Matrix/DNA Sent Mesage To NASA: Look To A Living Cosmos And Not To a Dead World

NASA: Transporting Humanity To Its Great Cosmic Destiny

NASA: Transporting Humanity To Its Great Cosmic Destiny

NASA has being very active on its efforts for staying present and constant in the social media. See this article:


NASA Tweetups Are Evolving. It’s Time To Be More Social
By Marc Boucher
Posted March 7, 2012 5:00 PM

But… I thing something is missing, and it could be the cause of yet almost dominant disinterestedness among the great part of human beings for the world existing above the Earth surface. What is missing in the will ( of those more intellectuals and best accommodated economically that are interested in this spatial dimension), the will that the whole Humanity should be involved and investing efforts to the search of knowledge/exploration of the infinity resources of this dimension? How to get driving towards this goal a little bit more attention from most people, form the younger and students, which time is wasted in sex, sports, celebrities, music, etc.,? From adults which time and answers are based in religions?

Maybe the Matrix/DNA have meet the answer when posted this comment under that article:

Comment by TheMatrixDNA:

The goal of NASA should be to sell space exploration to the global public. As a product, space must be attractive. Attraction is about ideas, imagination and utility.
These qualities are being transmitted to the public through interpretations of obtained data by scientific sensors and theories based on mathematic calculations, besides computer simulations offering the artistic work.
Physics and Mathematics dominates today the Sciences of space. Has you noted that everything here is not human tasteful? Mathematics, mechanic sensors. These aspects of Nature are not appeal to inner human psychology which is vital, biological, emotional.
If space was transmitted as containing these humans wishes, NASA was selling better the product and getting everybody involved with its mission.
But… we are like viruses in relation to the Cosmos. Our optical sensors are like the beam of flashlights showing only local images, we have no idea about the surroundings and how things are connected in astronomical systems. We cannot have the right idea what is this world, yet.
Maybe it is full of human nature also. Maybe the things we are grasping is only about the skeleton, or fossil of a living world (possible, emotional, consciousness world also). There are other approaches for cosmological theories and interpretation of data, like we did in Matrix/DNA Theory. The models are suggesting that above the universe’s skeleton there is an active cover of half-biological/half-mechanical order of matter organization. NASA should pay attention to all possibilities.

What do you think? Ins’t the case for to think about heolping yourself and Humanity getting more involved with the needs of divulgation and defense of these goals suggested by Matrix/DNA world vision?

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