WHERE is the working proof for evolution?

Somebody posted this question in Yahoo Answer, at Society & Culture, 02/05/20. Below is my answer:


I am seeing here and now, watching embryogenesis, that Nature applies the process of transforming one shape in a new different shape (blastula into fetus, so on) and turning on initial simplicity into terminal complexity. If Nature does it here and now, why not there and in the past? I never saw any miracle, like appearing all shapes from nothing. So, I think that is rational to elect evolution as the best theory. It happens that Darwinian theory is merely half of the whole universal process of evolution. There is a new and more accurate theory of evolution which found the evolutionary link between Cosmological and Biological Evolution, the DNA as a kind of ex-universe genoma that is encrypted into all natural systems ( from atoms to galaxies to biological systems). In the picture below you can see the evolution of this process called “vital cycle” from our astronomic ancestor to humans.

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