New theory on the origin of dark matter

by Lito Vilisoni Wilson, University of Melbourne

My comment published at the article:

Morelli – just added – 10/19/20

Which is the existential meaning of dark-matter?
The investigative method of Matrix/DNA Theory says: “Ok,… look at this:
1 ) 97% of DNA is junk-DNA;
2) 90% of the brain are junk-glial cells;
3) 95% of the Universe is junk-matter.

Because, you know, when a species is transformed by evolution into a new shape, the internal essence-design is kept, as supporter of the new one. Glial cells are supporter of neurons for keeping neurons at their place. Junk bases of DNA keeps the active genes at their place. Dark-matter, the ancestral of light-matter, keeps galaxies, stars and planets in their places for not hitting themselves.

If you want to know more about dark-matter, look to properties and functions of junk-DNA and junk-neuronal cells. Like… one function of glials is interference and changing the pathways of synapses. maybe here is the secret of worm-holes. So, if you want to travel to another galaxy, see how and what glias does with synapses…

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