The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes discovers the Natural Law called “Solidarity Principle”!

Surprisingly, the video in Youtube about a Canadian girl who addressed a UN Meeting on issue of environment continues being debated online and got till now 19 millions views and 47.000 comments! TheMatrix/DNA, reading the comments concluded that the posters are missing a more rational and scientific approach, then we contribute with the post copied below. Who want to see the video go to:

TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

The Universal History teaches that there is a Natural Law that could save Humanity, by destroying it. This law is the “Solidarity Principle”, discovered due the models of Matrix/DNA Theory.

  • 13 billion years ago the Universal Nature was only a cloud of “errant” particles moving and chocking among themselves, creating the chaos; Chaos bring to any kind of material body the erosion and suffering;  When they begins the understanding that union is better because brings order and happiness; Then the particles guided by this law moved slowly, they linked one to other in packages big and bigger, so, they got the transcendence for becoming a system: the Atom.

    Again the same happened in the transcendence of atoms to Astronomic Systems ( see the Matrix models for galactic systems formation). Unicellular micro-organisms got it when became multi-cellular organisms; and among the animals in the jungle under the salvage law had one specie that went to live on the cave, where children, females, seniors, they were feed with the resting of big animals brought by strong hunters, who learned to hunt in groups. That was the origins of the familiar system.

  • This specie was reward and became the Homo Specie. Now we as homo specie have the free will for choosing: continuing being dominated by the selfish gene that drives to fighting the individuals of same specie and producing chaos and suffering for everybody, or learning the Natural Law controlling the inner-selfish gene and being a difference that wish the state of order.

  • The human species is a provisional shape in Universal Evolution, this shape will change because all ancestors had changed, but we are the first Natural System that has the consciousness which give us the ability for choosing if our transcendence will come with or without suffering. If you don’t agree, you must show to us here which real facts of natural world you know for supporting your theory. Bla-bla-bla does not matter.

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