Scientists have discovered the origins of the building blocks of life

by Rutgers University – MARCH 16, 2020

A fold (shape) that may have been one of the earliest proteins in the evolution of metabolism. Credit: Vikas Nanda/Rutgers University

Beginning of article: “Rutgers researchers have discovered the origins of the protein structures responsible for metabolism.”

End of article: “There is evidence the two folds may have shared a common ancestor and, if true, the ancestor may have been the first metabolic enzyme of life.” 

In other words, despite the bravado of the opening sentence and the headline, it is yet another example of a misleading, overstated, click bait title. These are, unfortunately, too common on “consumer science” sites. The average Joe reads the headline only, and walks away thinking scientists have figured out far more than they actually have. This is one theory; it may have merit, but the article indicates it hasn’t even been tested yet. Right now its status is just “theory du jour.”

Morelli – 17/03/20

There was no origins of life, neither here neither nowhere in this Universe. While the human scientific enterprise will be ruled by this reductionist paradigm we will search what never existed. Which natural forces and/or elements drove molecules to becoming the protein structures responsible for metabolism? Metabolism must be a trait of ” the biological organization of matter into systems” which evolved from ” internal dynamics of non-biological ancestor system”. Which was these non-living systems? The divisionist paradigm has separated Cosmological Evolution (from the Big Bang till 10 billion years) from the Biological Evolution (from 3,5 billion years ago). There is a unique Universal Evolution but they separated it into two blocks without any evolutionary link between them. The created abism between the two blocks generated this word “origins ” as something happening from outside the chain of causes and effects. And the word “life” for separating us from our very real ancestors..

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