Luz: Artigo diz que “Ciência descobre as origins da primeira luz no Universo”. Não descobriu, segundo a Matrix/DNA Theory

Science uncovers the origin of the first light in the Universe

‘Let there be light’ isn’t just biblical. It’s science.

Ethan Siegel

Ethan SiegelJul 7, 2017

My cooments published below the article:

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TheMatrixDNA – Jan/ 25/2020

We see here today that “ Biology preceeds Physics”. But the modern human scientific enterprise is based on the idea that in relation to the universal Nature and the past, it is different: “Physics preceeds Biology”. Physics deals with hard and mechanic structiures of natural systems, which means, the skeletons. Here, in terrestrial nature, the biological meat is what produces bones and skeletons, not the other way around. So, why, when and how the terrstrial Nature rebels against universal nature and inverted the old chain of causes and effects? Which real scientific fact we have pointing out that it happened? Nobody says.

So, not satisfied with this mindset, I tried to assemble the real know facts supposing that Biology created atoms, galaxies, etc., the components of the Universe´s skeleton or structure. A totally different world view was built, which I called “The Matrix/DNA Theory”, because biological DNA is a pattern that can be found inside atoms and galaxies at simplest states, so, it is a universal matrix building all universal natural systems. 

But, the reason I come to read all articles and papers about light is that in my theory the whole sum of radiation of all elements build a wave of light that has an internal anatomy identical to the matrix universal pattern. From the initial gamma ray to the final radio wave, this universal natural initial light wave mimics just the sequence of transformations of natural systems, included the human body. Meaning that a human body since its first moment as well a light wave since its source propagates into time/space by the same force/process we call “life´s cycles”. 

The first light wave, being similar to the matrix/DNA, which built from galaxies to human bodies, must had all information of all natural systems. Break this wave into its smallest bits, the photons, we have photons as bits of information. 

The first moment of a human body is the “explosion” of a spermatozoon membrane at the center of an ovule. There are videos showing that in this moment there is sparks of light inside the ovule. That´s what I am watching here and now, how begins a new natural system. I have never found any real fact to suppose that terrestrial nature has rebelled against the Universal nature, so, I will continuing to observing this theory suggesting that “as it is here and now, it was there in the past”… My universe began with a Big Bang also, but very different interpreted, it is a biological one. Theories against theories…


Pesquisa no artigo ( Researh of this article)

The distant Universe, as viewed here through the plane of the Milky Way, consists of stars and galaxies, as well as opaque gas and dust, going back as far as we can see. But beyond the last star in the Universe, there’s still more light. Image credit: 2MASS.


Comentario digno de nota a ser pesquisado: ” Since there is clearly more light than we can account for, than what should be here, it’s obvious it’s seeping or leaking in from outside.”

De onde ele obteve a informação de que tem mais luz do que nossos cálculos indicam? Se isso for certo, está realmente vindo luz de fora desta dimensão material a que denominamos “universo”?

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