Experimento cientifico desliga temporariamente areas do cérebro para investigar suas funções

Temporarily Turning Off Brain Area to Better Understand Function



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July 24, 2016Louis Charles Morelli

For to identificate functions and isolating every circuit in this network messes, there is a natural formula. If the brain is a system, it is evolved from which system? From the cell system. The cell evolved from a lateral-pair of nucleotides which is a working system. And this primordial biological system, there was only the atomic and the astronomic system. Of course, these non-biological systems are ancestors of biological systems.

We have identified the universal formula for these systems, which can be seen at Matrix/DNA Theory website. The surprise discovery is that Nature creates systems applying the vital cycle process over a unique initial body. Like when the vital cycle makes a fetus system becoming an embryo system, then, a baby-system, till an adult system, if we put these different shapes of a unique body linked by a circuit, we got a working complex system, which can be closed or opened system. From atoms to brains, all natural systems are merely different shapes of an initial universal system. All of them has as template, the same formula.

Every thought, every recording of memory, or any neuronal activity creates a network of connections, a systemic circuit, which is designed as the formula. So, when we see a brain and the complex mess of circuits, if we know the formula, we can separate the complexity into single units. It happens that there is no systemic circuit exactly equal to any other. But the difference among them is the same difference that makes 8 billion human beings and no one is exactly equal to other.

The most important advance into the knowledge of the brain will be the identification of which brain’s pieces performs one of the seven universal systemic function. The formula is composed by seven different functions and we need identificating how it is designed in the brain. For those working in labs it is an easy task. The brain is a complex system, then, it is necessary that works together experts in systems and experts in neuroscience

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