Luz e a Origem do Universo: Teoria Oficial Acadêmica em Video

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First Light: The Dark Age of the Universe

October 5th, 201233.01 LBC • 48 Views Deep Astronomy@DeepAstronomy

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00:21 – For the first three hundred thousand years, our universe was a hot, dense ocean of protons, 00:26 electrons and photons.

Matrix/DNA: This theory is not right. Where came from these particles? Protons and electrons are compounds of smaller particles, and as such, these super-particles already were a system in itself. The code for creating these systems was encrypeted in light waves, maybe the light wave fromm or with the Big Bang. That light wave expanded trhought the spatial substance, which could be dark matter. While expanding, due fricction with dark matter was created eletricity ( or energy) and the smallest, non-material particles, like quarks and leptons. From the wave were excaping its own particles – photons – wiich are smallest fractals of the big wave, so photons had the code also. Then, the photons, as free radicals, tried to joining again for re-creating the big wave, but, for some reason, they needed to mimic the wave as a technological tool made off matter, like we build airplanes mimicking birds. So, the photons drove those quarks and leptons to organize as copies of the wave as system, and got protons, electrons. The mass came from the dark matter, or the Higgs field. With those super-particles the photons built bigger systems – the atoms. And so on…

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Thanks, beautiful video. I need to remember that this is a theory. O prefer another theory, called Matrix/DNA. Why I prefer this theory? Because the theoretical academic model of the beginning and evolution of the Universe, til the time when all these things produced life – biological systems – has nothing to see with the final product: life. if a theory about the unseen does not explain the very fact, the final product we can see now, this theory can not be right. There is no evolutionary link between cosmological and biological evolution in the academic model. In another hand, the most simplest rational exercise – comparison anatomy and dynamics – between the embryogenesis of the Universe and the embryogenesis of a human body – solve all these problems. This video is like a Chemist and Physicist watching the embryogenese of a baby without knowing the existence of DNA and describing what they see as chemistry and physics events inside the ovule. I have found that light waves propagates moved by the process of vital cycles and its different phases works like parts of a complete natural system. So, a light wave must be the DNA, the photons are the genes, at the Big Bang. They are right, as right would be when describing human embryogenesis without seeing the DNA and genes. They are not seeing the light.They use the expression “so, suddenly something extraordinary happened…”. Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence. The cosmic radiation background is coming from the initial light wave, which still is spread at the whole Universe being fragmented into its particles, the photons. If we have here and now a real natural parameter that explains what happened 13,8 years ago, why we need to create very complicated models based on things that we never saw anywhere?! Please, apply Occam´s Razor here.

Cont. of transcrit:

00:29 This ocean was a plasma so thick, and the particles so close together, that a photon

00:34 could only travel a short distance before running into one of the closely packed particles, 00:39 scattering it in different directions. 00:43 Because a photon could not travel very far without hitting something else, the universe 00:47 was opaque. 00:48 In the very early days of the universe, photons were imprisoned by the crowd of seething particles. 00:56 As time passed, the universe expanded, creating more space between the jostling protons and 01:01 electrons. 01:03 Then something extraordinary happened, after three hundred thousand years, the cosmos freed 01:09 the photons, the particles of the early universe had spread enough that a photon could run 01:14 unhindered and finally escape its prison. 01:20 As photons were released from their bonds and became decoupled from matter, the event 01:24 became immortalized in a snapshot of the cosmos when it was just a baby. 01:29 These unleashed photons became forever imprinted in the Cosmic Microwave Background. 01:37 This event is known as Recombination, and with it, the universe had just entered the 01:42 era known as The Dark Ages.

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