See how the Matrix/DNA has a different interpretation about these “rocket planets”.

‘Warp-Speed’ Planets Flung Out of Galaxy on Wild Ride

by Denise Chow, Staff Writer

Date: 23 March 2012 Time: 01:34 PM ET



Comment/post by Louis Morelli obtained from his interpretation of models of “Matrix/DNA Theory”

Louis Morelli · New York, New York

Why not these planets are rockets alike?

Correct me if I’m wrong, please. There are planets moving in the spaces between galaxies. This is scientific fact, the rest are our interpretations, theories. This theory was obtained by computer simulations. These simulations are the result of calculations made by the computer based on data that humans provide, plus the relativistic viewpoint of the computer as electrical / mechanical brain (ie, that the universe is physical / mechanical), and the universe dynamics has the logic and language of Mathematics. The theory may be wrong if the data provided is inaccurate, if the universe is not only physical / mechanical, and the main language that reflects the universal nature is not the math. The data prior provided to the computer has been based not on facts only, but in existing theories, such as the theory about black holes, which increases the chance of errors in the final simulation.

Let’s see what suggest my models obtained by the method of comparative anatomy between galaxies and their products here: living cells.

“Planets of original galaxies (not recycled) are transformed. They consumes their heavy atoms in nuclear reactions, making it lighter. Then it starts to escape from the gravitational pull of their stars, come out of the star system and may even come out beyond the galaxy. As the nuclear reactions continuing to increase, a force is ejected behind them, making them like rockets, and thus increases its speed. This mechanism also occurs in comets, and later, with the evolution, is repeated with sperm in sexual reproduction. But in this astronomical theory black holes are different from the official theory, the universe is also physical / mechanical however already showing biological processes, and mathematics is not the main logic that reflects the universal nature. ”

Of course all human beings will judge this theory as totally wrong. Bit, I am asking: what is the scientific fact (and not theoretical belief) that underlies such a judgment? If you cannot display it, still, what is the natural logic, the reasoning, which suggests this theory as impossible? If this observed fact is really the way as interpreted by the current accepted theory, how this fact as mechanism/process was oriented evolutionary for to produce the cell system?

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