principles, mechanisms and processes, and bring them to our attention, as needed to boot the Bin Laden’s cave and bring him to justice. It seems difficult but it is not enough will because they are not really hidden in dank caves but available in gorgeous mansions. Each citizen must be a trained soldier, well-informed, of our great army of Natural Sciences, because Science is the only weapon we have to win our freedom and sovereignty.

We must do it! This moment and this Sunday there are still billions of human beings because they are our flesh, our blood and our spirit that for being part of us and like us as and manacled minds trapped inside of cells like eggs are human heads, isolated and without powering ourselves in touch and communicate mentally, there is this terrible mental solitude, suffering all kinds of material deprivation, and they need us, they are claiming our work with determination and energy!

We need to clean our biosphere and our enemies as evil viruses, catastrophic storms, and even poisons that still exist in the bodies of our own species, etc.. To know and imitate the qualities of the machine that are beneficial. For this and for that we must change a lot of ourselves and our social systems. Especially in education technology unproductive countries like Brazil. The young, rather than having their time wasted with syntactic analysis, algebras inapplicable, poetic speeches, must first know the machine, the real world within which we exist, and they must be made available to public laboratories and workshops with all the necessary equipment go there to implement their intuitions, because many of the hidden forces of the machine are first noticed by our intuitions, which are events in our consciousness remembering our highest sources.

We have to see our dream come true, that in which every human being, every child, every woman, every man, all elderly, regardless of race, religion, color and social status, be happy and joyful living on a planet and landscaped so that with the house tidy and protected us, even the most demanding intellectual entrepreneur can do the adventures free into our space and the Cosmos in search of the source of our existence, be it a simple Almighty God or natural parents living beyond this Universe. We have to do it, here and now. We have to demand the holding of workshops and laboratories necessary to make the dream of our generation is the reality of our heirs! A strong and warm embrace of Mother / DNA, and the best possible for everyone Sunday!

Louis Morelli

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