The Evolution of Eyes:How was the Galaxy’s eyes,10 Billion Years Ago.

In the excellent website PANDA’S THUMB:

… there is an article today about the evolution of eyes and the debate with creationists. The article:

Complex eyes in the Cambrian

By PZ Myers on June 30, 2011 10:11 AM

and in the section “comments” I posted comments with the interpretation of Matrix/DNA Theory, as the one below:

Louis | June 30, 2011 10:28 PM

Ten billion years ago, in the Cosmic space, vision already existed and was evolving.

Any star is decomposed, fragmented in its smallest points. Then, all of these fragments compose a nebula of dirty. Any nebula is a rotating structure. With time this nebula creates at the center a vortex and all fragments are pulled inside the vortex. The final result is a new star. So, where are the principles of vision here? What is vision, which is its function?

The star is fragmented in its bits of information. When all bits goes inside a vortex, the total of information about the star pass through the vortex. The vortex can know, can “see” the star. The vortex is conic and a cone full of information in shape of light signal is the image of the eyes today. The “eyes” of galaxies performs its function and better than our eyes: the vortex can “see a body in all of its dimensions, the exterior and the interior also. Maybe should be more appropriate if we say “the involution of eyes” I don’t know if the complexes things we see in this Universe was designed by magic from something ex-machine or they are product of a normal genetic process: before the Big Bang there was a “natural system” which is being reproduced by this Universe. So, we can explain why everything here were previous designed by a Matrix like our body was previous designed by the biological shape of the Matrix: the DNA.

But, I can suggest the mechanic, magnetic ancestral principles of everything there are here just now, evolving through the biological evolution as existent in the cosmological evolution. And everything were presents in the first quantum vortex at the Big Bang. I challenge you point out something that I cannot find its ancestral at 10 billion years ago. If you want see a lot of samples look to “The Universal Matrix/DNA of Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”, theory. (Google it). Darwin described only micro-biological evolution because, of course, he couldn’t figure out how was the previous cosmological evolution.

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