Evolution: The fight against the moral values produced by the belief in Darwinian Theory


Question: Am I irrational for not believing in Evolution (common descent), why or why not? (I don’t)

Suggestion from Matrix/DNA Theory: – No, it is not irrational don´t believing in this human theory of evolution. Sure, it is totally incomplete, in the way that prejudices our world view, hence, our behavior. The common descent not lived at Earth: it was the evolutionary link between this astronomic system and the first biological system. There is no separation between Cosmological and Biological Evolution. There is a unique universal natural process of evolution, with seven variables/mechanisms and not only the three variables pointed out by humans (VSI – Variation, Selection, Inheritance… is a poor understand and knowledge of universal evolution). But, the Matrix/DNA Theory is a human production, which discovered these holes in Darwinian Theory and The New Synthesis, it is almost reaching the whole history..

Question from Jason Harris : Could just be ignorant to the overwhelming amount of evidence gathered in its favor over the last 170 years and no competing theory to be seen with greater explanatory power. It would be irrational to know those things and then deny the reality of evolution. Why not?

Matrix/DNA Theory – The explanatory power is great but limited to a few sequences of mechanistic processes, limited to Earth materials and limited to the last millions of years. The theory need to be expanded to the whole Universe, its 13,8 billion years, and searching the effects of those invisible dimensions. With an analogy we can understand the point: Imagine microscopic intelligent microbes living inside a pregnant human, watching the transformations from morulae to fetus, to embryo. he will be able to be describing the mechanistic process inside the chemical processes, but only that. He knows nothing about the leaving human body driving the process, he doesn´t understand the genetic code, etc. We, humans, are microscopic microbes watching a sequence of events of transformations of a universal system that is coming from the Big Bang and we doesn´t know the whole thing producing this process. Atoms are our ancestral like bacteria are, but our theoretical models of atoms does not reveal the biological principles that must be there ( which I think are the responsible for the weirdness of quantum dimensions). The microbe in the womb is deluded, thinking that he is watching evolution, but we, humans knows that it is merely a process of reproduction. So, who are able to tell that this universal process of simplest towards complexity is evolution and not merely reproduction ( of the thing behind the Big Bang, for instance)?

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