Hippocampus is F1: more evidences. ( Hipocampo é F1: mais evidencias)

We have several evidences indicating that the hippocampus is made by F1, of the Matrix/DNA formula. Now we read a neuroscientists saying this:

“We think this shows that the hippocampus is not just responsible for the recording the past and processing the present, but for imagining the future as well”, (see link below)

Just it: F1 records the past, processes the present, and does things for the future. Let´s bringing on the formula here:

The universal matrix/DNA as closed system

A self-recycling system ruled by a life´s cycle process is all time only one piece, or part. Like the human body, ruled by life´s cycle only shows one shape a time. Take the initial momentum of a human body as the initial point of a line as F2. The final point will be F7. Curve the line, making a spherical shape and between the two ends points put the planet Earth (as F1). You closed the circle, you get a closed system which is self-recycling. Before the cycle ends at F7, it launches a lateral flow at F4 towards F1. F4 is the male and F1 the female function, so, the system self-recycles as the perpetuation of the species. The brain works exactly same way, the flows of thoughts beginning at hippocampus, because the anatomy of the brain has as template the same formula above.

The system has a spheric circuit inside which runs the flow of energy/information. At a given momentum the part is where the flow stands. When the flow arrives at F1 it brings the fragment of mass from the last part, F7. Also arriving at F1 is F5, bringing on the energy. All these material has the information of its last life, which means, information of past. While processing this material, F1 is doing it at the present. But,… F1 is modelling, creating anew body, the seed or germ of the new baby that it will be in the future, which goes to F2.

We need to get the identification of each part, region or glandule in the brain correspond to which function in the universal formula, so we will understand the brain by a new and more clear perspective. There is no doubt that hippocampus is F1, the cortex is F4. Now is missing to locate the glandules and the other things. If we divide the brain by regions, we already know the systemic function of each region, we know that the left hemisphere is about energy and flow of thoughts going up towards F4 and generally, the flow hits the corpus callosun going back to hippocampus, performing F5. If the flow gets crossing the corpus callosun, begins its entropy, energy and thought decaying towards F1.

Interesting is to notice that inside F1 runs the whole circuit, so, when the flow is at F1, it can “see” the whole system, it has all information from the system and more, the information about past, present and future, of the system… if it is a closed system.

Ver a imagem de origem

We are suspecting that F1 is not only what we call hippocampus in this image. It is the whole spherical area around it, comprising also the amigdala, thalamus, striatum, septum… F1 is the most expanded function in a system, it process several operations. Maybe in the brain each sub-function got its on element.

Others interestings matters arises when we think about thoughts and the division of HL and HD. In astronomic systems, F1 receives matter in gaseous state from the HD, energy from F4, processes it as liquid state, and send it to HL, the future, as solid state. If hippocampus could reveice and pulling the flow coming entropically at right – from the imaginary constructs of HD – it would appears like gaseous state. So, hippocampus, mixing the gaseous state with its stored memories process as liquid state. And send the result to HL as solid state. Maybe from here arises the properties of HL : the solid state means to be glued to the ground and need to be practical.

But the big problem for human kind is the wrong division of cortex. Due it we have half-thoughts, half-intelligence, troubled consciousness. The cortex need to be like hippocampus, a whirlpool giving energy to the flow that comes from HL for crossing the corpus callosum and not failing straight on upon the hippocampus again.


Brain’s ‘GPS system’ toggles between present and possible future paths in real time

Neuroscience NewsJanuary 30, 2020

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