LUCA e a Teoria da Evolução

A question posted in Yahoo Answers and my answer below:

Evidence to disprove evolution?

First define evolution. 

1. A change in allele frequencies in a population over time (aka micro evolution)

I don’t think there is any dis agreement that this happens and I doubt there is evidence to disprove it.

2. The theory that all life on Earth is descended from a Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA). 

Observations are inconsistent with this hypothesis which in scientific terms disproves the hypothesis.

My answer:

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TheUniversalMatrix ( 02/05/20)

LUCA was not biological, neither organic, and never lived at Earth, although Earths belongs to it ( The Universal Matrix/DNA Theory). That is why Science can not  find it. Due a defect in human brain ( separated into two halves), he sees separation everywhere. So he separated Universal Evolution into two blocks ( Cosmological and Biological evolutions) without any link between the two blocks. There is no such separation and the link is LUCA.

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