Linguagem e cooperação não foram inventados pelos humanos: os genes já os praticavam.


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Louis Charles Morelli Posted a few seconds ago

If genes communicates by electric signals and their job is an example of cooperation, I can´t understand some people saying that humans invented inter communication and cooperation. A human organism is merely self-projection of genes for better dealing with external world. it is curious that a set of 30.000 active genes becomes one set among 8 billons of other equal sets. Living together, the genes needed to expand the internal communication of 30.000 different individuals for to be the communication among 8 billions copies of 30.000. So, the logics would be a unique language. The problem is that the copies went to different places, and the genes of one place could not know how the other place was talking.
I think that language was a natural goal of genes since the beginning, since archaea, bacteria, etc. All the intermediates species between bacteria and humans were like the first calculators machines and modern computers, which now can speak. Same technological process under evolution. The problem between us and Neandertals must be that the dispatcher gene FOX2 had Neandertal´s brain like ENIAC and homo sapiens´ brain as a laptop…
Genes determines that will be a unique human society as a unique global country. Like all humans came fragmented from a unique place – Africa – all biological genes ancestors ( astronomic genes) came from a unique place – this galaxy. But, all dispersed genes joining together trying to reproduce the galactic systems in a new environment and they got a first and unique biological system, the cell system. So, it is a natural law that all humans will come together building a new unique conscious system. ( well… this is what is suggesting Matrix/DNA Theory)

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